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Fully updated in 2021! Here you will find non-exhaustive galleries of corset makers and brands to help you define and choose which styles you like best, and decide which company may be the best match for you. Please note that not every corset brand in these galleries have been personally tried and tested by me and I don’t necessarily endorse every corset shown here.

These galleries are for informational purposes only – but if you’re looking for a corsetiere who specializes in a specific type of corset (corset bodysuits, corsets for scoliosis, corsets with fan-lacing, etc) or who is skilled and comfortable working with specific body proportions (full busted, waist sizes above 50″ or under 16″, masculine figures, high square hip shelves, etc), this is the best place to start!

From the late 1790s through the 1830s, stays as we know it went through a brief metamorphosis into softer, less Read more
From 1910 up to around the time of WWI, the silhouette of corsets changed to create a more elongated line, with Read more
Many OTR corset brands carry waist sizes that start from 18-20 inches, but what if you need a corset smaller Read more
S-bend corsets (also called straight-front corsets or "health" corsets) were invented in the early 1900s during the Edwardian era, and Read more
While ribbon cinchers are not always the best choice for waist training, they are lightweight, fun, and when constructed correctly Read more
Many of my readers wish to start with an affordable OTR corset, but they may feel a moral or economical Read more
Pattern matching is a technique where the maker carefully plans out, cuts and assembles the panels of a corset so that Read more
This gallery will include some Tudor-style stays, Elizabethan-style stays, Stuart-style stays, and Antoinette-style stays, spanning the 16th, 17th and 18th Read more
Cupped overbust corsets are often confused with bustiers or Merry Widows, but in the words of Julia Bremble, "a corset Read more
Most off-the-rack (OTR) cater only to bust sizes of a relatively narrow range (typically between a B and D cup), Read more
These days, it seems that most people who seek out corsets are looking for anything but the modern slim shape Read more
The first time I saw a mesh corset, it triggered a long-term obsession. What a wonderful idea! Conventional corsets can Read more
Folks obviously come in different shapes and sizes, and when it comes to a ready-to-wear world of fashion, we make Read more
Aesthetically speaking, I love the look of a longline corset more than any other cut - and I know that Read more
The first lattice corsets appeared right around the end of the 19th century, and were more often than not seen Read more
Most well-known OTR corset companies carry corset sizes for natural waists up to and around 38". However, what if your Read more
Every week I receive emails from folks who were assigned male at birth and are now looking to feminize their Read more
Last updated September 10, 2023 The extreme hourglass silhouette can be effectively described as the "belted pillow" look, with a Read more
While many clients can get away with standard-sized corsets, it's not a realistic case of one-size-fits-all. What if you're very Read more
Waist cinchers (at least, how the term is used here) are short corsets, usually cut high over the hip and Read more
Corsets with zippers, while not traditional, are becoming an attractive option these days for the ubiquity of the zips (they Read more
Most corsets today have a single method of size / fitting adjustment - the laces in the back. Depending on Read more
Fan lacing may also be referred to as "Camp" lacing, "Cross" lacing, or "Cluster" lacing. Fan-laced corsets are relatively rare Read more
There are many reasons that a person may be interested in a corset with a very abrupt, sharp curve from Read more
Rather than an hourglass silhouette, some people prefer their corsets to give them a more conical, tapered ribcage like what Read more
Your typical run-of-the-mill underbust corset does a good job of correcting lumbar posture (making you stand tall from your lower Read more
Gentlemen wear corsets too, but sometimes it can be difficult to find makers who cater to cinching down the waist Read more
A corset bodysuit or bunnysuit is a like a laced and boned leotard, or a corset and brief in one. Read more
Corset dresses are highly specialized garments, which can be used for foundation under other dresses (such as those that Puimond Read more
Corset belts, finishing belts, and Swiss waists (at least in their modern definition, not their original forms) are quasi-corsets or Read more
Realistically speaking, no human being is perfectly symmetrical. We all have some variance in our frame or how we distribute Read more

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