Brand New, Steel Boned Corsets

All corsets in this shop are Timeless Trends/ Black Iris brand, made with 26 steel bones and three layers of fabric (the two core layers 100% cotton while the fashion fabric varies in fiber content). Strong two-part grommets hold fast, and a standard front busk helps flatten the abdomen while allowing you to easily get in and out of the corset by yourself.

These ready-made corsets are brand new in their original packaging, shipped securely, directly and immediately from the warehouse straight to you. All of them come with a 30-day return window, and a LIFETIME warranty so you’re protected against manufacturing flaws! For more information, scroll to the bottom of this page, and also see the policies page.

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If you purchase through me:

  • You’re guaranteed a special and personal buying experience because I deal with customers one on one. No cold, automated ordering process.
  • I also offer payment plans for those who cannot pay the full balance in one go.
  • I confirm your choices with you and make sure you get exactly the size and style that you need.
  • I personally absorb your restocking fee for returned and exchanged corsets, unlike other companies.
  • Although corset prices are the same (they have to be, by contract), I sometimes ‘subsidize’ shipping or throw in extra laces.
  • At the end, you’ll have an awesome corset and can also feel good knowing that you’re keeping a roof over my head (my earnings are purely by commission).



[expand title=”DO YOU OFFER PAYMENT PLANS?”]

YES! I do offer payment plans; the structure of the plan often depends on the client. I accept installments in 2 or 3 payments. Payments can be on a set schedule (e.g. one week apart), or you can pay with a fluid schedule as long as no two payments are more than 2 weeks apart. Downpayment is 50% of the price of the corset.
For example, if the total cost of the longline corset + shipping is $129:
  • We can do 2 payments of $64.50
  • Or 3 payments; the first one being $64.50 and the other two payments being $32.25 each.
I can send you a Paypal invoice each time a payment is due, if you like. After each payment, I will send you an email as confirmation, as well as an updated balance the corset will be shipped out the day that the balance is paid in full.
(Why a maximum of 3 payments, and why a max of 2 weeks apart? Because a client choosing this maximum schedule will take 4 weeks to pay off the corset, and the corset will take another week to be delivered, depending on where you live. Paypal’s protection service is good for 45 days from the first payment. Staying within the 45-day range will ensure that both client and seller are protected and the agreement is honored.)
Note change in policy for payment plans: Due to customers abusing the payment plan policy, I now require a 50% non-refundable downpayment on any purchased corset. If you fail to answer emails or cannot complete payment, your 50% downpayment will not be refunded. However, if you purchase your corset, try it on and find that it’s not the right fit for you, then send it back and I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price (just not shipping fees, as USPS takes that).



Yes and no. There are ZERO, I repeat ABSOLUTELY ZERO off-the-rack brands that are perfect for waist training and for every body. I generally recommend that if you’re serious about 23/7 waist training, that you purchase a custom made corset that fits you perfectly and is designed to be strong enough for 23/7 wear. This usually runs $300 or more. However, if you have a smaller budget – or if this is one of your first corsets and you’re curious if corseting is for you, the corsets in my shop are excellent for the following reasons:

  • Timeless Trends ensures that these corsets can be worn daily, and we back it up with a 45-day refund policy and a LIFETIME exchange policy should you find any manufacturing flaws. I’ve been testing these corsets for close to 6 years now and have never had one fail on me.
  • Early in my corseting journey, I found that my TT corset gave me a beautiful yet very natural silhouette, perfect for foundation wear even at work.
  • The slim silhouette corsets smooths bumps, flattens the tummy and gives posture support for apple-shaped people, while the hourglass silhouette cinches the waist and provides a more dramatic effect for those who are naturally a bit curvier!
  • Timeless Trends and Black Iris corsets have over 275 different styles to choose from, all with the same durable construction and wrinkle-free result – which means you’re bound to find one that goes perfectly with that formal outfit or cosplay you’re planning.

For more info, I have a chart on the waist training suitability of OTR corsets here.


Medical Disclaimer: Timeless Trends and Lucy’s Corsetry are not physicians and do not intend to provide healthcare services. These corsets are primarily for fashion or body modification purposes, but TT and Lucy’s Corsetry does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, products or services. This website, the information referenced herein and the Products offered for purchase do not constitute an attempt to practice medicine. Your use of this site or purchase of products does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and Lucy’s Corsetry. If you are interested in purchasing a corset for therapeutic purposes, it is assumed that the matter was discussed with and approved by your trusted healthcare provider.