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Fakir Musafar as “The Perfect Gentleman”, 1959 This photo has inspired many other gentlemen to consider waist training. Click through to learn more about Fakir.

Gentlemen wear corsets too, but sometimes it can be difficult to find makers who cater to cinching down the waist while maintaining a masculine physique. The following corsetiers and businesses in this gallery are experienced in making masculine corsets. (There are quite a lot of them actually, so I won’t be writing much in this post.)

All of the makers below either offer multiple styles of men’s corsets, or they can modify women’s styles to fit masculine proportions. I would highly recommend choosing the custom-fit options (supporting small independent designers, in addition to obtaining a perfect fit) over the ready-to-wear options, but both are included for the sake of completion. Click on any of the photos to take you to the website/ social media of each maker to learn more.

*If you are considering a feminizing corset, I have a separate article for feminine corsets for cross-dressers and trans women.*

OTR/ Ready-to-Wear Men’s Corsets:

The MCC90 Masculine corset by Mystic City corsets, $89 USD.
Orchard Corset CS-701 men’s corset, $76 USD.
Axfords makes corsets for men, including this C515 for £135.00
Axfords style C515 Men’s Corset, £135.00 GBP
"Adam" underbust training corset by Meschantes Corsetry, starts at $149
“Adam” underbust training corset by Meschantes Corsetry, starts at $149 USD
Timeless Trends Corsets for men, available via Lucy's Corsetry
Timeless Trends/ Black Iris Gentleman’s Pinstripe underbust corset, $99 USD
Artifice Clothing men’s PVC underbust corset, starts at $105 CAD

Custom/ Made-to-Measure Men’s Corsets:

Contour Corsets male underbust with characteristic reinforced zipper closure
Contour Corsets male underbust with characteristic reinforced zipper closure
Necromonger custom men’s corset by Puimond Progressive Corset Design
Men’s steampunk underbust by House of Canney, starts at $285 USD
Tyler’s Chalk custom silk underbust corsets for men start at $200 USD
The "Arnold" men's overbust corset by The Ardent Collection
The “Arnold” men’s overbust corset by The Ardent Collection
Corsets & More men’s overbust in mesh
Bizarre Design leather underbust designed for male proportions, starts at €484 (or $660 USD). Modelled by Egap Tesroc
Contessa Gothique has created this super-sleek men's training underbust, fully boned and made with black satin coutil! Modelled by none other than the owner of Innova corsetry.
Contessa Gothique has created this super-sleek men’s training underbust, fully boned and made with black satin coutil! Modelled by the owner of Innova corsetry.
The “Jordan” men’s waistcoat corset by Cypress Corsetry, $250 – $350 USD
"The Beast" Gentleman's long-torso corset by Orchid Corsetry, modelled by Tarquin
“The Beast” Gentleman’s long-torso corset by Orchid Corsetry, modelled by Tarquin
Romantasy Men’s Corset/ Stays, which include underbusts, cummerbund stays and CorVests.
Electra Designs custom longline underbust corset adapted to male figure
Electra Designs custom longline underbust corset adapted to male figure
The "Ezra" men's corset by Scoundrelle's Keep, starts at $290
The “Ezra” men’s corset by Scoundrelle’s Keep, starts at $290
TO.mTO “Andro” men’s underbust corset, starts at €329
Madame Sher men’s vest corset, $700
Count Vlad men’s underbust corset with unique front busk, R$ 350
Ferrer Corsets two-tone waistcoat corset available in Jacquard, Gabardine and wool (R$ 750)
Ferrer Corsets two-tone waistcoat corset available in Jacquard, Gabardine and wool (R$ 750)
Heavenly Corsets' Gentleman's 6" reduction underbust, with matching waistcoat in blue/gold silk brocade. Modelled by Tarquin
Heavenly Corsets’ Gentleman’s 6″ reduction underbust, with matching waistcoat in blue/gold silk brocade. Modelled by Tarquin
Mr. Pearl modelling his own corset, adapted to male proportions (unfortunately no website available)
Gabriel Moginot modelling his own corset, from Maison Moginot (starts at €580)
Gabriel Moginot modelling his own corset, from Maison Moginot (his “fierce” corset starts at €580)

Other makers of men’s corsets (awaiting photos):

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only; please email any of the above makers to learn more about their men’s corsets. Tiddly links are Etsy affiliate links, which help the galleries remain free for everyone.

40 thoughts on “Corsets for Men

  1. Hi I am looking for a corset to wear under my clothes to reshape my waist line, something that I can put on and off easily. Which one do you carry would best fit the bill?

    1. Hi Nicolas, a lot of these corset makers on this page are willing to create a corset custom to your measurements so the fit is less of a concern, and it’s more who is more local to you or fits your budget and personal aesthetic. If you’re looking for OTR specifically, I do have a number of corsets in Corset Database that can help narrow down your search based on your body measurements, budget, etc. I also have a consultation service if you need individualized help!

  2. I need a support for my stomach due to a hernia. I am a large man with a 46 inch waist aged 78 but I like do a lot of walking.

    1. Hello Philip, thanks for your comment. I have a full measuring tutorial and contact form on this page, and I’d be happy to help you choose a corset that might be able to help. I’m guessing you would be a size 38″ or 40″ but we will see based on your ribcage and hip measurements, and your torso length. Best wishes!

  3. I have resorted to modifying corsets to work for me, or sizing up or down, but getting one already made to fit would be great. If I can get out more this year, I may need a white corset for a particular look.

  4. Hello my name’s Josh.

    I was wondering, does waist training effect the diaphragm? And also, do you happen to know if it can negatively impact one’s ability to sing? I’m not foolish enough to sing while wearing a corset, it’s just a general inquiry.

    I love to sing! And so, I don’t want anything to compromise my singing capacity.


    1. Hi Josh, I have another article all about breathing in one’s corset, here!

      1. Thanks Lucy!
        Someday if I’m feeling experimental.

        1. I know this is over a year old and you’re unlikely to see this again. But on the off chance you do, or others are interested, Victorian opera singers wore corsets and were able to belt out songs loud enough to fill a theater with no amplification (since microphones hadn’t been invented yet!).
          Singing in a corset actually makes it easier to feel what your diaphragm is doing and sort of gives you something to push against.
          As for modern singers, I know of plenty within metal genres who wear corsets whilst performing on stage. So its certainly very possible even for people today who haven’t grown up wearing them like the Victorians did. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing this information! I have some experience sewing and I’m now researching about corset making to make a corset for me. It’s gonna be for a cosplay, but I also plan to use it underneath other cosplays where it wouldn’t be seen.
    I don’t want to achieve a female figure, I just have narrow shoulders and large hips (with hips I mean the area right below the waist, I’m not sure if I can call it hips) and I want more of a “V” shape. I’m focusing on shoulders and back at the gym, but I was wonderind if it would be possible to lose some inches on my hips with corset (even when I’m not using one)! It’s not for the waist, because I kinda have a “small” waist for a guy, I practiced bellydance for some years and I was super fat so when I lose weight I start to get this “female” waist which I don’t like, especially because it makes my hips look wider. Do you think that’s possible, or my hip bones (iliac crest?) wouldn’t let it work?

    1. Hi Lucas, I’m glad you liked the gallery! Unfortunately there’s no real way to reduce your hips, as that’s determined by the width of the pelvis. I talk about it in more detail in this article.

      1. Thank you so much for replying and for this other article!!! I had no idea other people wanted to do the same! haha Once I make my first corset I’ll be back here to show the result :)

  6. For all of my life I have wanted to be measured for a corset. A corset similar to a twilfit laced back model. I am male but wear directoire knickers for comfort. I have no interest whatsoever in becoming female but to wear tightly laced corsets does excite me greatly. Is there anywhere in the UK that I could go to get measured, and fitted. I want to be corseted for the rest of my life,I am even prepared to sleep to get my waist size down quickly, so clearly I am serious about it. When I was young I used to buy ladies corsets but it was silly as I was the wrong shape.

    1. Hello David, there are over 50 corset makers in the UK for you to choose from! The makers in this gallery who are in the UK include Heavenly Corsets, Orchid Corsetry, Axfords Corsets, C&S Corsets, Jem Corsets, and one other I know that I need to add at some point, Sew Curvy Corsetry also makes corsets for men. Those are good places to start!

  7. Hello:

    I am 42 years old and I have a back injury. I wear a brace from time to time to relieve the pain. I also work on my computer a lot, and sometimes keeping a posture properly is hard.

    I would like to know if you make corcets that look like vest such as Madame Sher men’s vest corset. I always used vest since I was very young, so I would like to have a few corsets / vest made for daily use and to dress up when the occasion calls.


    1. Hello Jacinto, I don’t personally make corsets like Madame Sher’s men’s corset – if you love that style, I recommend contacting her directly. If you click the picture, it should redirect you to her website where you can learn more and email her for a commission. Best wishes.

  8. Fran Blanche owner of Contour Corset has closed its corset firm.

  9. I want to wear a over the bust women’s corset can a man wear one?like that

    1. Hello Joann, yes certainly a man can wear a women’s overbust corset – but if the corset is designed for a full bust and he doesn’t have the breasts to fill it out properly, it may have to be padded, otherwise the corset would flare away from the body and not fit flush.

  10. Yes I’m a disabled Veteran and I was wondering if Medicaid would pay for a corset to slim down my waist?

    1. Hi Daniel, medical insurance would most likely not pay for a regular OTR corset as they’re sold as normal garments as opposed to being marketed specifically as a medical brace. You would likely need to go to a corset maker that is experienced in making custom fit medical corsets, and also experienced in fitting men. Dark Garden in San Francisco is a good place to start. You may need to speak to a Medicaid representative though because I’m not sure how the system works.

  11. Is there an age limit to corseting? im 14 years old and i want to train my waist to a smaller size? is there any corsets for my size?

    thanks, Nathan

    1. Hi Nathan, while there is no legal limit per se on corseting, many do consider it a body modification and therefore follow the same guidelines as piercing or tattoo parlors – they won’t work with anyone under the age of 18 years, or maybe 16 years if they have permission from their parents/ guardians. I have an article on age limits to corseting here. But there are corsets made for all sizes, because some people are very slim or petite even if they are fully grown.

  12. I was originally drawn to corsets because I found them to have an attractive effect on women. As irony would have it from learning about them from your site I am wondering if I should try one myself. I am overweight at 5’9, 210 lbs but to make it worse most all of my excess weight in carried in my stomach and almost nowhere else (thank you genetics). I measure 44″ around my belly button and that has resulted in putting a lot of strain on my back. I also have a tendency to sleep actively and on occasion wake up in a back bend that is painful to curl back out of. I exercise in the evening when I can to attempt to lose weight but between having a lethargic job behind a desk and difficulty with portion control, losing weight is a constant struggle. From what I have learned on here, wearing a corset in the evening during dinner and then at night may partially aid in portion control as well as my back issues. I greatly appreciate the information you freely give, it has given me something to think about and consider.

    Warm Regards,

    1. Thanks Chris! Yes, corsets help with portion control and satiety for many people – some people compare it to an “external gastric band”, except without the risk of surgical complications. Of course, one must have the discipline to keep it on! But you may find that a well-fitting corset is surprisingly comfortable, especially when helping support your back.

      1. Hi Lucy – I recently bought a corset because I’m trying to slim down my mid-section. I’ve been dieting and exercising but that has been a slow process so I thought I would try something else. I’ve always like the way corsets looked on women and I thought there should been something for men too but I never found any. I bought the ladies corset and turned it upside down and during the seasoning process I found I that I didn’t want to take it off. Due to my schedule I’m not able to wear it as often as I like and any chance I get on it goes. Once I’m done with the fully seasoning I hope to be actually waist training rather than just occasionally wearing it as I first had planned. In the end I’ve found corset wearing very addicting and very shortly I’ll be buying a another in a smaller size.

    2. Greetings, my bro-in-law is/was obese & has lost a lot of weight. He has a list of access skin. Dr.s has recommended to cut skin off, however, he has a heart condition. So I am trying to find alternatives for him. He is still a large man, but I feel in what I. Am reading it can help him w his posture & hopefully melt away the access skin? Look forward to your reply.

      1. Hi Julie, depending on how much weight was lost and how much loose skin there is, it might not be possible for the skin to retract completely. There are plenty of women and men who are unable to afford abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or, like in the case of your brother in law, can’t go through with it for health reasons, and they use a corset or compression wear just to make their day-to-day life more comfortable. It doesn’t mean that the skin will magically melt away, but it can prevent the constant swinging and chafing of loose skin on a daily basis.
        However, wearing a tight corset can raise blood pressure in some people so I would recommend he gets clearance from a doctor before trying compression clothing for his skin.

  13. I want to know why did men wear corsets?

    1. Hi Vindy, I have a few videos on my website dedicated to this:
      Men and Corsets (this is on their history)
      More Men and Corsets (this is on other factors like different cultures that wear corset-like garments, also kidney belts, and a word on cross-dressing)

  14. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could tell me which, if any, of these male corsets are suitable for men’s waist training. I am interested in starting waist training along with a male friend. Also is there a limit on how big you can be before you start?


    1. Hi Cat, I know for sure that Contour Corsets, Puimond, Bizarre Design, Orchid Corsetry, Electra Designs and Corsets & More all make men’s corsets strong enough for waist training. :) Since those are custom made, then as long as the corsetiere is comfortable with making plus-size corsets there is no limit to size. I know of some makers who have made corsets with up to a 60-inch closed waist!

  15. Hi there,

    I recently started corsetry and was curious about the male corset. Do they need to be created differently than a woman’s corset for safety reasons? What is the difference between a male and female corset?

    Hope I’m not being cheeky by asking, I am just so curious!

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Leanne, there are some typical differences in the skeletal structure – usually, a female’s hips are larger or wider due to having more estrogen in the body, while the ribcage remains smaller. In a male’s skeleton, the hips remain narrow (as they were before puberty) but their shoulders and ribcage become more broad with the increase of testosterone. It’s been said that women’s skeletons are also slightly more malleable and training the lower ribs is easier – so most men’s corsets accommodate the broad ribcage and relatively few of them actually taper down in a dramatic conical fashion. The waist of a male is also slightly lower than the female waist usually – I usually describe the female waist as being about an inch above the navel, while for many men, it’s right at navel level. Of course there are exceptions to all these rules, but these are the typical observations.

      1. Hey :)
        So quick question, what if I am trying to achieve a female waistline? Do I need to get a women’s corset or does a male corset work for that???

        1. Hi MCL, are you looking to feminize your figure, but you have a larger ribcage? I have a gallery of feminizing corsets for those assigned male at birth.

  16. I’m having a problem finding the price or a “contact us” area for the J.C. Creations Army Camo. do you know how to get in contact with them? or the price of this corset? I can’t even find the corset in their website except in a gallery, with no model #. In the mens ready to wear corsets, none of them have the same look :( Thank you for taking the time to make this list for everyone :)

    1. Hi Brandy, here is their contact page; their email and phone number are there. :) I hope this helps!

    2. Looks like they have gone into retirement.

      1. Aw, that’s a shame! Thanks for letting us know. :( I’ll take them off the list.

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