Corset Benefits: From the Community

This page serves as a collection of first-person testimonies on the benefits of corsetry, as told by members of the corset community – whether they stumbled upon corsets via vintage fashion / history-bounding, LARP / cosplay, or as a recommendation from their medical practitioner.

These are the stories that didn’t make it into Solaced, or were published after the book. This page will continue to be updated as more corset wearers and content creators discuss their positive experiences in corsetry and therapeutic bracing for various physiological syndromes.

Scoliosis and back pain

Tara Moss, international bestselling author, humanitarian, and CRPS educator, discusses her corset use for scoliosis and chronic pain:

Tara Moss: ‘I wear a corset for pleasure, but also to avoid pain’

Andrej Gogala of the Slovenian Museum of Natural History authored this publication on the correction of scoliosis and ribcage rotation by alternating exercise and use of an OTR corset:

Correction of scoliosis in adulthood without surgery

Dianna DiNoble (Starkers Corsetry) discusses her medical history of scoliosis and disc herniation:

Scoliosis, Back Injury And Corset Wearing

Melanie Talkington (Lace Embrace Atelier) tells of her commission from Marilyn, a vision impaired client with scoliosis:

Bernadette Banner compares medical braces with Victorian corsetry:

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard commissions a bespoke medical corset from Kiss Me Deadly:

EDS and Hypermobility

Jo Southall, Occupational Therapist, discusses how corsets help to stabilize joints and combat postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS):

Euphrates of Dark Garden recalls this commission for an “exoskeleton” maternity corset for a pregnant client with hip and spine instability:

Lori from Misdiagnosed Me shares her use of corsets to stabilize her blood pressure following a dysautonomia diagnosis:

Alice in Waistland extensively reviews the Power Corset (Gen 2) by Crimson Rose Corsetry for orthopedic use:

The Power Corset, Gen 2, For Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Endometriosis & Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

Angie from The Diversity of Classic Rock shares details about the road to her endometriosis diagnosis, how corsets helped with pain management, and her elective hysterectomy surgery at a young age.

I got a hysterectomy at 28: Don’t touch me, I’m sterile!


Kitty of Girly Girl’s Ileostomy Blog (my interview with her here) posts a three-part series on commissioning a bespoke corset from Lace Embrace Atelier to help prevent her liver from dropping, support her spine, and provides discreet access to her ostomy bag.

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