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Custom Fit Corsets under $200

Let’s face it: while many people can get away with standard-sized corsets, it’s really not a realistic case of one-size-fits-all. What if you’re very tall, very short-waisted, or very pear-shaped? What if you 100% know that no OTR will fit you correctly, but you’re still looking for an inexpensive gateway corset that will fit you properly? Here are a few makers that offer custom-fit corsets for $200 or less. Also see my other article, “cinchers under $200” to see some other brands not mentioned here.

*Caveat emptor: In many cases, you get what you pay for. These corsets are made-to-measure, but this does not necessarily imply that they’re all suitable for waist training/ daily wear. Also this list is especially subject to change; it’s the nature of business that as demand rises for a product, prices increase as well.

Corsetry & Romance custom underbust, $120 (model: Miss Miasma)

Corsetry & Romance custom underbust, $120 (model: Miss Miasma)

Corsetry & Romance in Poland creates stunning corsets at a jaw-dropping price, starting at only $90 with modest markups for different fabrics and embellishments. The corset featured above is custom-fit, finished in dupioni silk with black lace appliqué, and also includes a floating modesty panel, front modesty placket and storage bag – for only $120 USD plus shipping. For such a good deal, I doubt these prices will stay so low for very long!


SnowBlack Corsets corded-hip underbust, $190

SnowBlack Corsets from Poland makes beautiful made-to-measure underbust corsets starting at only $190. Shown here in black with painstakingly tidy red contrast stitching, the corded, gored hips are especially good for controlling hip-wrinkles and offers a dramatic, wide hip spring. Marta can also make this in other colour combinations if you prefer.


Meschantes Corsetry custom Weskit Halter, $195

Meschantes Corsetry‘s underbust corsets range from $160 – $195 starting price, and are made-to-measure in your choice of one of hundreds of different fabrics/colours. Please note that I have linked you to their Etsy store, which many consumers say has a better track record than their website – but they stock mostly standard-sized corsets. So be sure that you go for “made-to-measure” or “custom” and not the listings that just say “ready-to-wear” or “in your size”.


Heavenly Corsets wasp-waist standard-spec underbust, £120

Heavenly Corsets has two different lines of corsets: standard-spec (for occasional use and special events) and waist-training (for 23/7 tightlacing and intense wear). Elle’s made-to-measure standard-spec underbust corsets are suited for 4″ reductions and available in hourglass or wasp-waist silhouettes, which range between $145 – $190.


*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only; please email any of the above makers to learn more about their made-to-measure corsets. Tiddly links are Etsy affiliate links, which help the galleries remain free for everyone.


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  1. msexceptiontotherule

    I am preparing to order custom, and had someone double check the measurements I got when taking them myself, both times had same results – but – looking at the numbers has me worried that my body is strangely proportioned! My natural/skeletal waist (where the crease is when I bend to the side) seems almost absurdly high being immediately below my ribs. Of course I have no clue what the average numbers would be for ‘normal’, and the purpose of going custom is to fit the individual, but I’m still a little worried. Dear Lucy, you’re the only one I think might be able to put my mind at ease!

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Hello – what is your underbust-to-waist measurement, and your waist-to-lap (or hip flexor when standing) measurement?

      1. msexceptiontotherule

        Underbust to waist is 6, waist to lap is 5 (inches).

        1. Boo Bobobob

          Yep, your measurements are completely normal. 🙂

          1. msexceptiontotherule

            Phew! I have one last question – have you had any corsets where part of customizing the dimensions of it were specifically so that it would accommodate wearing an underwire bra without pinching? If you have, were there any resulting issues affecting the other dimensions of the corset?

          2. msexceptiontotherule

            Btw THANK YOU!!

  2. rosaly

    Hello Lucy, I am new to corset training. I’ve bought my first a few months ago and and Im almost ready for my next size down. I would love to buy a custom one, one made especially for my measurements but even after going to all the above mentioned sites, i have no idea where to start. I can tell you my first one was from orchard corset the cs426. I love it and it and but i, like i said before, want one made for,my body and a bit shorter. Where should i start? Which site would provide a corset close to the cs426 style? Help I’m so lost…

    Rosaly Hanslik

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Hi Rosaly, many people compare the CS-426 to Isabella Corsetry’s “Josephine” corset in terms of the patterning and general shape, except the Josephine is a bit curvier. Isabella does offer custom corsets, so she’d be able to make you a custom Josephine that’s very similar to the shape and cut you already like, but just made to your measurements. If you’d like to hunt out more options, I have a consultation service and I’d be glad to help you out. Cheers!

  3. Erica

    I am very tall 5’10 with long torso, what company would you most recomend for me to purchase through?

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Hi Erica, since all of these companies offer custom fit corsets, they will ALL accommodate your long torso!

  4. Darcy

    Thank you so much for this gallery! I’ve been researching corsets for years, but am just now getting to a point where I can financially begin waist training. The downside is that I have a 12″ natural hip spring, which means OTR is pretty much out of the question. These galleries help more than you know. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into sharing your knowledge with others 🙂

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Thank you Darcy, I’m so glad you’ve found this helpful! 🙂

    2. AlexaFaie

      Welcome to the 12″ natural hipspring club!! I agree that custom is the way to go and my custom corsets are definitely the best I own, but there is also the MCC-36 corset model which has hips (measured 4.5″ down from waist) which are 14″ bigger than the corset waist size. The underbust (measured 4″ above the waist) is 8″ bigger than the corset waist size. It also has functional lacing over the front hip which can allow you to widen the gap if necessary.
      I am
      Underbust: 30″
      Waist: 26″
      High hips: 36″ (3″ below waist)
      Full hips: 38″ (6″ below waist)
      And picked the size 22″ as I prefer no lacing gap and am able to fully shut the corset. Its really not bad for something which only cost $75!!

  5. Dorothy

    I just wanted to let you know the Jupiter Moon 3 link doesn’t work

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Thank you for letting me know; she had recently updated her website so I’ve changed the URL. 🙂

  6. Ophelia Bird

    i was actually just looking at Jupiter Moon 3, and the next day she raised her prices to 230 for a basic underbust. 🙁

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Oh no! I’m sorry that she unexpectedly raised her prices. :\ But thanks for letting me know; I’ll have to change the list now.

      1. Ophelia Bird

        No worries! Glad to help. I’m looking into Fiorella Corsetry right now. 🙂

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