Welcome to the Corset Designer doll game! Please wait a few seconds for the page to load. 🙂
Here you can explore creating different styles, lengths, colors, fabrics, closures and embellishment to make a corset design just for you! If you would like to have your corset design submitted to the inspiration gallery, either take a screencap and email it to me, or use the “Request a Quote” button to email your special design! Be sure to add your name or nickname so you can be properly credited.
PLEASE NOTE: Lucy’s Corsetry is currently closed for new commissions so no quotes will be made at this time. However, you are still free to fill out this form and keep a copy of the design and your measurements for future use. Feel free to take your design to other corsetieres, the doll is not exclusively for LucyCorsetry use. As long as you include your email address, the form will be automatically forwarded to you!

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