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Let me preface this by saying, YES – when you email me or send me a message, it is really ME (Lucy) who is answering you! I have no employees or helpers. I am just one woman and there are limited hours in a day. I work a job outside of this, and recently I’ve been spending between 4-6 hours a day answering emails, messages and Youtube comments.

It’s gotten to the point that I’m so busy answering individual questions that I am finding it difficult to make time to make videos, have any time for myself or even get enough sleep.

Youtube is my passion, and I don’t want to shut down my channel completely. But I also don’t want to ignore those individuals who REALLY need help.

That said, if you can find the answer to your question in one of my relevant videos (and there is a 95% chance that you will), please watch the video before contacting me.

If you have a question that is better suited to the customer service desk of a corset brand (e.g. pricing, sizes, return policies, shipping times), please contact that brand’s customer service. If you need a comparison between brands that look to be of similar quality and price, you are more than welcome to use my research area.

Frequently Asked Questions

(and where the answers are hiding):


Hair growth/ hair health/ hair related anything
I have a playlist called “Hair Videos”. If you want natural (nutrition and lifestyle) tips on hair growth, see my video “Hair Growth Crash Course“. If you want to know what products I use, see my video “Updated Hair Regimen.” If you want me to donate my hair, watch this video on why I refuse to do so. Please note that I do not personally use, nor recommend any hair growth serum or growth product whatsoever.

I'm a total beginner to corseting, where do I start?
Here is my playlist on General Information about corseting. I discuss everything from corseting goals to regimens, from how to buy a corset to how to care for it. Any lifestyle questions that remain unanswered here (like how to sleep or go to the toilet while wearing a corset), you will find in my “Physical Effects” playlist.

What happens to the body when you corset? Is it dangerous?
On the condition that you’re already in good health before corseting, you wear a well-fitting corset responsibly and lace down slowly, and you have realistic goals, corseting is not dangerous. The corset has been blamed for many diseases and ailments for which it was not responsible at all – however, in some cases (like high blood pressure or uterine prolapse) corseting can exacerbate pre-existing conditions so I always recommend speaking with your doctor about any concerns before trying a corset. That said, I have also heard hundreds of stories of how corsets have helped people with pre-existing medical issues! I outline both the risks and benefits to wearing corsets in my playlist “Physical Effects of Corseting.” Most of the videos are organized based on the system of concern, although there is understandably some overlap as the body works as one. This list also includes tips on going to the bathroom and sleeping in your corset. If you have very specific questions of a medical nature, I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to diagnose you – I recommend you direct your questions to your trusted physician.

I don't know how to lace my corset!/ I would like to try a different form of lacing. Can you help me?
There are dozens upon dozens of helpful video tutorials on lacing up your corset on Youtube, but if you would like to see how I officially lace my own corsets, do check out my Lacing Techniques playlist here. More often than not, I prefer the “inverted bunny ears” method of lacing.

What do you think of (insert corset brand)? Is it any good? Which corsets have you reviewed already?
I’ve reviewed over 70 different corsets from over 40 different brands, and have tried on/ tested over 100 corsets, so there is a good chance that I’ve tried the corset brand you’re interested in! I have three different playlists for corset reviews: underbust OTR corsets, overbust OTR corsets, and custom/ bespoke corsets. I make objective reviews, stating the facts wherever possible (unless I’m commenting on the fit/ comfort) – to get the most from these reviews, you need a fair understanding of the parts of a corset and where you would be willing to sacrifice quality for your budget or time constraints. If you have no prior knowledge, please see my playlist for beginners.

What is the BEST corset on the market, or the BEST one I can find for (insert budget)?
There is no one best corset that will fit every person. That would be like saying there’s one shoe to fit (and flatter) every foot. You are welcome to look at this page which tells you whether the OTR corsets I’ve tried will hold up to waist training/daily wear (in my opinion). Also have a look through my corset reviews (see the question above this) and decide for yourself which corset you like best for the price, silhouette, quality and construction. I have organized the brands I’ve tried by budget as well, if that is your your highest priority. If your highest priority is buying local, consulting in person with a professional and having someone take your measurements, you might be able to find a corsetiere who lives near you. If you know your specific measurements and want to buy a corset based on its curviness/ silhouette, see my Corset Dimensions Directory (Lace Base) here.  Or if you would like to bypass the reviews and have me hand-pick several corsets based on your needs and preferences, please see my consultation service.

I have a special case and I'm looking for a very specific type of corset. Where can I find a corset for scoliosis/ a mesh summer corset/ a plus size corset/ a men's corset?
I have many different pages dedicated to specific types of corsetry in my Guided Galleries – whether you’re looking for a specific silhouette, or a corset for a medical condition, or with a rare aesthetic (such as fan-lacing, lattice corsets or corset-bodies), chances are you will be able to find what you’re looking for in the Guided Galleries.

I want to make my own corset. Can you help me?
If you’re stuck on a step and just need clarification on how to proceed, I can help. Unfortunately I do not offer corset making classes at this time. If you don’t know the first thing about making corsets, I invite you to check out my Corset Making playlist on Youtube. There are also plenty of corset making resources out there, including groups both on Facebook and on LiveJournal, and also instructional books and DVDs (some of which I’ve featured in my book reviews playlist here).

Is there anything I should wear with my corset?
You can wear almost anything you like with your corset! But whether you prefer to wear your corset under or over clothing, you will find some inspiration in this “Dressing with your Corset” playlist.

My corset broke!/ My corset doesn't fit!/ Can I alter my cheap corset to be better?
If you’re looking to completely rework your cheap, too-big or worn-out corset, it’s usually easier to start a new corset from scratch than to save the old one. Sometimes it’s better worth your time and money to sell your old corset and use the money you made to put towards a new corset. But if you’re looking to do some slight alterations or repairs, then you’ll find some helpful videos here in my Corset Modifications & Repairs playlist (known unofficially as “Pimp my Corset” playlist).

Please note that I generally do not take on alteration projects, as I unfortunately don’t have as much time to sew these days, and shipping the corset back and forth to Canada (where I live) would likely be more expensive than buying a new OTR corset.


Do you make corsets too? Can I buy one from you?
Yes, I do make corsets! You can see examples of my work in my Case Studies playlist, and also in my Gallery (although neither have been updated in awhile because I haven’t had the time to sew lately). I am not taking custom commissions at the moment, but I do have many corsets readily available for purchase. If you’d like a gently-used item or a one-off sample that I’ve made, check out my Bronze Line. If you want a brand new corset but at an affordable price, see the OTR corsets in my Silver Line.

Can you send me a free corset?
Unfortunately not. I’m an individual corset enthusiast and almost everything I earn after rent and bills goes back to my channel and reviewing corsets for my viewers! “Corset Samples” mentioned in the Bronze Line are not free samples; in reality they are usually one-of-a-kind/ one-off practice pieces, which may be discounted because they might not be perfect (but they are still fully functional). However, I do corset giveaways on Youtube and Facebook when I reach new milestones, so please subscribe to my Youtube channel and Like my page on Facebook for your chance to win a free corset.


Other miscellaneous questions may be answered in my “Q&A” playlist, although some answers may be slightly outdated.

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If you see any other “Lucy Corsetry” or “Bishonenrancher” account from any other social media that is not included here, it’s not me.


Please note that due to the huge volume of email I receive, I may only respond to serious inquiries or questions that have not been answered by my videos or blog. Please keep your emails clear, polite and concise! 

I DO NOT MAKE PERSONAL CALLS. If you prefer to communicate by voice, consider purchasing a consultation.

For fanmail and whatnot – please note that this is ONLY a P.O. box, not a residence and I do not have a brick-and-mortar store or business office. Additionally, I do not open mail that has no return name or address. That said, I post fan art and give thanks/credit on this page:

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That’s all for now. Cheers!

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