Mental / Emotional Benefits of Corsets

Click here to purchase Solaced (the official Corset Benefits book)

Click here to purchase Solaced (the official Corset Benefits book)

Corsets can help the wearer boost their confidence, create a more “alpha” mentality through proper posture, soothe anxiety, provide deep pressure for those with autism, and help with grief or depression, or simply the stresses of daily life. Read more below to learn more about the mental and emotional benefits to corsets, or you can read about the physical benefits, or the social benefits on their own pages. Or you can go back to the main “How Corsets Heal” page.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Corsets:

  1. Many clinically underweight women have been able to overcome their eating disorders and learn to celebrate their bodies and embrace their curves (figuratively and literally) by wearing a corset. Many have gained and maintained a healthy weight, since their girth and eating habits are “controlled” by the corset.
    Refer to Chapter 12: Body Positivity
  2. Corsets can boost the self-image of those with low self esteem, and encourage a greater notion of self-worth by affecting the posture and not allowing the wearer to “apologize for their existence” (in the words of Sarah Chrisman) – this can apply to those with poor body image, those who have been emotionally abused and made to feel “less than”, or otherwise.
    Refer to Chapters 12 (Body Positivity) and 17 (Coping with Adversity)
  3. Corsets are worn by many to ward off depression, panic attacks or generalized anxiety – the corset provides Deep Pressure Therapy and feels like a secure, constant hug, which is naturally comforting to many people, the way that being swaddled is comforting to a child. Pressure on the abdomen can also somewhat negate the “butterfly in stomach” and nausea symptoms associated with anxiety.
    Refer to Chapter 15: Mental Health (Anxiety & Depression)
  4. Corsets act as a coat of armour and a mode of “physical” therapy for those who have PTSD from past abuse. People who have been physically or sexually abused and tend to eschew human contact may feel safer by wearing a corset, as it is a rigid garment with steel and often many layers of fabric, making it difficult to feel physical contact of anyone “outside” the corset yet still giving them the feeling of a hug until they are ready to accept touch from other people.
    Refer to Chapter 17: Coping with Adversity
  5. Corsets can help those with ADHD to feel more grounded, as the constant physical feeling of corset around them can help keep their mind in the present. The deep pressure can also soothe the agitation related to the feeling of being pulled in a million directions at once. This may help to improve concentration and productivity.
    Refer to the stories “The Stays that Soothe” and “Long-Term Relationship”
  6. The rigidity of a corset can help to make the wearer feel as though there is some structure in their lives. For those who feel lost or out of control of their lives, the corset’s stability has helped them to feel more in control and less vulnerable to the unpredictable stresses of daily life. In extreme situations, some individuals have noted that wearing corsets have helped them to stop self-harming.
    Refer to Chapters 15 (Mental Health) and 16 (Autism Spectrum)
  7. Corsets can also help one through transitional periods in their lives. Corsets can reduce body dysphoria in trans and gender fluid wearers (Chapter 14: Gender Identity) and can also help one make peace with aging and ease the process of menopause (Chapter 18: Mature Corseting)
  8. For those interested in metaphysics, some individuals even believe that the compression from the corset over the abdomen and solar plexus can activate the Manipura chakra which is said to be tied to interpersonal relationships and self-esteem. One Reiki practitioner says that the steels of her corset act as conductors to help amplify the energy in her healing sessions.
    Refer to Chapter 19: Corsets & Metaphysics

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*Please note that this article is strictly for information purposes and not intended to replace the advice of a medical physician. Please talk to your doctor if you’d like to start wearing a corset for any reason.

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