Waist Training

Meant to be a supplement to the Beginner’s Corseting Playlist on Youtube, this collection of articles will help you understand the process of waist training and offer tips on how to get started.

This week is part "story time", part "Physical Effects of Corseting", and hopefully an opportunity for others to learn from
This serves as a synopsis to my corset seasoning mini series from 2013, but also an addendum for experienced corset
The first time I heard about the “Corset Diet” was late last year (2013), and at first I didn't quite
In previous articles, I've talked quite a bit about waist training, but I've never actually focused on the different methods
  Here's a question I receive nearly every day: "My natural waist is 30 inches, and I just started waist
In a previous article, I mentioned that close to half the emails I receive are from people wanting to know
This article is a summary of the following video "What is the BEST corset brand?" which you are free to
In the past month or so, I've received the same question from over a dozen people: "Should I start with