Guided Galleries

Here you will find non-exhaustive galleries of corset makers and brands which may help you choose which styles you like best, and which company may be the best match for you. Please note that not every corset brand in these galleries have been personally tried and tested by me and I don’t necessarily endorse every corset shown here. These guides are for informational purposes only. These guides will be regularly updated in the following week.

Ready-to-Wear corsets made ethically in the US and the UK.

Morgana Femme Couture overbust modelled by Threnody in Velvet

Ready to Wear corsets made in the US and UK

Ribbon Cinchers.

Click here for ribbon cinchers

Click here for ribbon cinchers

Curvy Cinchers and Waspies under $200.

Click here for curvy cinchers and waspies under $200


Longline Corsets for the Short-Waisted

Click here to see longline style corsets for people with shorter waists (10 inches or shorter)


Longline Corsets for the Tall and/or Long Waisted (under $300)

Click here for longline corsets for people who are tall and long waisted (11 inches or longer)


Custom fit Corsets under $200.

Click here for custom corsets under $200

Click here for custom corsets under $200


S-Bend Traditional Edwardian Corsets.

Click here for S-bend (Edwardian) corsets


Corsets that Correct Shoulder Posture/ Waistcoat Corsets.

Click here for waistcoat corsets/ corsets with straps to correct posture


Mesh, Net and Sheer (Summer) Corsets.

Click here for mesh and net (summer) corsets

Click here for mesh and net (summer) corsets


Extreme Hourglass and Pipestem Corsets.

Click here for extreme hourglass/ pipestem corsets


Conical Ribcage (wasp silhouette) corsets for training the ribcage.

Click here for conical-rib corsets


Modern Slim Corsets for Starters who are apple-shaped or dislike the tightlaced look


Click here for Corsets with a Modern Slim silhouette.


Plus Size/ Full-Figure Corsets (corset sizes over 40″).

Click here for plus size corsets


Masculine Corsets for Gentlemen.

Click here for men's corsets

Click here for men’s corsets


Feminizing Corsets for Cross-Dressers and MTF Trans Women.

Click here for feminizing corsets for cross dressers and transgender women

Click here for feminizing corsets for cross dressers and transgender women


Overbust Corsets with Cups.

Click here for cupped overbust corsets

Click here for cupped overbust corsets


Conventional Overbust Corsets for the Large-Busted.

Click here for overbust corsets for the heavy-busted


Teeny Corsets for Petite or Advanced Tightlacers.

Click here for teeny corsets (less than 18″ closed waist)


Asymmetric Corsets (for Scoliosis or other issues).

Click here for corsets made for anatomical asymmetries


Pattern-Matched Corsets

Click here to see pattern matched corsets

Click here for pattern matched corsets


Corsets with Fan-Lacing:

Click here to see corsets with fan lacing


Corset Dresses:

Click here for corset dresses


 Lattice Corsets:

Click here for Lattice Corsets

Click here for Lattice Corsets


Pairs of Bodies, Effigies, and Stays:

Click here for Pairs of Bodies, Effigies, Stays in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.


Corset-Bodies and Bodysuits.

Click here for corset-bodies (Bodysuits)


Titanic-Era (19teens) Reproduction Corsets.

Anachronism in Action teens era corset

Click here for Titanic-era (19teens) corsets


Corsets with Multiple Ties / Adjustment Systems

Click here to see corsets with multiple lacing systems or adjustment points.


Corsets with a High, Square Hip-Shelf

Model Penny Underbust perfectly shows off Innova Corsetry's superb drafting skills in this mesh underbust with a very square hip shelf.

Click here to see corsets that feature a high, square hip shelf.


Custom Corsets with Zipper Closures

Silk underbust by KMK Designs, featuring a zip front closure.

Click here to see the selection of bespoke corsets that can be made with zippers instead of a busk.

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