Solaced: 101 Uplifting Narratives About Corsets, Well-Being, and Hope

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Many of you know that I’ve received hundreds (thousands!) of emails over the past 5 years from corset wearers relaying their personal experiences regarding how corsets have been beneficial to them physically, mentally, and emotionally. This was the original inspiration for my Corset Benefits List. While this served as a decent summary, I knew that this could be taken a step further. What if you could step into the lives of others and feel the impact that corsets have had on their lives?

This book is an anthology of true, first-person narratives by the people who have been directly affected by corset wear — a collection of uplifting short stories that inspires readers and sometimes softens the heart, similar in sentiment to Chicken Soup for the Soul but only regarding corsets and corset wear. The writers who contributed to this book come from all different walks of life — they’re of all different ages, ethnicities, genders, and have different belief systems. Some of them waist train, a few tightlace, some use corsets simply to make a fashion statement, and most use them for medical/ therapeutic use.

This book is for all people who enjoy corsets, no matter their context. This book is something that many corset enthusiasts will be able to read and relate to, and perhaps be able to give to their loved ones to demystify corsets and remove the stigma.

Our industry has been so harshly attacked by bloggers and national news stations alike. But together, the corset community has responded with love by coming together and sharing our amazing stories of how corsets have contributed to our quality of life.

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What kinds of true stories are featured in this book?

  • My Exoskeleton: Deanna recounts how she avoided major spine surgery, stopped all of her opioid prescriptions, and saved her business and farm, just by using corsets.
  • The Art of Aging: Juno describes how corsets were a driving force in finding her joie de vivre as a mature woman.
  • A Reminder that I am Enough: Amanda shares her empowering story of her past abusive partner, how she got away, and how her corset is a symbol of her independence and self-reliance.
  • A Corsetière’s Calling: Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace writes about a handful of the medical commissions she takes on, including working with several doctors and their patients.
  • Relief from Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Bella shows how corsets support her heavy bustline and completely eliminates her TOS, an irritation of the brachial nerve cluster.
  • A Bride’s Tips on Pacing: Adelina, a fibromyalgia sufferer, describes step-by-step how she uses corsets to help manage her condition, especially before and during her wedding.
  • Story of a Scar and a Swan: Lelanie had 90% of her large intestine removed as a baby, and was left with permanently weakened abdominal muscles as a result — but with a corset, her torso and intestines are supported.
  • A Gentle Swaddle for Endo: A. has had multiple surgeries for her endometriosis, but still has excruciating periods. With her surgeons approval she’s started using the gentle compression of a corset to help with her pain.
  • The Art of Bartitsu: Birgit was returning from a party when she was approached by a mugger. With her protective corset and her martial arts training, she was able to escape.
  • Wesley: Penny “Underbust” Brown relates her beloved first corset to a newly realized self-love and sovereignty over her body, and how she has become a major body-positivity activist.
  • Finding Her in Me: Andrea had body dysphoria and struggled with her gender identity, and corsets sparked a new hope in her that she could live the life she wanted.
  • Morticia’s Support: Yvonne, who has autism, conveys how uses her corset to help soothe her anxiety and provide deep-pressure therapy when she needs more structure to her life.
  • Dent Repair: Mary had deep permanent grooves over her hips for years after wearing too-small jeans. By using a corset, she was able to reverse these dents and erase a reminder of her painful past.

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To read about how this project came together over the course of eight months, click here.