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Let me preface this by saying, YES – when you email me or send me a message, it is really me (Lucy) who is answering you! I have no customer service employees. I am a one woman show wearing 17 different hats, and there are limited hours in a day.

I would love to continue spending 12+ hours a day answering emails, messages and Youtube comments, but it’s unfortunately gotten to the point that I’m so busy answering individual questions that I am finding it difficult to make keep up with producing videos or get enough sleep.

This blog and my Youtube channel is my passion, and I don’t want to shut it all down from exhaustion – but I also don’t want to ignore those individuals who truly need the help.

I have over 700 helpful videos, and there is a 95% chance that you will at said find the answer to your question in one of them – please consider typing your question into the search bar of this site or on Youtube, and watch the video before contacting me.

If you have a question that is better suited to the customer service desk of a specific corset brand (e.g. pricing, sizes, return policies, shipping times), please contact that brand’s customer service, as I am not a paid employee of any other brand and I do not earn a commission on any sales except those that are purchased directly from my shop here.

If you need a comparison between brands that look to be of similar quality and price, you are more than welcome to use my research area which is available for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

(and where the answers are hiding):


Hair growth/ hair health/ hair related anything

I have a playlist called “Hair Videos”. If you want natural (nutrition and lifestyle) tips on hair growth, see my video “Hair Growth Crash Course“. If you want to know what products I use, see my video “Updated Hair Regimen.” If you want me to donate my hair, watch this video on why I refuse to do so. Please note that I do not personally use, nor recommend any hair growth serum or growth product whatsoever.


I’m a total beginner to corseting, where do I start?

Here is my playlist on General Information about corseting. I discuss everything from corseting goals to regimens, from how to buy a corset to how to care for it. Any lifestyle questions that remain unanswered here (like how to sleep or go to the toilet while wearing a corset), you will find in my “Physical Effects” playlist.


What happens to the body when you corset? Is it dangerous?

On the condition that you’re already in good health before corseting, you wear a well-fitting corset responsibly and lace down slowly, and you have realistic goals, corseting is not dangerous. The corset has been blamed for many diseases and ailments for which it was not responsible at all – however, in some cases (like high blood pressure or uterine prolapse) corseting can exacerbate pre-existing conditions so I always recommend speaking with your doctor about any concerns before trying a corset. That said, I have also heard hundreds of stories of how corsets have helped people with pre-existing medical issues! I outline both the risks and benefits to wearing corsets in my playlist “Physical Effects of Corseting.” Most of the videos are organized based on the system of concern, although there is understandably some overlap as the body works as one. This list also includes tips on going to the bathroom and sleeping in your corset. If you have very specific questions of a medical nature, I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to diagnose you – I recommend you direct your questions to your trusted physician.


I don’t know how to lace my corset!/ I would like to try a different form of lacing. Can you help me?

There are dozens upon dozens of helpful video tutorials on lacing up your corset on Youtube, but if you would like to see how I officially lace my own corsets, do check out my Lacing Techniques playlist here. More often than not, I prefer the “inverted bunny ears” method of lacing.


What do you think of (insert corset brand)? Is it any good? Which corsets have you reviewed already?

I’ve reviewed over 70 different corsets from over 40 different brands, and have tried on/ tested over 100 corsets, so there is a good chance that I’ve tried the corset brand you’re interested in! I have three different playlists for corset reviews: underbust OTR corsets, overbust OTR corsets, and custom/ bespoke corsets. I make objective reviews, stating the facts wherever possible (unless I’m commenting on the fit/ comfort) – to get the most from these reviews, you need a fair understanding of the parts of a corset and where you would be willing to sacrifice quality for your budget or time constraints. If you have no prior knowledge, please see my playlist for beginners.


What is the BEST corset on the market, or the BEST one I can find for (insert budget)?

There is no one best corset that will fit every person. That would be like saying there’s one shoe to fit (and flatter) every foot. You are welcome to look at this page which tells you whether the OTR corsets I’ve tried will hold up to waist training/daily wear (in my opinion). Also have a look through my corset reviews (see the question above this) and decide for yourself which corset you like best for the price, silhouette, quality and construction. I have organized the brands I’ve tried by budget as well, if that is your your highest priority. If your highest priority is buying local, consulting in person with a professional and having someone take your measurements, you might be able to find a corsetiere who lives near you. If you know your specific measurements and want to buy a corset based on its curviness/ silhouette, see my Corset Dimensions Directory (Lace Base) here.  Or if you would like to bypass the reviews and have me hand-pick several corsets based on your needs and preferences, please see my consultation service.


I have a special case and I’m looking for a very specific type of corset. Where can I find a corset for scoliosis/ a mesh summer corset/ a plus size corset/ a men’s corset?

I have many different pages dedicated to specific types of corsetry in my Guided Galleries – whether you’re looking for a specific silhouette, or a corset for a medical condition, or with a rare aesthetic (such as fan-lacing, lattice corsets or corset-bodies), chances are you will be able to find what you’re looking for in the Guided Galleries.


I want to make my own corset. Can you help me?

If you’re stuck on a step and just need clarification on how to proceed, I can help. Unfortunately I do not offer corset making classes at this time. If you don’t know the first thing about making corsets, I invite you to check out my Corset Making playlist on Youtube. There are also plenty of corset making resources out there, including groups both on Facebook and on LiveJournal, and also instructional books and DVDs (some of which I’ve featured in my book reviews playlist here).


Is there anything I should wear with my corset?

You can wear almost anything you like with your corset! But whether you prefer to wear your corset under or over clothing, you will find some inspiration in this “Dressing with your Corset” playlist.


My corset broke!/ My corset doesn’t fit!/ Can I alter my cheap corset to be better?

If you’re looking to completely rework your cheap, too-big or worn-out corset, it’s usually easier to start a new corset from scratch than to save the old one. Sometimes it’s better worth your time and money to sell your old corset and use the money you made to put towards a new corset. But if you’re looking to do some slight alterations or repairs, then you’ll find some helpful videos here in my Corset Modifications & Repairs playlist (known unofficially as “Pimp my Corset” playlist).
Please note that I generally do not take on alteration projects, as I unfortunately don’t have as much time to sew these days, and shipping the corset back and forth to Canada (where I live) would likely be more expensive than buying a new OTR corset.


Do you make corsets too? Can I buy one from you?

Yes, I do make corsets! You can see examples of my work in my Case Studies playlist, and also in my Gallery (although neither have been updated in awhile because I haven’t had the time to sew lately). I was unfortunately in a car accident in 2014 that made it painful to sew, and I had to stop taking custom commissions, so now I outsource my designs to other manufacturers. I now have affordable, ready-to-wear corsets readily available for purchase. See my shop here (best for desktop) or here (best for mobile).


Can you send me a free corset?

Unfortunately not. I’m an individual corset enthusiast and almost everything I earn after rent and bills goes back to my channel and reviewing corsets for my viewers! “Corset Samples” mentioned in the Bronze Line are not free samples; in reality they are usually one-of-a-kind/ one-off practice pieces, which may be discounted because they might not be perfect (but they are still fully functional). However, I do corset giveaways on Youtube and Facebook when I reach new milestones, so please subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win a free corset.


Other miscellaneous questions may be answered in my “Q&A” playlist, although some answers may be slightly outdated.

Find me and follow on my social media!







If you see any other “Lucy Corsetry” or “Bishonenrancher” account from any other social media that is not included here, it’s not me.

Email me here if you have exhausted all other options.

Please note that due to the huge volume of email I receive, I may only respond to serious inquiries or questions that have not been answered by my videos or blog. Please keep your emails clear, polite and concise! 

I DO NOT MAKE PERSONAL CALLS. If you prefer to communicate by voice, leave a voice message here and you may have your question featured in a future episode of Fast Foundations!

For fanmail or product samples – please note that this is ONLY a P.O. box, not a residence and I do not have a brick-and-mortar store or business office. Additionally, I do not open mail that has no return name or address. That said, I post fan art and give thanks/credit on this page:

Lucy Corsetry
17600 Yonge Street, RPO Upper Canada Mall
P.O. box 21545
Newmarket, ON, CANADA
L3Y 8J1

That’s all for now. Cheers!

75 thoughts on “FAQ & Contact

  1. Hi Lucy,

    Where did you purchase your grommet/eyelet manual press? Does it come with interchangeable dies?

    Like you i Live in Canada and am trying to source a press with interchangeable dies for my Fashion Technology classroom. I have’t had much luck.

    Thanks Justine

    1. Hi Justine, my current press is a Cstep-2 machine with #x00 dies and grommets – but they are self-piercing grommets which some say aren’t as good as separating the threads with an awl. But if the grommets are for general use and not specifically for tightlacing corsets it might be okay.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I was hoping to get added to your Corset Map. I believe someone in my company has spoken with you in the past about reviewing our product. Our Company is Taylor Lane Design and we are located at 625 N. Sylvania Ave. in Fort Worth, TX 76111.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Taylor, sorry for my late response! Your company was already added to the map awhile back. You can see it in the directory and on the map (if you zoom in enough). I’d be happy to review one of your corsets any time you’re ready. :)

  3. Hello Lucy! I have a quick question for you. A couple of years ago I was wearing a corset on a daily basis until I got an IUD (birth control) put in. I stopped wearing them out of fear of whether wearing a corset would impact that negatively. At the time there was no information regarding if anyone had personal experience with corseting with an IUD. Do you know of anyone with personal experience with this or were I could seek advice if not?

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for your question. Unfortunately this is a sticky situation because I’m not allowed to give medical advice. I know that IUDs can be displaced or can puncture the uterine wall spontaneously even in people who have never worn a corset. I do personally know of a few women who have an IUD and wear corsets and haven’t experienced any negative effects, but this is simply anectodal. A Facebook group like the Tightlacing Society might give you more information, but the best thing would be to speak with your doctor.

  4. best corset to hold in stomach..I’m physically fit 130lb..5’7″. ..Under bust 29..Waist 28…Hip 35…Length 8-9…With menopause I lost my waist and gained a pooch..Any sugestions

    1. Hello Lauri, I’m so sorry for my late response. I have emailed you with my corset recommendations. Please reply by email if you have any further questions at all!

  5. What am I doing wrong if one side of my back is sore after wearing my corset for a few minutes?

    1. Hi Jen, how tight are you wearing the corset? Have you ensured that it is the right size and style for you? I have a series on seasoning here: https://lucycorsetry.com/category/corset-seasoning-mini-series/

  6. Hi Lucy, do you ship corsets to Australia? Thanks! Eloise

    1. Hello Eloise! Yes, I do ship to Australia – I haven’t been able to get my shipping calculator to include it, but I can easily fill the order manually. :) Feel free to send me an email if you’d like more information.

  7. Thanks, Lucy! I would love to know that corset maker!

  8. Just getting into corsetry for both fashion and back support (I’m about to have my third spinal fusion). I’m LOVING your videos. I’ve learned so much and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your wisdom and insights. :)

    1. Thank you Diana! If you’re interested in finding a corset maker who has some experience working with clients who have had spinal fusions, feel free to email me – I might be able to introduce you. :)

  9. Hi Lucy,

    I am still relatively new to corseting and your website and videos have been a godsend. I have a rather thick and long rib-cage (there is literally no more than 1” between the bottom of my ribs and my pelvic bone), so while I am very lean and look very thin from the side my torso looks pretty much rectangular from the front.

    Your Guided gallery has been great for helping me figure out my preferred silhouette (I am currently wearing modern slim, trying to work up to a conical corset), but I am finding that while the few corsets I have tried gave me a nice shape from the front, they make me look significantly thicker from the profile. I was wondering if you could add a section in your Gallery with a list of corsets that give a flat profile. I think it would be great for all of us who have experienced the initial thrill of seeing ourselves from the front in the mirror only to be disappointed when we turn to the side and find we look like a tube. Do you have any advice on how one could go about requesting corsets with a flat profile or if there is any way we can determine if a particular corset will create such profile?

    I also need some help finding a suitable cincher/waspie for stealthing. I would prefer one that creates a modern slim or conical silhouette, but am unsure if it would be long enough to soften the shape of my ribcage. My current underbust corset has a nice silhouette, but the busk and bottom front (the bottom edge slopes out a bit) makes it impossible to stealth with any shirt form-fitting enough to show any waist definition, as they create a noticeable outline underneath. I am starting to think I might have to look into custom made to find one that is both smooth on the surface and has the right silhouette, which is hard on my tight budget.

    Sorry for the long post, and thank you for dedicating so much of your time to help clueless corseters like me :D

    1. Hi Vicky, the thickness of the profile depends on a few factors including the person wearing the corset! From my own experience, Sparklewren has given me the flattest profile – Electra Designs and Puimond are also not bad. Versatile corsets also gave quite a flat profile but very slim silhouette from the front, so it’s a toss-up. Corsets tend to take an oblong/ ovoid torso and make it more circular, so in some people they “take from Peter to pay Paul” and make the profile a bit thicker for the sake of creating a dramatic dip in the obliques.
      Regarding corsets for stealthing, I have an upcoming video about that. :)

  10. depends on what you are looking for. corsetdeal or orchard corset is another. That is cheap and good …However….I can hardly wait to get a corset from Lucy….saving my pennies.

  11. Hi Lucy. is there a corsetry shop here in Canada that you would highly recommend? Im eager to start waist training and been eyeing Isabella Corsetry (because of their curvy corsets which i love) but i believe they operate in the US?i just think ill be spending more on delivery and taxes if i order a corset in the US. A reply will be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hello, I have a corsetiere map which shows over a dozen corset makers in Canada! I’m not sure exactly what part of Canada you’re from, but these are the people I know about. Cheers!

  12. I went through the process of ordering a corset and used my paypal account however paypal did a currency conversion. The original total was $127 and after the conversion it came to $170! I live in Markham, ON so why is it so much for the corset? Is there any other method of payment?

    1. Hi Kareen, the corset prices are in US currency. The weak Canadian dollar is responsible for the conversion rate right now. As a distributor of Timeless Trends, I’m bound by contract to not undercut them. Many other distributors sell TT corsets for more than the RRP, but I try to keep prices as low as possible by price-matching TT. Unfortunately if I sold the TT corsets for $127 CAD with shipping, I would be in debt for every corset I sold because that’s even lower than the wholesale price.

      1. Thank you for your reply. How long does the shipping take? I need it for kid November.


        1. Hello Kareen, shipping to Canada is an estimated 2 weeks, although if you live closer to a major mail hub like Toronto then it’s often a bit faster (a little over 1 week usually, but we recommend ordering two weeks ahead of the event just to be sure, plus some extra time to break in/ season the corset properly).

  13. I did order from thefashioncorsetshop and the quality is not bad at all, and I looked on the site and they have both of the corsets you are looking for. although im not sure if it is real leather or pleather. the sizes run a little small side, so I had to return mine. make sure if you order from there you DO NOT remove the tag unless your sure you are going to keep it. Their return policy is very specific, tags must be on the item, if they are not attached (even if you still have the tags) they will deduct a 25% restocking fee. Luckiy I have a garment tag attacher, because I did remove the tags to try it on, but just reattached them. Good luck with your weight loss journey

  14. hi Lucy
    I was just going to pop you a note and see if you have tried anything from the fashioncorsetshop.com I have been looking for a smaller…yes smaller corset budget friendly because I am still loosing weight…yaaaa..I am presently looking for a navy or blue corset and a black leather corset.
    .I have looked at of course your shop plus orchard corset and the corset deal. Just wondering also after looking at all these sites i have found if you do abit of searching you can find the exact same cheaper at another site…but…you never know if it is the same or not till you get it. Would you also please do more from North America. We as people have to keep us as in north americans working.
    happy camping as a truck driver

    1. Hi Lisa,
      If you see the exact same picture being used on two different sites and the price is varying significantly (i.e. more than 10% or so), I would practice caution. For instance, there is one company that has stolen photos of Timeless Trends’ corsets, and TT contacted them and asked to remove the photos from their site because this is clear photo theft – TT has their own factory and the garments that come out of them are unique, so it’s impossible that this other site had access to the same garments. The other company refused and said that there was nothing TT could do about it. A friend purchased what looked like the TT corset from the thief’s site, and cheaper too, but what she received in the mail was a completely different garment – not the same shape, not the same quality materials, not suitable for the same function.
      I’ve logged a ton of North American corset makers in the map here, but do be aware that US-made corsets do tend to be more expensive than corsets made overseas and then imported. I’d love to review more corsets from North America but I’m quite limited with my budget – I don’t earn very much myself, and I’m often selling other corsets to afford to review new ones.

  15. ​​Dear Lucy,

    First, I have to thank you for your videos. I admire you for doing them. You are articulate, and your presentations are conveyed with such delicacy and modesty that I believe you, more than any one person, have opened up a new vista for women by kindling interest in corset wearing. Myself included.

    ​I was all set to buy your hourglass corset. ​After taking my measurements I knew I needed help​: my​ a natural waist circumference ​i​s 2″ ​​bigger than my underbust​ circumference​. ​Aren’t most corsets made at least ~4″ wider in the underbust than the natural waist circumference? How does that even work – I have such a pooch-y belly?

    I’ve spent months researching corsets and have watched a number of your videos trying to figure this out on my own. Now I am just desperate for your good guidance. I feel exhausted​ and​ overwhelmed, Lucy!
    If you would, here are my measurements and goals: ​ ​I weigh 150lbs, I’m 5’1″, in my early 40’s​;​​ my underbust circumference is 34.5″; ​ my natural waist when measured according to your video’s recommendation is 36.5″. Or, when I measure my waist where it indents as I lean to my side, it is 34.5″. My upper hip circumference is 40″. ​ ​And my (seated) torso length is 10″. I have very weak stomach muscles after 4 c-sections and a few complicated surgeries. FWIW.
    I am looking for a daily wear, stealthing corset, specifically for chronic back and neck pain; achieving proper posture and to have postural support ​​as I train in English horse riding (dressage); ​I also must have help ​for controlling a significant tummy pooch!!!! (<—Would that mean I need a spoon-shaped busk? Are there any OTR spoon-shaped busks? Money is t.i.g.h.t.), ​Meanwhile I would like to have a way to adjust as I am attempting to lose more weight. 15 lbs down so far.

    Thank you for reading this through to the end!​ ​I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Until Then, Please Know I Am Sincerely Grateful.

    1. Hello J. Marie! I’m so sorry for my late response – for some reason your comment was in the spam folder. The only spoon-busk OTR corset I know of is the Spoon Busk Morticia from WKD, but that is about $300 last I checked. I would normally size you into a size 28″ hourglass silhouette underbust – and if you want something hardy for daily wear, the black cashmere and the sand beige are the two most popular styles. But you can find all the hourglass silhouette standard length corset styles here. :) Please feel free to email me if you have other questions!

  16. Hi Lucy! I love your website and all of your corsetry online media outlets! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful world of corset knowledge. I am a beginner when it comes to corsets. I saw my first corset in a store, tried it on, and fell in love with how it made me feel. Or course, I didn’t buy it but instead went home and did a lot of research which brought me to you! I just ordered a CS-426 corset from Orchard Corset. My primary goal with this corset is to waist train and to get an overall feel of wearing a corset. I am nervous about buying anything online, however I am passionately looking while reverting to your videos, suggestions, advice, and experience. Currently my problem is that I really want to meet with a corsetiere, but I live in Wisconsin and there really is no one to help around my area. I would sign up for a consolation with you, but you are currently closed. Do you know where I can go to get a consultation – in person or online? I would really want someone to help me figure out my body type and then tell me what types of OTR corsets to consider when purchasing online or the ones I should stay away from. I really don’t have any corset stores around me either :( Best of luck on your schooling!

    1. Hi Holly! Have you tried looking for local corsetieres in the corset makers map? I think there are two makers in Wisconsin – Purple Pincushion, and Sew Victorian. :) They might be able to work with you to figure out what your needs and wants are.

      1. yes, I have looked on your corset makers map. I haven’t had any luck contacting them, and I think one of the two is actually closed. Do you have any idea when you will open up your consultation page again?

  17. Hi Lucy, I have a grey cotton Orchard Corset 345, size 24, that I don’t wear. I would like to sell it to someone who would actually get some use out of it, and hopefully put the money towards a new corset. Do you have any advice for getting in contact with people shopping for gently used corsets?

    1. Hi Amy, have you tried the group “Corsets On Sale” on Facebook? Unfortunately it’s a bit of an obstacle course to get to that group, because at one point the group was set to “Secret” to prevent spammers from getting in, and Facebook won’t let them revert the group status. The easiest way to get into the group is to be part of the “Tightlacing Society” first, which is a general corseting group on Facebook.

      Jenice is a moderator of both the Tightlacing Society and also Corsets on Sale – so if you send her a private message, she will be able to let you into both. Just tell her I sent you. :)

  18. Hello Lucy, first I’d like to thank you for all the wonderful information you provide to the corseting community, especially newbies like myself. Your video on how to curve the rear boning of a corset got me thinking about the possibility of curving a corset’s front busk. My cs-345 doesn’t fit very well (my 411 & 426 are the same size and fit great), but I bought it during a holiday sale and didn’t get around to returning it in time. You mentioned the exact issue I’m having in your video review of the 345, the lower busk area sticks out in an unflattering way. I thought there might be some way to manually curve the busk to solve this problem and I’m curious if you agree. Any feedback (or perhaps a video?) would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Jessica, it is certainly possible to gently curve the busk, in a similar manner that you bend the bones in the back of the corset to support a lumbar curve! But it has to be carefully done to make sure that both sides curve exactly the same way (otherwise it’ll be difficult to do the busk up), and if you curve it too much, it might poke into your privates – so it should be a gentle process!

  19. I had a baby 10 months ago via CS and I have struggled to get back my flat belly. I would like to buy a corset to help reduce the middle size. I am torn between conture and josephine corsets. I would like the one that goes all the way down covering my lower belly to pubic bone. Please advice

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Alex, Contour Corsets and Isabella’s Josephine corset are extremely different. Isabella offers the Josephine as a ready-to-wear piece for about $175 (although you can upgrade to custom if you like), and Contour Corsets are strictly custom and their prices start at $750 or so, due to the higher quality and special materials. I have a gallery of other longline corsets here if you like – I don’t sell these, but if you click on any of the pictures, it will redirect you to their website where you can learn more.

  20. Hi Lucy,
    While watching your videos I’ve noticed that in many of your corsets you wear them laced closed. Is this just your preference? In my research I have found that a 2″-4″ lacing gap is acceptable. One source even suggested that wearing the corset laced closed would become uncomfortable after a few hours of wear (I don’t really believe this). I watched your series on breaking in corsets, and it lead me to believe that either is fine, and that the corset and the body need to form to, and get used to each other.

    Also, how long do you like laces to be for corsets? I’ve been using 7 yard laces. The most recent corset I made was slightly too small, and I’m thinking an 8 or even a 9 yard lace would be better. It’s not broken in yet either. Thanks for making that series :) I had a feeling that breaking in a corset was a thing, but now I know for sure.

    1. Hi Emily, yes I prefer my corsets to be closed. I personally find it less comfortable if it has a wider gap in the back, as the stiff back steels are resting on my erector muscles. My spine isn’t particularly bony so I don’t have a problem with the corset grinding on my vertebrae. However, I know that others prefer a gap in the back, and as long as the gap isn’t wonky or far too wide, neither way is wrong.
      I typically use 6-7 yard long laces in my underbusts, and slightly longer in my overbusts.

  21. Hi Lucy!
    I think I have a question I don’t see in the FAQ’s. I am having a baby any day now. When not pregnant I wear steel boned corsets for waist training. I have heard that shape wear can help heal your stomach muscles if worn after giving birth. I am not looking to lose weight, just to help my muscles heal. I also have to have c-sections and have worn compression bands to help heal the incision, but they do nothing for the separated muscles. Is there any shape wear that you would suggest for this? I know Jessica Alba famously vouched for one, but all the articles I read made it sound more like a weight loss solution. Thanks for any advice you can give!

    1. Hi Shamina, I talk about post-partum corseting and diastasis recti here. :)

  22. Hello Miss Lucy,

    I haven’t found anything on your website about how corsetry can effect a woman’s sense of self-worth. I have looked extensively but maybe I’ve just missed it. Here is why I mentioned this:

    I am deeply in love with my fiancé. I am a man in my mid-50s whose flag waving feminist Nazi ex-wife threw under a bus. My fiancé is 45. She was kicked to the curb by her previous husband after her raising his son for him. She is 5’4” tall and weighs in at 110lbs. She has a beautiful figure with a really flat little tummy. However, her bra is an A cup. Yeah, she’s really little up there. This seems to bother her a lot. Her previous husband constantly belittled her about her lack of breasts. He really made her feel that, if her boobs weren’t big enough to say Hindenburg on the sides, they were worthless. I can’t seem to get her to understand that I am so in love with her that I love everything about her. (Love me, love my dog. Besides, I’m actually a “leg” man.) I really love her little bitty boobies. But as I get to know her better, I have begun to realize that her ex-husband’s constant sociopathic onslaughts combined with societal pressures have really taken their toll on my fiancé’s overall sense of self-worth. I am now starting to understand that she needs to at least give her boobs the appearance of being bigger. This is not to impress me but it is what it will take to make her actually FEEL better about herself. She has not brought up the idea of getting augmentation surgery yet. If she does, the answer is NO. I do not wish her to undergo something so invasive and potentially risky. So, I’ve been giving this a LOT of thought and I hit on the idea of a corset to push her little boobettes up and give her waist a little squeeze. I think that this might really give her ego a badly needed boost and it would be virtually risk free.

    What do you think? Am I on the right track?

    One thing I should point out. This woman has an extremely submissive personality. She almost views herself as chattel. If I buy some corsets for her and tell her to wear them, she will do it without hesitation. I love her so much and I’ve begun to realize that her submissiveness is very attractive to me after having spent so many years with a feminist spitfire ex-wife that constantly fought with me for control of EVERYTHING. But my main desire is to bring this woman’s sense of self-worth up to healthy levels. I want her to be my equal – so much more than simply my obedient concubine. Please give me a woman’s opinion.

    Warm Regards

    1. Hello David, there are a couple of corsets I can think of that may fit your fiance – the small-busted overbusts in my shop might work, and if they don’t fit her then she has 45 days to return the corset in good condition for a refund. She can enter her measurements here if she’s interested in being fitted. The other options are the “small-bust” versions of the overbust corsets by What Katie Did; the Sophia and Laurie corsets both come in small- and large-bust options. If she is willing to go custom fit, I know that the corsets that are cut straight across at the top (instead of sweetheart) by Puimond and also Pop Antique may also be a fair choice.

  23. Hi,
    It was the one about what to wear to hide corsets. You should a couple of empire waist tops, a pink tank top and what you called your red riding hood sweater :) Sound familiar? I hope this helps and would like suggestions on where to find such tops you showed.


  24. Hi,
    It’s the one that says what to wear with corsets. Showing empire waist tops, special pink tank and your little red riding hood sweater

  25. Hi. I would like to know where to purchase those cute tunic tops that Lucy shows wearing on one of her segments. They are semi form fitting but not tight with a band at bottom so you don’t look frumpy.
    Been looking but can’t find anything like it. Hope you can help. Thanks

    1. Hi Sonja, which video did you see it in specifically? If you let me know which top you like, I can tell you where I bought it.

  26. I am size 26/28. I want to start Corsette weight loss training. I prefer underbust. It doesnt mattef what color it is. What are the prices? Thank you

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for your comment. Have you looked in my online corset store? If you want to be sized, you can supply your measurements through the form on this page.

  27. What is male purpose of wearing corset? Beginner suggestions and pricing?

    1. Hi Michael, I have a video on men and corsets here. Men can experience back support, posture correction and figure shaping as well, and there are corsets that can be made to fit your body if you don’t want a feminine figure.

  28. Hello Lucy, I’d like to start by saying I love your informative videos. I’ve never had a corset before and want to begin waist training, therefore I’m seeking your guidance in purchasing the right corset for my body. I have a hard huge tummy and have been looking at the Ann Cheri 20 21 corset to purchase. Can you please tell me if that particular corset is ok for someone like myself who has never had a corset to begin with? I would greatly appreciate your recommendation on the corset type which I should be looking to purchase.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Zina, unfortunately Ann Chery cinchers are the rubber type and not genuine corsets. I explain the difference between rubber cinchers and real corsets in this article.

  29. I’ve been searching to see whether you’ve already addressed this issue, but can’t seem to find the info I’m looking for.

    I recently purchased the CS-426 (short) from Orchard Corset and have been seasoning it. The gap is parallel and correct based on your corset gap video, etc., and my laces are evenly distributed on either side.

    However, one side of the entire corset appears 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch higher at the top on one side. The two sides do measure the same, it’s just that one side is sitting higher on my hip, and therefore goes up higher on my back. Even when I re-lace and re-lace, this recurs. Do you think this is simply a lacing issue, a body issue, or a manufacturing issue? I have one other corset that I do not have the same problem with, but it has a much different silhouette. If you’ve already addressed this in one of your videos or elsewhere, feel free to just direct me there.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Rachel, sorry for my late response but I was waiting for my own CS-426 to come in the mail! I wanted to compare your experience to mine. My corset seems alright, but there are a couple of things you can do to investigate the asymmetry further:
      1) Instead of measuring each total side length, try to measure from the bottom edge of the waist tape up to the top of the corset and down to the bottom of the corset, and see if perhaps the waist tape is lower on one side and pulling the rest of that side of the corset down.
      2) have a friend measure each of your legs and see if they are both the same height or if one hip is slightly higher than the other. You can also measure from the armpit down to the iliac crest on each side and see how they compare. Let me know if you find anything. :)

  30. Hi Lucy, love your videos! I am still researching to buy my first corset, and I have a few in mind. I am looking for a several inch waist reduction more along the lines of waist training than tightlacing. I am not tall, but have a long torso (14 inch from underbust to lap) I am full figured and not very curvy (38 inch underbust, 37 inch waist, and 43 inch hip) I have looked into, and watched all of your reviews on the pink satin longline from Hot Corsets, the longline underbust from Timeless Trends, the longline underbust from Orchard Corsets, and also the Josephine underbust from Isabella Corsetry. If there are any others you think I may find more suitable or more comfortable, I would love any Input or opinion you may have!
    Thanks, Morgan

    1. Hi Morgan, thanks for your comment. I actually have a gallery dedicated specifically to longline corsets for tall / long waisted people! You can check them out on this page, and also take advantage of the sizing calculator in the Lace Base. :)

  31. Hello! I was wondering… are cinchers a good way to begin corset training? I was told through youtube by a kinda unexperienced corset wearer that cinchers are useless for corset – waist training. True or false?

    1. Hi Stacy,
      It depends on what kind of cinchers you’re talking about. There is a sort of “Brazilian Cincher” or “Squeem” style corset with plastic bones and elastic panels, which is supposed to make you sweat. I personally don’t like those because they’re uncomfortable, the plastic bones warp and poke into me, and the panels give my skin a rash. I wouldn’t use those to waist train.

      However, in the corset community, “cinchers” may refer to any corset that is quite short (e.g. 8 inches in length or less). It’s constructed and made from the same materials as a real corset (strength layer, steel bones etc) except it reduces a smaller area of the waistline. I actually prefer to train in cinchers, because it targets the waist while leaving most of my ribcage and hips free; it allows for easier breathing and better mobility compared to longer underbust corsets. So in that context, training in a cincher is perfectly acceptable.


  32. Hey Lucy,
    I wondered if you have ever heard of Ravanche de la femme or Tom.to? If you ever purchase one of these corsets please do a review, I would love that.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Johanna, I don’t have any personal experience with those brands although I have looked at their websites MANY many times! And of course I will do a review if I ever get the opportunity. :)

  33. I’ve been wondering this for a while, but what is the red corset that you have on in your banner for the site?

    1. Hi Emily, it’s my “Sebastian Corset”. It’s one of my homemade pieces.

  34. Hi Lucy! So I know you’re fairly busy and all but I had one question that’s kind of been bugging me: How much does your physical size matter when buying a corset? I am overweight and I have “love handles” filling up the space between my belly button and my hips. I mean, does this interfere at all with wanting to waist train? Any information would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Ivy, your starting size shouldn’t be a huge factor as an experienced corsetiere will be able to work with your curves instead of against them. Some makers charge more if your waist is larger (often if you need a corset that’s 40″ or larger) but some others don’t; it depends on what you need and where you’re looking. I believe Orchard Corset has some corsets that go up to 44″. If you want a corset that doesn’t pinch the hips, I think the WKD Mae Extreme might work.

  35. thankyou so much for your reply.i`m almost ready to move down a size.ps is it possible to bone my modesty panel without removing it?

    1. hey Keith, I’m replying as a sewing person, not a corsetier, and i know i’m replying to years late, but the response is yes. You can undo the bottom or top seam to slide in the bones and then stitch it up after, but this will likely be more hassle than it’s worth unless the modesty panel is secured by the binding or grommets somehow. With the Orchard corset style modesty panel it will likely be easier to remove, bone and then reattach rather than worry about accidentally sewing through your corset or fiddling with re-hemming the edge under all those little bones. with a good matching thread your re-attachment should be undetectable and should the side of the modestly panel you picked open have a less than perfect look it will never be seen. (leather and some more delicate fabrics may retain the original stitch holes)

  36. Hi. Would you happen to know what percentage of people still corset?

    1. Hi Taylor. It’s a bit difficult to tell, as corsets are no longer “the norm” but rather it’s a personal fashion choice. Determinining the percentage of people who own corsets would be like asking what’s the percentage of people who own a pair of Oxford shoes, and then how often they wear it would be another question entirely.

  37. hello princcess lucy,i`m not a tightlacer,but I`m am wondering when is the right time too move onto a smaller corset?what I mean is,i`m able to close my corset completely,and I want to know when I should get 1 size smaller.ps I really enjoy your videos on youtube.,your are very informative on your reviews and straight forward,not like my spiral boning lol,sorrry geeking out. Please if you every except commissions again I would like to take part.don`t know if I`m the first male,but I would like to be. huge hugs and kisses from America. yours truly,keith

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for your sweet comment. :) If you’re able to close your corset and keep it closed comfortably all day, and if it feels loose on you (especially if you’re able to get a hand between your torso and the corset) then that is the appropriate time to size down. Best wishes!

  38. How much are your corsets and do you have a shop or show room in toronto?

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for your comment – no I don’t have a storefront. I work from a home studio. My underbust corsets tend to be around $300 and overbusts closer to $400 but at the moment I’m closed for commissions. Thanks!

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