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I’m a long-haired, piano-playing, corset-loving, health-obsessed nerd. I collect corsets, swords, Venetian masks, and enough craft/sewing materials for it to be called “hoarding” by my parents. I’ve been teaching piano for 16 years. I studied biochemistry in my undergrad and worked in a microbiology lab for several years, and I love to combine my knowledge in health sciences with corsetry. In 2016 I graduated again as a registered nutritionist, and I’m currently in the process of launching a nutrition blog!

Eventually, I would like to study orthopedic technology to combine my passion for the aesthetics of corsetry with the therapeutic benefits of orthopedic bracing.

Measurements/ Stats

Although I try to be as objective as possible in corset reviews, the shape/fit/comfort section at the beginning of each video IS still subjective, as every body is different. At the request of some viewers I’ve provided my natural measurements as I realize that it’s sometimes difficult to gauge how a corset will fit on your body based on how the same one fits on me. When you watch one of my corset reviews, please pay particular attention to my own hipspring and torso length especially, and never presume that a corset will fit the same way on everyone!

This set of measurements may also be a useful resource for “body doubles” when I’m selling off parts of my corset collection. If you are curious about other numbers, please send me an email. Please don’t be creepy about it.

It’s also pretty obvious that these aren’t “supermodel” stats – so please refrain from snark. Thanks! <3

Circumferential measurements:

Bust: 36-37″ depending on time of cycle. (Left side is up to one cup bigger than the right side at times.)

Underbust: 29″ (full exhale), 31″ (full inhale). (I generally request ~ 30″)

Natural waist: 28″ (give or take half an inch depending on time of cycle, how much I ate, etc.)

Corset size: Currently I wear size 24″, although custom fit can be from 22″.

Iliac crest: 33.5″ (I usually request 34″, as my left iliac protrudes more than my right)

Full hip around the bum (about 7 inches down from the waist): 37″

Approximate vertical measurements:

Please note that my torso tends to be on the long side, and my waist sits rather low. For this reason, many standard-size overbusts tend to look too short on me, but this may not be the case for you. Don’t be surprised if you find that your own waist-to-underbust vertical measurement is an inch or two shorter than my own!

Full height: 5’5″

Waist-to-armpit: 9.5 or 10″

Waist-to-fullest-bust: ~9″ with the tape held taut, 10″ with the tape contoured around the root of the breast.

Waist-to-underbust: about 5.5″

Waist-to-iliac: 3.5″

Waist-to-lap: 5″

For me to sit comfortably, most longline corsets are no longer than 10.5 – 11 inches from underbust to lap, although the center front can be as long as 13 inches if the corset is pointed in the front (rises up over the sternum and dips down at the pubic bone).

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