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Are you interested in taking your corset knowledge to the next level? I have a Youtube playlist of book reviews (as well as a book review category here on my site), but for those who like to have a simple list in one place, this is for you. Please be aware that some of the following are affiliate links – the price doesn’t change for you, but the referral does help me pay for school.

These are the corset books and resources in my library at the moment:


In order from most useful/ comprehensive, to least comprehensive:

Scarlett Sapsford’s Express Corset Making Course (comes with a 2-hour instructional video, a shorter walkthrough guide, and corset patterns)

Corset Making Book by Julia Bremble (mostly a digital book, with a few concise instructional clips)

Corseting the 21st Century Body: Techniques and Patterning in CAD by Caroline Woollin (a pdf ebook available through Etsy, which teaches how to create corset patterns using a free CAD program. Also includes some construction tips and techniques, but you should already know some corset making basics)

Basics of Corset Building by Linda Sparks (a based hardcover guide for beginners)

Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques by Jill Salen (also a history book – and this includes non-graded patterns, but the instructions on corset making are only a couple of pages, not very extensive or detailed)

***Special Recommendation*** While not a book, if you want to take your corset making to the next level, Foundations Revealed is a monthly subscription based online magazine/ school. This is the best resource I’ve found, and they do have many useful free articles, but the best stuff is behind the paywall.

(I also have a copy of Waisted Efforts, but good luck finding a copy of this book that won’t cost your right arm.)


The Corset: A Cultural History by Valerie Steele (the corset history bible)

Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh (oodles of primary source material!)

Corsets: A Modern Guide by Velda Lauder (an easy-to-digest introduction, with many pretty pics of corsets made by Velda herself)

Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques by Jill Salen (also includes patterns)


Corset Magic by Ann Grogan (the waist training bible) (Ann has now retired but is still distributing her book; please email me if you would like her contact information to obtain a copy of her book)

Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught me about the Past, Present, and Myself by Sarah Chrisman (1st hand account of becoming a lifestyle corset wearer, and its role in Sarah’s personal transformation)

Solaced: 101 True Stories about Corsets, Well-Being, & Hope (a compilation spear-headed by yours truly on over 100 real people who wear corsets for therapeutic use or as part of their lifestyle). More info here.

(I’ve read some other “training” books but would truthfully not recommend them.)


The Corset Diaries by Katie MacAlister (a nothing-exraordinary fictional smut book where the corset/ historical dress is secondary to the story, but I did genuinely LOL a few times.)

Do you have a book recommendation for me? Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. I was friends and a neighbor to Amy Crowder. I don’t know if any of her teaching works survived. She was a big voice in the revival of corsetry and waist training.

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