Corsets that correct shoulder posture/ waistcoat corsets

Your typical run-of-the-mill underbust corset does a good job of correcting lumbar posture (making you stand tall from your lower back), but some individuals still find that they slouch from the shoulders, which regular underbusts don’t directly fix. So, which corsets are best to correct your whole posture and help you sit tall?

Some overbust corsets extend high enough on the body that they can help correct posture in the thoracic vertebrae, but what if you don’t like conventional overbusts, or you just want some variety in your corset collection? The answer possibly lies in a high-backed corset with shoulder straps. There are many corsets that come with straps, but the type of straps matter greatly if you’re looking to correct hunched shoulders.

Avoid halter straps if you have a slouching problem.

If you have a habit of slouching, avoid halter straps on your corsets because if the straps are too short or tied too tightly, the material pulling on the back of your neck will exacerbate a forward-head position and possibly encourage your shoulders to follow, making your posture worse. What would work better is a waistcoat-style corset which has a high supportive back extending up between the shoulder blades, and individual shoulder straps that help pull the shoulders back and open up the chest.


Underbust Waistcoat Corsets

Electra Designs Corsetry, Custom Mid-hip Underbust with Shoulder Straps

Electra Designs is a corset brand whose reputation precedes them; corsetiere Alexis Black very seldom takes commissions these days, but those commissions that she does take are special projects that speak to her. Here you’ll find a bespoke high back, low front underbust with supportive shoulder straps, made adjustable with slider and are easy to get on and off with the use of side-squeeze buckles. Alexis shows that therapeutic corsets do not have to be bland and utilitarian; the lilac brocade with Chantilly lace embellishment makes this corset as beautiful as is comfortable.

Dark Garden Custom Pointed Victorian with Straps,  $2,995

Dark Garden Corsetry (San Francisco, California, USA) is one of the oldest and most well-respected US-based corsetry brands. They offer a variety of corsets with shoulder straps, whether you prefer to wear corsets for fashion or therapeutic support. Their underbust option includes the Pointed Victorian seen here (you will also see the Dietrich and Beau in the section below), but almost any of their corset styles can have straps added for a surcharge.


Miss Katie waistcoat corset, £325
Miss Katie waistcoat corset, £210

Miss Katie, a UK designer, has created this waistcoat underbust corset for £210 (or about $297). This standard-sized taffeta corset is laced nearly up to the neck, and the shoulder straps look to be made of ribbon and can be tied looser or tighter based on your preference.


Ties That Bynde custom daily wear corset with shoulder trainers
Ties That Bynde custom daily wear corset with shoulder trainers

Ties that Bynde is a Michigan-based corsetiere who just recently debuted this training corset. Custom-fit and made from spot broche coutil, this corset is strong enough to be worn daily. The shoulders straps attach to the corset using ribbon and grommets, which are slightly adjustable.


Wild Rose Atelier underbust corset with straps.

Wild Rose Atelier, run by Rebecca from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, created this thoughtfully-crafted plus-size underbust with shoulder straps (made adjustable with custom-covered buttons), with a zip front and back lacing. This corset was created for a client with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) who suffers from hypermobility and needed some postural support. This corset is fully washable, as the fabric is custom-printed, pre-washed cotton canvas and the bones are synthetic baleen.


"Beads and Buckles" Corset top design by Royal Black
“Beads and Buckles” Corset top design by Royal Black

Royal Black is a highly celebrated corsetiere in Austria, known for her ornate designs which often include laser-cut leather filigree work, customized hardware and a juxtaposition of romance, fantasy and sci-fi. Royal Black’s plain black underbust corsets with straps start at $249 Euros, but I chose to show her “Beads and Buckles” couture option here, in a gorgeous soft peach brocade and trimmed with gold vegan leather. The hip panels are quilted in a hemispherical fashion and dotted with antique gold-finish rivets and beads, which bring out the antique brass-tone swing-hook front closure, shoulder buckles and draped chains below the bust. (Royal Black is on a hiatus from commissions at the moment)


Scoundrelle’s Keep Sabine underbust, starts at $400

Scoundrelle’s Keep of St. Paul, Minnesota specializes in Steampunk style corsets, and their Sabine underbust corset features neat a multi-adjustable shoulder harness. The entire harness attaches to the underbust corset using adjustable belt/buckles, and can be entirely detached from the corset if desired (so you can wear the corset as a simple underbust at times). The four belts in back adjust to the height of your shoulders, while the two straps in front can be tightened to coax the shoulders back, or loosened for your comfort. The laces in back can also be adjusted depending on the breadth of your shoulders. They also make an overbust version called Aubrey and both of these corsets come in your choice of colors.

Bizarre Design Corset


Apocalyptic and Shoulder corsets by Dracula Clothing

Dracula Clothing (Czech Republic) offers arguably the least expensive OTR strapped options in this list, including the “Shoulder Corset” (left) and the “Apocalyptic Corset” (right) both for under $60 USD. I’ve chosen to feature myself wearing these corsets so you can see the true silhouette and hip springs of these corsets, as the product listings photos can be misleading. See my review here.


Bone & Busk Couture waistcoat corset, $650

Totally Waisted! Corsets (Now Bone & Busk Couture) is a Toronto-based business that creates a variety of couture corsets from traditional Victorian styles to modern corseted wedding gowns. Kate has experience in drafting posture-corrective garments and her corsets are capable of giving impressive waist reductions while looking relatively natural. This gorgeous made-to-measure corset features straps adjustable using ribbon laces, and it includes lace accents, painstakingly tidy contrast stitching and beautiful flossing.


High-backed underbust corset by Daze of Laur

Let’s take a moment to admire the colourful work of Daze of Laur. Laurie’s high-backed underbust corsets feature shoulder straps adjustable with ribbons and can be made with a neutral posture or can be incorporated into a more S-bend style corset. Although she is not currently accepting commissions, do check back periodically as her creations are not to be missed. (Laurie has ceased taking commissions and is enjoys hobby costuming)


"Buxom Bodice" by Pirate Fashions - price ranges from $139 to $159 USD.
The “Buxom Bodice” by Pirate Fashions (price starts at $139 USD)

The “Buxom Bodice” by Pirate Fashions is another OTR option, with prices starting at $139 USD. This is highly adjustable with six lacing systems, the 16.5-inch-high back provides plenty of support, and the straps can either be criss-crossed or go straight back, depending on the amount of type of shoulder support you need. However, give yourself extra time to into and out of this corset, because the straps fasten in the back instead of the front, and the lack of front busk can make wriggling into this corset a bit tricky! It’s definitely easier to have a helper in this situation.


Blue Lady Couture Corset Waistcoat

Blue Lady Couture (Joanna Read) is a historical reproduction costumer and corsetiere from the UK – she’s able to make authentic Victorian corsets as well as more contemporary corsets like this underbust waistcoat or vest style corset in bright stripes.


Nemuro Corsets Waistcoat Underbust, Made to measure starting at $280

Evgeniya Molodykh, better known as Nemuro Corsets, is a one-woman business in Moscow. I was first introduced to her work when she entered a contest for Foundations Revealed, but she has since made a name for herself on Instagram and Etsy. Her range of work is impressive, from historical reproduction stays to modern overbusts like above, as well as waistcoat corsets like above.

Overbust Waistcoat Corsets

Latex Fashion (Germany), € 459

While not our usual pick, we would be remiss if we didn’t include this overbust waistcoat / vest corset by Latex Fashion Design in Germany! The waist reduction here is relatively mild, but they make standard sizes as well as custom, and you can choose color (obviously) as well as D-rings or regular grommets for the back lacing system.

Woman’s Armor Workshop (Russia) Cupped Overbust Waistcoat corset

Woman’s Armor Workshop is run by corsetiere Aleksandra (who is also the model here!) Above you’ll see a feat of wizardry, where she’s managed to create a perfectly-fitted cupped overbust that also doubles as a high-collared waistcoat corset, with a Queen Anne neckline (my personal favorite type of neckline). This level of fit requires a bespoke commission with mockup fitting. Check out Aleksandra’s Patreon page here.


The Bad Button overbust waistcoat corset with integrated straps and collar
The Bad Button overbust waistcoat corset with integrated straps and collar

The Bad Button Bespoke Corsets has designed a beautiful overbust waistcoat corset that doesn’t have lacing right up to the neck as in the previous mentioned designs, but this corset works by adding structure and support over the upper chest, back, and over the shoulders. The shoulder straps are not really adjustable (and so must be carefully fitted), but for women with heavy busts, the extra support in front can remove strain the shoulders by lifting and supporting the bust from below.


Lovely Rats Corsetry, TX USA Overbust Waistcoat

Lovely Rats Corsetry, run by Amber in Texas USA, has a wide range of experience from swayback corsets, full-bust corsets, and also waistcoat corsets as you can see here. The plaid is motif-matched and the appliqué is thoughtfully applied to make the waist look much tinier than it actually is.


Embroidered Corset-Vest in grey wool by Rose Sathler

Black Cat Corsets, now Rose Sathler of Brazil, offers an impressive line of corporate and couture wear in 7 general permanent collections. This corset vest combines a plunge overbust with shoulder straps to create a beautiful feminine yet professional garment that can blend seamlessly in with business-wear. 


Puimond overbust with high collar and shoulder straps

Puimond Progressive Corset Design shows off his incredible skills with this overbust corset with a high collar, plunging neckline, and comfortable shoulder straps. In the back, the corset laces all the way up to the neck for full adjustability. Puimond asks that customers come for in-person fittings for best results with these special orders.


Clarissa overbust with straps by Riwaa Nerona in the Czech Republic.
Clarissa overbust with straps by Riwaa Nerona in the Czech Republic.

Riwaa Nerona from the Czech Republic makes some stunning corset styles, and her Clarissa overbust is no exception! This perfectly smooth damask overbust features lace trim at the bustline, black piping and accent ribbon, a high back, and adjustable shoulder straps. She says that this piece is particularly challenging and requires a minimum of two toile fittings.

Clockwork Faerie (Colorado) Overbust Corset with Shoulder Straps


Violet Snowstorm (Finland) Corset Waistcoat

Violet Snowstorm is a partnership between Violet and Mira based in Finland. They specialize in corsetry, especially with a goth or fantasy twist – but they take commissions for nearly anything, including harnesses, skirts, capes, costumes, etc. They cater to the European client base only.


Tomto Taifun corset
TO.mTO men’s Taifun corset with shoulder straps

Here is the Taifun corset made by Korsett Manufactur TO.mTO. A masculine corset that features a wider ribcage and narrower hips for that “V” silhouette, with laces going all the way up to the neck and shoulder straps cut in a “racerback” fashion.


Sandra Chirico (Montreal) PVC Corset

Sandra Chirico is a bespoke corsetiere based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has nearly two decades in experience with corset making and has a history of sewing for theatre, circus, opera and other larger performances. Her high-pressure environment has made her adaptable and creative, such that she can seemingly do it all: from corset dresses to historical reproduction, as well as vinyl pieces with striking contrast lacing panels like above. She’s fully fluent in English and French.


House of Canney Duelist's Steampunk Corset vest, starts at $265
House of Canney Duelist’s Steampunk Corset vest

The House of Canney has an awesome selection of waistcoat and vest-like corsets for both men and women. This Duelist’s Corset is made-to-measure and features a unique offset busk, collar that can be worn up or down, and Anthony’s trademark “keyhole” lacing design (which would be amazing for those who like a little ventilation in back!).


Custom Waistcoat corset by Prior Attire.
Custom Waistcoat corset by Prior Attire.

Izabela Pitcher of Prior Attire created this lovely Napoleonic waistcoat corset which laces up in the back and a front zip (not historically accurate, but a request from the client for ease of use). The soutache embellishment and buttons conceal the zip and add reinforcement.

Madame Sher (Brazil) Overbust Corset with Shoulder Straps, R$ 1,608.00 (Approx. $290 USD)

Brazil-based Madame Sher makes some of my favorite overbust corsets with cups and integrated corsetry, and she is known for her painstaking precision in fit and measurements, even when international mockup fittings are not always possible. Here she doesn’t disappoint – her graphic art inspired overbust with straps are an aesthetic combination of fashion and function, with impeccable back, bust and shoulder support built in.


Dark Garden Custom Dietrich Corset Waistcoat, $3,995
Dark Garden Beau Brummel Waistcoat Corset, from $4495. Photo: Joel Aron

As mentioned at the top of this list, Dark Garden Corsetry offers some incredibly beautiful custom designs, whether it’s a modified simple underbust to integrate shoulder straps, or whether it’s a waistcoat corset for full coverage. They have styles for all genders (like the Beau for men, the Victorian for women, and the Dietrich, a more androgynous style meant for everyone), to suit every taste, and can be made to be more posture-corrective or more lenient with posture.


Corsets with Criss-Cross Straps


Electra Designs custom high-back underbust shoulder straps
Electra Designs custom high-back underbust shoulder straps

Electra Designs is another favorite corsetiere who displays considerable ingenuity. Alexis explained that the custom-fit corset seen above was for a client with notable physical asymmetry. Masterful positioning of the piping masks scoliosis very well in a piece like this. She uses special flexible lacing bones that maintains a neutral posture and hugs the curve of the lower spine, while the criss-cross shoulder straps help to correct upper-spinal posture and is adjusted using buckles in the front. The same way that “reverse bunny ear” lacing can give more leverage while lacing down, so corsets with criss-cross straps have the leverage to gently squeeze the scapula together more easily, and straighten thoracic spine posture and open the chest.


The “Golf Corset” by Sharon McCoy Morgan, via Romantasy

Sharon McCoy Morgan, one of the corsetieres on Romantasy’s team, created this incredible “Golf Corset” for a client. Ann from Romantasy mentions that this corset was an original design by the client, a physician who had injured his back while playing golf: “Our client designed his corset with shoulder posture straps and a high upper back edge to provide maximum back support. He also requested the corset include two side-by-side extra steels at the mid back, bent into approximately a 15″ curve at the waistline.” (In June 2020, Ann Grogan retired and Romantasy is now defunct)


Contour Corsets Redresseur style corset with locking shoulder straps

It’s no secret that Contour Corsets is one of my favorite designers; Fran’s engineering is incredible. In this unique piece, you’re looking at the back of the corset (the laces are underneath the flap, so the back is smooth under clothing) and the wide shoulder straps criss-cross in the back to help pull the shoulders back and correct posture. The straps here are adjustable using grommets and little locks, although other Contour styles utilize simple buckles without locks. Even without shoulder straps, Fran can make a simple underbust corset more or less posture-corrective (using patterning and rigidity of bones/fabric) depending on the client’s preferences.

Add on Shoulder Straps

Medical fan-laced shoulder brace by Lace Embrace Atelier; allowed to be worn separately or in conjunction with an underbust corset as the wearer needs.


*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only, and not meant to replace the advice of a medical physician. If you have posture issues or have any health concerns, please talk to your trusted healthcare practitioner before using a corset to correct your posture (or for any other reason). This gallery may contain affiliate links which help keep this gallery online and free for everyone. These links do not increase the price for customers, nor does it increase the merchant fees of the corsetieres.

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  1. […] shoulder straps. But corsets can help reduce a rolled shoulder posture actively (through the use of waistcoat corsets or corsets with shoulder straps) OR passively, simply by virtue of taking the weight off of the shoulders and allowing them to […]

  2. Hi Thank you for reposting this. The issue of slouching is why I’ve held back on searching for a corset maker for so long. I had no idea that high backed underbust corsets existed. If I could get one with fanlacing that would be perfect. Do you have any in your shop or is it just custom?

    1. Hi Michelle, unfortunately I don’t have any in my shop. Only the styles featured here are the ones that I know of. :)

  3. I need a Corset for scoliosis and round shoulders that don’t lace up in the back, It’s too hard for me to do and I need to wear it everyday, so the Doc says

    1. Hi Sandra, I would look at the custom ones on this page, as well as the asymmetric corsets page, and contact the corsetieres that offer custom work. All genuine corsets will have a lacing system, but it can be moved to the front instead of the back for ease of lacing if you have limited mobility in your arms and shoulders.

    2. Kiss Me Deadly (UK), I believe makes custom corsets. They’ve made one for Jessica Kellgren-Fozard – youtuber with scoliosis – which is modeled on their website :)

  4. Contour Corsets seem to be the only corset I have been able to find that also focuses on the shoulders. A lot of waist coat corsets have shoulder straps but aren’t adjustable, what if these do not fit? I’m quite petite and worried that if I get a waist coat corset that the straps may not fit and not pull my shoulders far back enough to correct them, any advice? I’m in the UK.

    1. Hi Lydia, the styles with ribbon ties and buckles can all be adjusted to suit your height. The only ones that don’t are the waistcoat style corsets that just have a closed seam on the shoulder. If you’d like to commission a corsetiere in the UK to make you something custom, I would recommend checking out the corsetiere map – start with the makers who live in your vicinity and work your way outwards and inquire with them whether they would be willing to do personal fittings right now despite the Covid restrictions, and also experienced in making corsets with shoulder straps.

  5. Hello! Im looking into corsetry to help with my terrible posture and slouching I cant seem to fix. I would prefer something to mainly help with my shoulder slouching and something that I could comfortably wear everyday. I looked at your article about the stealth corsets but it seemed like most of those helped with middle/lower back posture rather than the shoulders, which is where I need the most help. I also dont have too big of a budget, as I’m a broke college kid. Around $300 is the absolute top of my price range. I liked the corset from the Pirate website, but I wasnt sure if something like that is very good for everyday wear as it seemed more costume-y rather than proper and helpful for everyday. If you have any suggestions please let me know! Thank you!

    1. Hi Aleshia, there aren’t a lot of non-costumey waistcoat corsets that are available OTR, and there is almost definitely no custom medical-grade waistcoat corset that is under $300 unfortunately. If you’ve gone through every single listing here and exhausted your options with these corset makers, and you’d like a corset that comes up higher on the torso but is as low-budget as possible, I would look into overbust corsets and see if this allows enough support for your upper thoracic region.

  6. Don’t know if you’ll see this or respond, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

    There are no corset makers as far as I can tell in my country (NZ) and any corset for me will have to be custom fitted since I have massive bust-waist-hip differences (110-90-120cm) and excessive kyphosis and lordosis in my spine (very exaggerated S-curve from side on).
    However my mother is a professional seamstress and while I’m not as good as her I am fairly good at sewing, we both have experience making Elizabethan corsetry and a small amount of experience with Victorian and modern styles. Can you recommend any patterns for overbust strapped corsets that are boned all the way up the spine or resources for drafting such a pattern or modifying something like the angels and demons underbust version to be overbust?

    1. Hi Ursula, I know that Corsets by Caroline used to live in New Zealand but she might have moved back to the UK by now. However, by coincidence, she is also a professional corset pattern drafter, so I would highly recommend contacting Caroline as she might be able to draft a specific corset to fit your measurements and spinal curve, or at least recommend one of her many corset patterns that might fit you!

      Also I would recommend checking out the Corsetiere Map as there are still several corset makers in NZ who would be able to help you!

  7. I would like to see some corsets that correct the lumbar as well as slouching that you can wear everyday under your clothes please.

    1. Hi Alicia, have you seen my article on stealthing corsets? This should help you in your search.

  8. Hi,

    I am a woman with broad shoulders. Is there a corset that focuses on narrowing shoulders?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, unfortunately there’s no corset that can make your shoulders more narrow, the same way that there’s no corset that can effectively narrow the hips/pelvis. The width of the shoulders depends on the breadth of your ribcage, shoulderblades, the length of your collarbone, as well as the muscle tone around your shoulders. Through underuse the muscles might lose tone but there is nothing that can shorten the bones themselves.

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