Dressing with your Corset

What do I wear underneath your corset to protect your skin? How do I hide (or “stealth”) my corset under modern street clothes? How can I dress up my corset for special occasions, or dress it down for casual wear? What can I do about my newfound “chin rest”, or the loose waistlines on all my tops now?

I am so glad you asked. OOTD / Dressing With Your Corsets is one of my favorite topics. Let’s dress up:

I recently received an email from a client who had purchased a corset and garter straps (suspenders) from my shop.
Disclosure: I purchased these bras at a local store to satisfy my own curiosity, but I do wear them regularly.
  Today I'm doing an OOTD of my Morticia dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. This is the older version with
As you know, I've been on the lookout these last few years for a good wireless bra that is compatible
"Lucy, what's the best corset that hides perfectly under clothing?" Unfortunately, there is no corset in existence, past or present,
Some of you may find this outfit familiar, as I wore it in my "Washington Adventures" video in 2014 when
This past spring I went shopping at Value Village (and my mom found a few cute things at Ross during
Back in 2011 I made an introductory video on corset liners, what they are used for and what you can
If you don't want to permanently tailor your clothing to contour over your corseted waist, but you still want to show
In Summer of 2014, I purchased this lovely dress from Zumel & Co in Toronto. Although I love the dress, it
Not long ago I received some questions regarding whether you can wear one corset on top of another, for greater
Back in May 2104, I wrote about compatibility between corsets and conventional bras, and how to avoid possible issues like
I will preface this by saying that it took me many years to jump on the legging/ jegging bandwagon. When
I'm usually one to eschew the color-blocking in favor of some good old-fashioned monochrome, but I had never denied that
One question I get semi-frequently is whether you have to wear a bra with your underbust corset. With an overbust
Back in November 2013, I was consulting with a lovely lady who confided in me that she loved to wear
Fashion magazines are always telling us to "dress for our body type". They know that different cuts, styles, colours and
My fascination with corsets started when I was around 15, but at the time I didn't even know that real
Not directly corset-related (and don't worry - I will resume the season-with-me posts soon!) but here is a cool video
Fashion is kind of interesting. When I pair my corsets with modern clothing (especially wearing my corset overtop of modern
Last week, by request I released another "Dressing with your corset" video in which I showed how to hide your
This is a very special OOTD episode, where I feature a lovely vintage reproduction dress made by Whirling Turban. I
Earlier today I posted an "OOTD" video, showing that the right undergarments can make all the difference when trying to
I know what some of you are thinking: "You spend hundreds of dollars for a high-end training corset, and countless
Let me start by saying that I'm a huge fan of convertible/ infinity dresses. Usually made out of a soft,
A quick post on one of my favourite items in my wardrobe these days: the "Corset Jacket". It looks like