Corset Seasoning

Seasoning — or breaking in — your corset is a somewhat controversial topic, where some brands believe it’s absolutely crucial, some brands believe that it can be beneficial but not necessary, and yet others believe it’s absolute hooey. Whatever your persuasion, there is a brief period of time where the body and the corset are “getting acquainted”, where the corset loses the starchy crispness from its fabric sizing and becomes more pliable, and the body learns to comply with the snugness of the corset. This guide will walk you through what you can expect in the first couple of weeks (as well as some things that shouldn’t happen), and I answer your most common beginner questions.

  Many moons ago, one of my Tumblr followers asked: "Did people season their corsets in the 19th century?" Short
Over the years I've gotten an influx of questions about second hand corsets. Like other used clothing, they tend to be
A few weeks ago someone asked where the word “seasoning” came from (in the context of corset seasoning). I had
This serves as a synopsis to my corset seasoning mini series from 2013, but also an addendum for experienced corset
Over the weekend, I finished up seasoning this corset with seasoning sessions 11, 12 and 13, totaling 30 hours of
I've been wearing the corset a total of 24 hours (of a minimum seasoning time of about 30 hours). I'm
After this corseting session, I estimate that I've worn the corset a total of 22 hours (for a minimum of
Today I'm up to around 19 hours of wear, and the mend is still holding up well. Although I'm a bit
I've been breaking the corset in for about 17 hours (of a minimum of 30 hours). Over the weekend I
After the 6th seasoning session, I estimate that I've been wearing this corset for approximately 14-15 hours, because I wear
Firstly: why didn't I record the 4th seasoning session on its own? I actually did record it, but my memory
Today, I'm answering some viewer questions before explaining how I feel after 6-ish hours of breaking in my corset: Are
Today I discuss what factors affect how quickly and easily a corset is seasoned. Some corsets might only take a
Adjusting the corset for comfort I wore my corset for two hours on the first day, at a reduction of
Back in December 2010, I made a video on seasoning (breaking in) your corset, how this is done, and why