Corset Fitting / Sizing Help

You just excitedly laced up your first corset… but it doesn’t fit as expected! I’m here to help you figure out exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Gemini longline corset, round rib and conical rib silhouette modeled and designed by Lucy Corsetry
WHAT?! You just got finished reading through a dozen blog posts / watching an hour of corset videos on Youtube
Earlier this year, I worked on a new calculator to determine the ideal length of lacing anyone needs for their
Some extra notes on overbust corset fitting: Before I get into trouble, let me say a few things: I am
I was recently asked how much of an error in measurements is too much? This is what we'll discuss today.
  Today I'm going to demonstrate how to curve the busk of your corset for a more deliberately dished front
How many of you have stood in front of the mirror while wearing a corset, admiring the narrowness of your
This past weekend I made a free corset sizing tool - one that accurately calculates your ideal corset size based off
  Several of you liked the video/post I made on corset fitting issues and how to alter your corset to
In this post we’re going to discuss corset alterations to adjust the fit of your corset, and when it’s worth it
We've talked about the shape of your lacing gap before (multiple times) and said that a parallel gap is what
For many years I have been categorizing and organizing all my corset research in many different locations on this blog
Last week I wrote about what to do when your steels are too bendy or difficult to keep straight - so
In the past, I’ve discussed various reasons why your corset may be bowing (giving the "()" shape) in the back, including
Today I'd like to walk you through the process of ordering a custom corset - specifically, a custom overbust from
  "I've been wearing a corset for a few months, and I like the way my waist looks small but
Below is a transcription of the video above - please refer to the video for all visual guides. :) Today
This serves as a synopsis to my corset seasoning mini series from 2013, but also an addendum for experienced corset
Last week we discussed how you can tell when you’re ready to size down, and what to do with your
When you’re waist training, sizing down is a natural part of the process. Your first corset may be 4-6 inches
For a detailed look at how I measure various corsets, see my in-depth tutorial below: This is the third and
Way back on January 7th, I posted Part 1 of this 3 part mini series on fitting OTR corsets, wherein I
Many people have seen my "Shape of Your Corset Gap: What Does it Mean?" video and article, but several people
This post is a transcript of my video of the same name. It really is more useful to watch the
This entry is a summary of the review video "Shape of your Corset Gap - What does it mean?" which