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Review: Lara Mesh Underbust (Glamorous Corset)
This entry is a summary of the review video “Review: Lara Mesh Underbust (Glamorous Corset)”. If you would like more
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Review: Emerald Queen Art Bespoke Silver Ribbon Corset
This entry is a summary of the review video “Review: Custom Silver Ribbon Cincher (Court of the Emerald Queen)”. If
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WKD Baby cincher Luna waspie avoid scam second hand corset sale
Avoid Getting Scammed by Corset Re-Sellers
Settle in kids, today I’m going to tell you a story of how I possibly got scammed on a Facebook
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3 Tips to Keep Cool and Prevent Overheating while Waist Training
When you’re wearing a corset, you have several extra layers of fabric around your core, holding heat in -- so
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Why I No Longer Recommend Front-Lacing Corsets
This week is part “story time”, part “Physical Effects of Corseting”, and hopefully an opportunity for others to learn from
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How to Curve your Corset Busk
  Today I’m going to demonstrate how to curve the busk of your corset for a more deliberately dished front
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Thin or Thick Corset Profiles: Comparing Silhouettes and Cross Section
How many of you have stood in front of the mirror while wearing a corset, admiring the narrowness of your
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Comparing Different Mesh Corsets
Over the past little over a year, I reviewed a whopping nine different mesh corsets, and many of them had very
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Introducing the New Corset Sizing Tool!
This past weekend I made a free corset sizing tool – one that accurately calculates your ideal corset size based off
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Did Victorian Women Break In Their Corsets?
  Many moons ago, one of my Tumblr followers asked: “Did people season their corsets in the 19th century?” Short
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