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Yes, as of 2024, the Corset Designer “paper doll” game is finally BACK!

With the designer, you can explore creating different styles, lengths, colors, fabrics, front closures, and embellishments to make a corset design just for you! Click through the links below to follow the 12 year history of this game:

If you would like to have your corset design submitted to the inspiration gallery, use the “share” button to download a picture of your design or save the URL of your specific design and then email it to me! If you’d like to be credited for your design, be sure to include your name or nickname.

PLEASE NOTE: Lucy’s Corsetry no longer takes custom commissions (you can see my OTR shop here, which also includes limited special orders). If you’d like a corset that’s truly bespoke (made to measure with a custom design), feel free to use the “share” button to download a picture of your design or save the URL of your specific design, and you are welcome to take your design to other corsetieres – the doll was designed to be a croquis to be used by any bespoke corsetiere. 💕

This Corset Designer doll game is dedicated to the memory of Christine Wickham (1992-2014) who created the original vectors for this game under her illustrator business, Cardinal Graphic Design. She was a dear friend and the talented corsetiere behind Ariadne’s Thread.
Special thanks to JArtis of Hurgle Games for programming the original version of this game on javascript! (The new game is now hosted on Kickflip.)

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  1. I really enjoy your youtube and website; your advice is quite helpful. Unfortunately I bought a corset (from a US company) that is too long for my body and can only wear it at home; it feels amazing though, just can’t sit down comfortably. Too expensive to return with shipping charges, although there was broken knob on the busk, it still closes fine. My ultimate goal is to buy one to replace a bra, not for waist reduction, although that is a nice bonus. I live north of Toronto and would like to be on a wait list if you are going to make corsets in the future. Presently I am taking university courses and not working, so a future purchase will be a reward for myself – something to look forward to once I’ve got the cash flow for it.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. I won’t be taking commissions again for quite a long time (if ever) but there are many capable corsetieres in the Toronto area who would be happy to make you a corset. They’re listed in the Corsetiere Map.

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