Fast Foundations

What started as an attempt to make brief videos answering one (1) viewer question per episode with a time limit of under 3 minutes…. turned into the monster you see here. Don’t get me wrong – the questions are great, and so are the answers (if I say so myself). But by and large, they’re not three minutes long. Enjoy!

When you’re wearing a corset, you have several extra layers of fabric around your core, holding heat in -- so
How to Drive in a Corset For the longest time I didn't own a car, because the city where I
I recently received an email from a client who had purchased a corset and garter straps (suspenders) from my shop.
  Many moons ago, one of my Tumblr followers asked: "Did people season their corsets in the 19th century?" Short
Over the years I've gotten an influx of questions about second hand corsets. Like other used clothing, they tend to be
Welcome to another Fast Foundation Friday! Today we will explore the question of whether you're able to ride a bicycle
We've talked about the shape of your lacing gap before (multiple times) and said that a parallel gap is what
This Fast Foundation Friday topic is thanks to a fan request - thanks to "KT" for suggesting a video on
A few weeks ago someone asked where the word “seasoning” came from (in the context of corset seasoning). I had
Lucy, I have discovered that corsets help greatly with my medical condition - but I'm hesitant to tell my doctor. How should
See the video above for an explanation of several different front closures for corsets - or read away below! HOOK
Last week I wrote about what to do when your steels are too bendy or difficult to keep straight - so