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Milestone & new things to come!

Last updated on April 2nd, 2021 at 04:21 pm

Gentle Reader,

It’s been a little over 1.5 years since I launched this website, and it’s brought me more joy than I could have expected. Last night, I finally reached 500 followers on this blog! When I think of this number (compared to the nearly 30,000 subscribers on Youtube), I have to wonder which group I cherish more.

I believe that you’re part of a small, special crowd who still values reading. You value knowledge rather than gawking. You know the convenience of a blog where I can edit and refine my posts to bring you information that is up-to-date, clear, whole, and translatable in your native language. This is something that’s not possible on Youtube.

You also know that I publish information and posts here that never make it to Youtube, so being subscribed to Youtube doesn’t give you all the information and tools available here! And now I’m going to reveal a bit more information – you read it here first.

One of my own corset creations, “cartoonized” in the paper doll corset designer.

For almost an entire year, I’ve been working on a fun project with two other talented people, and I’m eager to show you! I hope it will be a useful and entertaining tool, and very much hope that I’m not over-hyping it. In order to make this project work on my website, I’ll also be moving my site over from over to Don’t worry, the URL won’t change and your subscription to my blog updates will remain.

I was hoping to also do a major overhaul of the look of my website, but I’ve been running into difficulties in terms of communication with the person who was supposed to help me, so this may just have to happen later on. I don’t want to wait any longer!

Effective immediately, my online corset store is now up with more corset styles. The three sections of the store are now re-labeled Bronze line (samples and gently used corsets), Silver Line (the affordable, new OTR corsets that were so popular before), and the Gold Line which will be launched in the next month or two and will be the most expensive but highest quality option.

Thank you for sticking by me through the whirlwind of the last 1.5 years, and here’s to another 15.

7 thoughts on “Milestone & new things to come!

  1. without your knowledge, my skills would be zero!

  2. If to wasn’t for you I think I would have given up trying to make corsets! THANK YOU!

    1. oops, I mean if IT wasn’t for you…Where are my GLASSES!

  3. Thank YOU Lucy! You are the one who has been supporting and giving information to us and I know that without you, I wouldn’t be nearly as knowledgeable about Corsetry as I am today.
    I’m excited to see these changes nd I hope your website overhaul goes well!

  4. I just bought my first corset as a 40th birthday present to myself. Your blog gave me the information I needed as well as the confidence to do so. I love your objective/scientific approach and your sense of humor. (Yay women in science!!) Looking forward to more good info about the world of corseting.

  5. Gentle blogger, Woo Hoo! You’ve got my attention! :-) ~ xoj

  6. Ooh! Exciting!

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