Help, I’m lost!

Are you looking to buy a new corset?

Are you trying to find a corset maker who lives near you?

Or do you just want to “window shop” and learn more about all the different corset brands out there?

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Corset Shopping Guide! Here you will find some of the tools, maps, lists and databases I’ve compiled to make your research faster and easier! Click on any of the headings to begin your search:

Corsetiere Map

Click here to go to the corsetiere map


This is a database and interactive map to help you find corsetieres (aka corset makers) who may live near YOU, where ever you are in the world. Look up their general location, website, email, Facebook and other social media. You can also narrow down your search by clicking the “Tried by Lucy? YES” toggle at the bottom, to find corsetieres I’ve personally done business with.

Corsetiere Map PROS: Meeting in person with a corsetiere can be useful – they can help you take your measurements and determine your size, they can help you figure out what type of corset would work best for you, and they can also make you a beautifully-fitting custom corset. If you’ve never seen or felt a corset in person before, they may have samples to show you, so you know what to expect.

Corsetiere Map CONS: Getting a custom-made corset from a corsetiere can be expensive.  If you’re looking for something cheaper/ a smaller investment, check the next heading below. The corsetieres marked in red are those that I haven’t personally tried so cannot vouch for their quality. I advise you to do your homework on any corsetiere and look at their past work before investing.

Corset Brands by Price Range

Corsets by Budget: Corset Shopping Guide

Want a comprehensive list of all the corset brands that I (Lucy) have personally tried and tested? You got it! The list is separated by price range so you can easily find corsets that fit your budget. Beside each brand, I’ve also provided links to their website, and also to my objective and in-depth review(s).

Price List PROS: This list includes off-the-rack (OTR) corset brands which ship immediately and are often lower in price. You can also compare and contrast the different styles, silhouette, quality and price using my corset reviews, so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Price List CONS: Many of these brands are online-only businesses (no storefront) so you may not always know exactly what you’re buying. Research their shipping fees, exchange/ return policies, and whether or not to expect taxes/duty.

Guided Galleries for Corset Window Shopping (highly recommended!)

Specific Corset Styles: Corset Shopping GuideShopping by price alone (like you’ll find above) sometimes isn’t enough. What if you’re looking for a specific kind of corset? If you’re short, you need a cincher. If you live in a hot climate, you might like a sheer/ mesh corset. If you want to correct posture, maybe you need a corset with shoulder straps. If you’re full-figured, you need to find a corset company that supplies plus-sizes. That’s what these galleries are for.

Gallery PROS: These galleries organize corsets by specific type, so you can narrow down what you want/ need in a corset, and find corsetieres that can cater to your wishes.

Gallery CONS: Not all of the corset brands and makers in these galleries have been personally tested by myself, so in some situations the quality is unknown. Take the information with a grain of salt, and if you do plan to purchase from a certain maker, be sure to email them and ensure they are the right “match” for you. You can also use my consultation service to help narrow down your options.

Corset Dimensions Directory (Lace-Base)

Corset measurements and dimensions: Corset Shopping Guide

Are you interested in the “hard numbers” of a certain corset brand, but you can’t find a sizing chart on their website? Look no further! I’ve taken all the standard sized corsets I own and measured their bust, underbust, waist and hip circumferences, as well as their length in the center front and the princess seam (from underbust to lap). A well-made corset should reduce only your waistline and match the rest of your measurements as closely as possible. This chart will help you find the corset with the right curves for your body!

Lace-Base PROS: These charts take the guesswork out of finding the “spring” in the corsets (difference between the waist and bust, waist and hips etc), and numbers don’t lie! If you’re worried that a corset you find on the internet won’t be as curvy in real life as it is on the website, this chart will verify whether it will truly fit you.

Lace-Base CONS: While a picture of a “floating corset” doesn’t tell the whole story, sometimes numbers don’t tell the whole story either. For instance, a corset might be too narrow around the sides of the hips, yet it might also give too much extra space in the front and bow away from your lower tummy! This is a drafting issue, even if the overall measurements are supposed to be okay. To see the fit of all the corsets on my body, please click on any hyperlinked name in the chart and it will take you to my review where you can learn more about the corset overall.

Can I Waist Train in This Corset?

OTR Corsets for Waist Training


Many OTR corsets seem to be well-made and give dramatic curves, but are they suited for waist training, or only tight lacing? On this page, I summarize the corset brands and styles I’ve tried into an easy-to-read table, comparing construction concerns, curve level, customer service and my opinion on whether someone would be able to use the corset for daily wear or waist training under proper use.

Please note that is one of the most subjective pages on my entire website – what I may consider fair for waist-training is what many others would consider not suitable. Sometimes my opinion differs from what the brand advertises themselves, so take this information with a grain of salt. I’m still of the belief that a custom-fit corset made specifically to your body and your specifications by an experienced corsetiere is the absolute best option for training.

Corset Reviews (Video Playlist) (Written Reviews)


I have now tried an estimated 105 corsets from 46 different brands (not including my own corsets), and I’ve filmed and written reviews for  over 60 of these so far! It is my hope that before the end of the year, I will have recorded another 20 corset reviews. My reviews are in depth, fact-based and not opinion-based reviews of products that I purchased. Over time, both myself and my viewers learned more about how the construction, pattern, materials, etc. can vary so widely from one corset brand and style to another. My aim is to show the corset in enough detail that the viewer feels as if the corset is right in front of them, so they know what quality to expect.

Corset Review PROS: Each corset is treated like a case study, and the corset is shown and described in high detail. The structure of each review is more-or-less the same, making comparison of small components between corset styles and brands quite easy. Over time, those who watch my reviews gain a true understanding of what quality is, and what construction techniques and features they prefer for their corsets.

Corset Review CONS: These reviews are not for the impatient. If you’re looking for quick, opinion-based reviews, you won’t find those here (although you’re welcome to read my “Final Thoughts” section of my written reviews). Also, I’m just one reviewer – my experience may be different from another customer’s experience – do your research and look for more reviews than only mine!



Click here to go to the Consultation page

Still feeling a little lost even with the tools above? I offer consultations on this site – you pay the fee, fill out the questionnaire as best as you can, and I will point you in the direction of the corset brands that I think will best suit your needs and preferences.

Consultation PROS: If you don’t have the time to learn about corsets, I take the guesswork out of corset shopping. This potentially save you hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars in waisted corsets that don’t fit you properly or doesn’t suit its purpose.

Consultation CONS: This is a paid service (hey, my time and experience are valuable – I’ve spent 4+ years and close to $20,000 on this corset/Youtube passion, and published my articles and videos for free) – and you don’t get the joy of learning for yourself by watching videos, reading articles and immersing yourself into the corset community.

Take a peek in my online store.



The corsets in my shop are tried, tested and true. Timeless Trends is the only OTR corset company that offers a 45-day exchange window, and Lifetime Warranty on their corsets – I’ve had the immense pleasure of working directly with them for years and have even played a part in designing their new Hourglass line. I’m proud to be a distributor of Timeless Trends corsets.


77 thoughts on “Help, I’m lost!

  1. Hey Lucy! Thanks for all the helpful info. I still plan to buy one of your corsets. But in meantime I found a deal on an alt noir corset my size on ebay for super cheap. Is that a good brand? I saw some people said they liked it on youtube. But none were as knowledgeable as you. Have you heard of it? It was only like 20 dollars..

    1. Hi Shelley, so sorry for my late reply, your comment got buried there for a little bit! I seem to have unfortunately missed the boat on Alt Noir. I remember seeing that brand before but they seem to be defunct now and all links to their shop are no longer functional (and redirect to shady sites). Did you end up going with the corset? Feel free to share whether you liked it or not.

  2. Hello! My father has had chronic back pain for years due to lower spine surgery and his posture has been getting worse and worse as decades go by (his shoulders are especially sloped from the inability to support from his power spine). Got any recs for male corset vest or other types to help him? He’s never worn one before, but we’ve seen them help others out with back pain and support. Thanks!

    1. Hi Celrinn, I have a gallery on Corsets for Men here which includes quite a few vest style corsets. Clicking on any of the photos will redirect you to that particular corset maker’s website where you can contact them, ask questions about their work and see if they’re a good fit for working with your father’s medical considerations, and start a commission with them.

  3. Hi Lucy!

    Do you offer the hourglass overbust corset in the same fabric pattern as the TC Artemis Corset Special Edition Pink and Silver Print?

    1. Hi Joanna, thank you for your question. Unfortunately the TT brand corsets cannot be made in the Artemis fabrics, the two styles are made by two different manufacturers, in different countries.

  4. Dear Lucy,

    I am looking for a overbust corset with a closed front.
    Do you by any chance know where one can find buskless corsets that are not underbust corsets?

    Thank you for your time and help!


    P.S. I enjoyed reading your book a lot.

    1. Hi Anna, my apologies for the late response! Yes, there are some makers that offer closed front overbust corsets. Any custom maker is able to make any of their designs buskless, but if you’d like an OTR option, the first that comes to mind is Meschantes (they offer the buskless bridal overbusts in their Ebay page):

  5. Hi Lucy,
    I am a transperson, I would like a corset To go under a Victorian Dress
    with my measurements your calculator recommends size 36 I am not sure what
    to get a overburst or under, i would also like one with detachable suspenders.
    What can you recommend?

  6. Hi Lucy!
    I’ve been a fan of yours for years and I just recently got a steel boned corset I’m seasoning at the moment, which is the CS-201 and it’s great! However, I really wanted to learn how to lace it historically accurate and how to lace it so that it ties on the bottom like a lot of victorian women did back then. I was wondering if you could help?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel, you might be looking for “self-lacing a corset without bunny ears” which is video #10 in my lacing techniques playlist. Cheers!

  7. Hello! So, I’m an old-fashioned person, and I want to wear my first corset HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, just like in the 19th century…so I’m not sure which corsetier would be the best. I love organic fabric, very modeled boning (dear god, no plastic) and to have the emphasis that the Victorians had (Great posture, modeled on body, and had great support, plus waist). I don’t want to pick a modern plastic or synthetic corset. I want to have the same corset that the Victorians had. I would love to hear advice!

    1. Hi Savanna, due to whaling laws it’s unfortunately not possible to get a historically accurate corset containing real baleen. However you can get a steel-boned version (steel was used for boning especially from 1860s onward) of a historical reproduction corset. You can also take advantage of reed and cording and even paper that was used as structural support in corsets. You can choose to make your own reproduction corset using patterns (I recommend Atelier Sylphe) or you can purchase yours from places like RedThreaded or Period Corsets. If you specify that you would NOT like plastic / synthetic baleen, they can of course use steel in yours.

  8. I have been waist training for a couple months now, slowly increasing my hours with intuitive training (I’ve never exceeded 8hrs a day). And recently I’ve started having a burning sensation on my skin when I wear my corset, and when I take it off my skin is sensitive to touch and feels very hot and tingly. It was so bad that I’m afraid to wear my corset at all anymore. I always wear a clean liner, and also have tried a soft thin tank top underneath. The weirdest thing is that this burning is only on my front right side, my left side feels totally fine. I’ve loosened the corset to the point that I am very comfortable with the reduction but the burning makes it so I can’t wear the corset at all. Please help!

    1. Hi Kellie, it sounds like the start of a “hot spot”. I talk more about hot spots here in my master post about pressure and potential skin problems. I hope this information helps!

  9. I am astounded with the amount of work you accomplished on this site
    Additionally, I am amazed with your knowledge and your professionalism – OUTSTANDING!
    SUPERB indeed.
    Thank You so much.
    WoW! I am throughly impressed.

  10. Hi Lucy,

    This is possibly going to sound freaky and weird. I suffer from severe back pain and have for many years. I also tend to sluch when sitting on the sofa (Couch) I have thought about a corset on and off for some time. I now seem to have worked up the courage to go through with it. However due to a bad leg I don’t get out often so I am not exactly slim. I am also a male. Sorry if this offends I don’t mean too, I am serious about trying to ease my back pain. What sort of corset would you recommend me to get? Thank you for your videos they’re very informative/ Especially the self lacing.

    1. Hi David, there are quite a few brands that now cater to men wearing corsets! Have you seen this gallery on corsets for gentlemen? By clicking on any of the photos it will redirect you to that maker’s site / online shop where you can learn more, contact the owner, or make an order.

  11. I am so so lost… I am getting married and the foundation garments suck. I am a plus plus size and have a pear shape small bust and x-large hips. I have been to lingerie shops that put me in 3 garments like a sausage so I couldn’t breathe (they thought it was great – I didn’t). I need something to shape and push up my bust and smooth under my wedding gown. Any clue as to what might help? will a corset do this? The site I just visited suggested I buy 4 corsets and try them and return them. Now I’m so confused with numbers and websites – I have no idea what to do.

    1. Hi Melissa, I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page and I’d be happy to let you know which corset might fit you best.

  12. Dear Lucy
    I found your homepage looking for a corset matching a costume I plan for a party. I must say that I am an absolute beginner concerning coresets and therefore need a little advice.
    I LOVE that copper hourglass corset! But actually wonder thatt would be the right choice for a first one. I am rather short (3.2 feet) and of normal figure (52 kg). So – I was wondering what you say. I could also picture a cincher or Underbust corset with slim silhouette. The hourglass form kind of scares me … But would the others come in that copper tone?
    AND: do you think it would be possible to time a delivery fort he end of August? I live in Switzerland and will be visiting the US end of August/beginning of September. If receiving it while visiting it would probably save me from expensive delivery cost as well as massive toll cost in Switzerland.
    Looking very much forward for some advice – with best wishes

    1. HI Sandra, so sorry for my late response. We do have some other brown and copper tone corsets in the slim silhouette, but in order to figure out which style would fit your body best, I have a free sizing service (just watch the tutorial and fill out the Google form on this page). Our corsets are all pre-made and in stock so whenever you will be in the US, we can ship it to you within 3 business days. :)

  13. Hi Lucy! I am Lexi and I would like to inquire more than a couple of things to you.

    First off, you and all of the other girls I’ve seen in YouTube that are serious on wearing corsets and/or waist trainers say to go to the doctor and get his approval before starting to wear a corset for any reason.

    I agree with that, I’m just a bit confused to which doctor should I go to since all of the “media doctors” classify waist training as a devil’s way to deform your organs and it will eventually kill you.

    Seeing you and many others waist train safely and gradually makes me believe that it is safe done correctly, which I already have an idea on how I’ll start.

    So ultimately for my first point, who can I go to? I live in Los Angeles.

    Second, I was wondering about for corsetting as waist training and the cinchers, I saw a video where you explain what their differences are and how they look, the spandex uncomfortable ones? I was wondering that since they also have them in orchard, if those would be any different, I’m still not sure what to start in first, I am a corset lover, a goth rock lolita type of person, and I’ve just wanted to do this for so long now, but I need something that gives me the figure while letting me move, please help me out with this one.

    Lastly, I would like a custom made corset, would you recommend going to a tailor or could I get the same result by sending pictures of my body and measurements online? Do you know an average price when it comes to a good custom made corset?
    Which would you recommend for starting?
    How can I make sure to get a corset what will help me gain the figure I want specifically?

    Thank you so much for your help, I want to be well informed before starting and I feel you are one of the best options to get info on corsetting.

    1. Hi Lexi, I would still recommend speaking to your doctor if you have any major concerns about corseting, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions. I made an article / video on how to approach this with your doctor – I was pleasantly surprised to know that my family doctor, chiropractor, dentist, and even the therapists I’ve contacted have all responded so positively to my corseting! Some doctors have read my book on therapeutic corsets (Solaced) and have changed their minds about corsets.

      For ready-made corsets in the Los Angeles area, I know that What Katie Did has a shop there where you can try on. For custom corsets, you are welcome to check out the corsetiere map. Personally, I love Puimond and have owned several of his corsets. There are others nearby though, if you’re willing to travel a bit. While most people can get away with off-the-rack corsets to start with, there is nothing better than a fully custom corset (including mockup fitting) for a perfect, glove-like fit. But it depends on your commitment level and personal budget.

  14. Do you guys custom make corsets?

    1. Hi Kim, I don’t take custom commissions anymore – but all of the makers featured in the Corsetiere Map make custom corsets, and there is a chance that one or more corsetieres work in your area!

  15. you demonstrated on your blog how to use a longline spoon busk corsette. it was pink in colour and the girl who demonstrated it I think her name was angie. where can I see this corsette? for sale on your website.

    1. Hi Gill, I think you’re referring to this article about the belly ooze? The corset I wore in that video is from Axfords Corsets. The black spoon busk corset my aunt was wearing was a custom fit piece I made for her about 6 years ago, but unfortunately a car accident has stopped my custom corset commissions for the time being.

  16. Hi Lucy,
    I’ve got a question about where to position your under breast corset on your body.
    On Saturday I bought this corset in red:

    The corset did not close at first but I wore it for several hours and I got it closed. I wore it home from the store and we tightened it as the day went on.

    Yesterday we tried to put it on again (me with the help from my husband) and lace it up for another seasoning session. However, we couldn’t really grasp exactly how high up the corset should sit, since the ladies in the shop positioned it for me and so we forgot to get some advice on this. When we first got it on and started to tighten it it felt ok.. but as we went tighter and I sat on the bed it felt like it was pushing my bra wires up and also like the edges of the corset were pushing into my underarm. I think the position we had was with the curves just under my breast and the middle point just at the top of my ribcage. When I was in the store I don’t recall feeling this pushing and poking. I only felt it at home last night and wonder if either I had the corset too high or maybe it was because I was sitting on the bed before it was completely tightened closed in the back. For instance, perhaps once it closes more it will sit in place better? It didn’t have any movement at that point though when I was sitting on the bed. Now we are confused about where on the ribcage/breast area the top of the corset should be. Do you have any guidance? I want to try again tonight to season it some more.

    1. Actually I have to change one thing from my above comment, the middle point of the corset was higher than the top of my rib cage.. the 2 curves were just resting between the bottom of my breasts with my breasts resting just above the curves. I could still get a bra under it though it’s just it pushed up my bra and I don’t recall that from when I wore it home from the shop. Are these corsets made to be completely straight around or do they sit a little lower in front and higher in back? Reason I ask is that we had taken a photo of the back on Saturday night and we thought we positioned the back in the same place so could it have been correct in the back and too high in the front? Thanks for your help! It’s confusing and I’ve been reading online and here on your website but I’m none the wiser. :)

      1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. The waistline of the corset (indicated by the waist tape running horizontally through the corset – you might see the outline of it) should sit at your natural, skeletal waist (the squishy part below the ribcage but above the top of your hipbones). Sometimes your apparent smallest waist can be a touch above your true skeletal waist. If your corset is feeling a little high / pushing up on your bra and you don’t remember it doing that when you first had it fitted, there’s a good chance you need to pull it down by an inch. I have a video demonstrating the difference between “smallest waist” and “skeletal waist” here. Good luck!

        1. Ok thank you I will check your video!
          I have another question.
          Is it normal that you cannot close the corset completely when you first purchase it? With the modesty panel closed I cannot cinch the corset closed all the way when I first put it on. There is about a 3-4 inch gap where I’d have to cinch it tighter before the modesty panel would cover my skin.
          The lady who sold me the corset told me that this is normal and if I bought the corset any bigger that it would not lay flat against my hips when it was finally cinched closed. She said I had to “season” it and that eventually it would fit better. Is this normal and can I expect the modesty panel to eventually cover my skin when I first put on the corset after seasoning it?

          Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi Lucy,
    I got a question that I can’t find much info about.
    Might be an idea for a future video.

    I stopped wearing corsets because of a hysterectomy (a year ago) and even though I’m fully healed I’m still scared of wearing corsets again. It doesn’t hurt or anything. The same corsets don’t fit me anymore (gained weight) so it’s not comfortable either.
    It pretty much just the idea of organs shifting places while my organs are not in the exact same position as before.
    All I managed to find was wearing elastic “corsets” during the healing process to help it or something.
    I guess it has to be purely theoretical how an corset affects the body after a hysterectomy or other surgery in the belly.
    I know you can’t give medical advice as you’re not a doctor but you do know a lot about corsets and anatomy so maybe you can theorize when safe to wear a corset again.
    Your accident which affected your spine is something different of course but I also wonder how you decided you could wear a corset again.

    I hope I was clear and that you can answer.

    1. Hi Ruby, thanks for your comment – you’re right, I’m not a doctor so I can’t comment authoritatively on what happens to the body when it’s corseted after a surgery. There have only been 3 corset wearers who have gotten MRI or CT scans (that we know of), and prior to that, even doctors were speculating on how corsets affected the internal organs. Unfortunately because no studies have been done, no one can truly prove yet how each type of surgery affects corset wear from an internal perspective – while I could speak theoretically, I’m not sure how useful it would be. But I do know of several people who’ve had hysterectomies and were able to resume corseting after fully healed.
      After my car accident I took several months and I spoke to my doctor before resuming. She has known for many years that I wear corsets and I’ve always been a big proponent of being open and transparent with one’s physician. :)

  18. Hi, couple questions : if I use the hourglass standard for awhile and it train my waist and rib cage to my desire ideal size/measurement, should I keep wear it or just wear less hours? And I still have to keep wearing it, how long and do I need to wear it entire my life to keep it?
    And would this change my upper hip original size or shape at all? What if I like how my upper hip size/measurements already?

    1. Hi Annie, once you reach your goals, you can wear your corset less, but there will always be some maintenance required to keep your results. It’s the same as anything else – if you stop lifting weights you will lose your strength; if you stop stretching you will lose your flexibility. I have a video called Permanent Waist Reduction here which goes into it.
      Regarding changing the shape of hips – some people have reported a filling in of “hip dips” over time, however a corset will not change the width of the pelvis and it’s not wise to try. If you like your hip size, you should get a corset that matches your upper hip measurement (this is what I recommend for people anyway).

  19. Hi Lucy
    I watched your video on corset laces and I went to buy the poly flat laces.
    And it said they are no longer there.
    Should I try something else can you give me ideas there are for waist training.
    Or do you get your poly flat laces from somewhere else

    1. Hi Yuliya, sorry that site had changed their layout and the link broke. You can buy flat shoelace on this page.

  20. Hi Lucy,

    I’m looking to buy my first corset but I’m not exactly sure where to start. I intend on buying one for weight loss purposes rather than actual “waist training”. I need it to be safe, but compress my stomach so that I feel less hungry all the time. What website do you recommend I buy from? There are no corset shops in my area so I have to buy one from the internet.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Olivia, I have a measuring tutorial and contact form here if you’d like me to personally recommend a corset for you from this site. Or if you’d like to explore different corset options on your own, my sister site Corset Database has over 100 different styles and dozens of brands of corsets, which you can filter by budget, length, curviness, silhouette, etc. Both my contact form and the Database are totally free.

  21. Hi Lucy. I have lost nearly 80 lbs in 6 months after gastric sleeve surgery. As you can imagine, the skin sagging is horrendous even tho I expected it. (I’m 63 and skin just does NOT bounce back at this age.) I have the rather typical hanging belly of the ex-morbidly obese (although at one time, I had a smallish waist), so that needs to be addressed. I wouldn’t mind doing a true corset, BUT I have such arthritic shoulders that I cannot reach behind my back. I’ve retained all my strength and have no pain, but no flexibility either. What do you recommend? — Alix

    1. Hello Alix! I often recommend fan lacing for those who have limited mobility in their shoulders – here is my page on corsets with fan lacing (stay with the brands that offer functional lacing and not just decorative, “faux” fan lacing). If you click on any of the pictures, it should redirect you to that person’s website. What I might also suggest is a custom corset made by a corsetiere who lives near you and would be able to give you a custom fitting. Almost any custom maker would be able to create a front-laced corset for you, or some other solution so you don’t have to reach behind your back.

  22. Hi Lucy, I am a plus size trans woman who is in the early stages of building my new wardrobe. I need to start wearing a corset to feminine my waist and shape. I am a B cup and wear padded panties, so a corset will give me the look I want. My waist size is 38 and I am over 6 feet tall. Would you be able to help someone like me? I need help with picking out the right corset and waist training too.

  23. Would you recommend “Mae” from wkd for someone trying to stealth train? Or for hot climates? I have 30 underbust 29 waist 34 upper hip 35 lower hip 10 in torso… my hips are quite square imo and I’m not very squishy except my tummy now… do you have recommendations? Thank you

    1. Hi Tracie, the Mae might fit you pretty well. You can also double check using which is my sister site!
      The Mae, like all standard WKD corsets, are at least 2 layers of fabric so middle-of-the-road for warmness. For information on corset stealthing, see my article here.

  24. Hi Lucy,

    My waist is pretty small and I am curvy, work out 4 times a week. I have high hips and “muffin tops” in the back that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I also have a bit of lower back fat rolls that have diminished greatly due to exercise, but like my hips will not go all the way away. Could waist training help me reshape my back and upper hips?

    Your videos are great! So much information.

    1. Hi Chelsea, I’ve spoken with a couple of people who have been able to get rid of their “hip dips” and love handles by using a corset, but it requires a lot of time, the right silhouette of corset, and these women had also completely stopped wearing the fashionable low-rise underwear and jeans you find everywhere today, and started exclusively wearing high-waisted clothing that put no pressure around the hips. They also had the “hip dips” in the first place due to their clothing – so it’s possible for a corset to reshape something that was malformed from external pressure over time, but whether it can help with genetic hip dips, it’s hard to say. It’s a question of “nurture vs nature” here.

  25. Hi Lucy, I just wanted to start out by telling you how much I love your YouTube channel and how helpful it has been to me especially your dressing with a corset videos. Thank you very much for all your lovely videos! I also have a question. I have wanted to corset train for years and recently bought a corset however I am naturally very hourglass shaped and have a natural waist of 22 inches and I found that the corset seemed a bit to rectangular shaped for my frame. Would I be correct in thinking that? And if so could you recommend some Corsets that would be better without breaking my budget? Thank you.

    1. Hi Bettie, thanks for your comment. What corsets have you tried in the past that are giving you a rectangular shape? I have a measuring tutorial and contact form here if you’d like some personal guidance as to what corset would fit you best. Thanks and hope you’ll be in touch soon!

  26. Hi Lucy! I started waist training recently with a mystic city corset size 26. I want make my own corsets since I have experience from taking the costume making class at my university. Is it cheaper to make corset versus buying custom made? What websites do you recommend that carry specific corset silhouette patterns. Do I also need an overlock machine for certain stitches?

    1. Hi Tammy, I made a video on the pros / cons of buying vs making corsets back in 2010 (but I believe I never made a blog post about this – maybe it’s time I update it!). If you know how to make a corset, then making one yourself can definitely be cheaper! But it depends on your time and income. I actually don’t use commercial patterns, I make my own patterns which isn’t difficult, and you get a more custom fit! I have a page on resources here including Foundations Revealed which has a great free pattern-drafting tutorial. You don’t need an overlocker – I have made entire corsets using just a straight stitch machine. But if you have a heavy-duty sewing machine, it’s much better than a plastic domestic machine when it comes to sewing through several layers at once.

  27. Hi Lucy, I’ve been following your blog and Youtube channel for a while, and I love all the information you provide. Thank you so much!

    I’ve been wearing OTR corsets on an occasional basis for about 6-7 months, and I am thinking to treat myself with a very first custom corset. I found a young corsetiere who seems to be very talented (Ryan LaRue of House of 1000 corsets), who is offering a great sale (200$ for an underbust corset) to kickstart her business.

    What are the important questions to ask before ordering a custom corset? I feel very insecure, this is the very first time I order a custom corset, and I don’t want to make mistakes or forget important things.

    Do you have videos or blog articles on this topic?

    Thank you!!!

  28. I’m interested in corsetry (I guess that’s what it’s called) and I want to start on a beginner corset (if such a thing exists). I have a natural waist of about 37″, and I eventually want to get down to 25″ or less – where would you suggest someone who doesn’t have oodles of money look first? I would like to be dedicated to the lifestyle, but on a budget for now. Thank you!

    1. Hi Laura, I have a list of all the corset brands I’ve tried organized by budget on this page. Thanks!

  29. Hey Lucy. I’m from Brazil, I got 2 corsets from Orchard Corset already, but I don’t think they can give me the shape I want, I want conical ribs, very small ribcage, my underbust to be smaller than my waist but I barely feel pressure on my ribs using the Orchard CS 426 corset, I feel it mostly on my waist, and It’s not where I wanted the pressure to be, I wanted most of the pressure to be on my ribs, that’s where I want reductions, not on my waist. Can you please show me a conical corset that puts mostly of its pressure on the ribs? Just no WKD corsets because they costs in Euro and it would be more expensive for me.
    Also Orchard Corset got silhoute levels option on their site, and I noticed the higher the level, the less pressure I feel on my ribs but on my waist. And they got level 1 more straight corsets, should I go for them since they are pretty straight at the bottom? Will they create that conical effect?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Juliana, the one corset that has the smallest ribcage I’ve ever seen are the original silhouette longline corsets from Timeless Trends, like the ones in my shop here. (Not the ones that say “hourglass”, but the other ones). Their ribcage starts at about 2″ bigger than the waist, whereas most other corsets have a ribcage that is 6″ bigger than the waist. So these corsets are designed for someone who has a ribcage that is smaller than their natural waist, and the corset doesn’t flare away from the body at the top edge. If you want to be properly sized for a corset, I have a measuring page here.

      1. Oh thank you so much Lucy for your reply!
        I’m impressed, Timeless Trends? I thought those were starter corsets. And I know conical corsets are for experienced tightlacers only. And I remember reading your article about conical corsets, which said WKD Morticia underbust corset was really meant to reduce the ribcage. Which would be better? Morticia from WKD or the one you mentioned from Timeless Trends? And is that Josephine underbust from Isabella small in the ribcage too?
        Thank you so much again!

      2. And why isn’t Timeless Trends in the conical corsets article, Lucy?

  30. Hi again Lucy,

    Please I want to know if you have any tip or advise about how to hide the fat on the back? With some clothes or t shirts I realized that the fat is more noticeable. Also, if I gain some weight or inches around the waist, this will affect my lacing??

    Greetings from Ecuador!!

    1. Hi Valeria, I like to use a sports bra or something that provides light compression across the back to pull in the flesh. However, a good custom corset should be big enough in the ribcage so that your flesh doesn’t pinch or create rolls over the top of the corset. If your upper ribs are being squeezed, it’s likely that the top edge of the corset is too small. If you gain inches around the waist, then lacing down may feel tighter or more difficult – however, if you wear your corset consistently, then it’s not very likely that you’ll gain much around your natural waist – in fact, the opposite is usually true.

  31. Are u able to hide the corset under your clothing I always just used a rubber snapper because I thought the laces would show on this kind. I’m afraid to spend a lot of money on a corset and then have trouble wearing it.. I really am lost! Lol

    1. Hi Nicole, there are ways to hide the corset under clothing – some styles hide better than others (I will be making a video on this soon) and you can see how I hide my corset laces in this video!

  32. Hey Lucy,
    I have a bit of a pattern problem and I am wondering would you be able to help
    I used your duct tape youtube tutorial as a guideline as I knew what I was aiming for from school but when I took my first dress form off it had smooshed/squashed my boobs big time so I decided to just make the over bust side of it but not the full bodess (so jut the part to cover my boobs I made again) it worked a bit better but now I have the problem of putting the patterns together in the right proportions. And this is where I am stumped…

    Any suggestions?

  33. Hola Lucy,
    I have a CS 426 20″, but when I bought it, I didn´t know about the seasoning, etc, now I think my corset is damaged, so I don´t know if this affect the lacing? I almost close it, but when I measure my waist with the corset on it, it is just 24″, I am really lost, I thought I have to reach the 20″?

    please let me know what do you think about it.

    1. Hi Valeria, the corset itself has bulk so the outside is always going to measure bigger than the tag size. I have an article and video that explains why, and shows you how to determine the true waist measurement (internally). Measuring your Internal Corseted Waist Circumference

  34. Lost :(

    I can’t seem to find your list of custom corset brands.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Renee, all the custom corsetieres are listed by location in the Corsetiere Map. :)

  35. Hi Lucy
    I finally got 2 corsets. i know they are not from where you would like but for now it is working for me…(corset deal).
    I have a idea. I have several (junk) corsets. I was wondering if i sent you one of them and then you could do a comparison. I know you have done one already but i cant remember if you showed it in pictures. just thought I would ask. I am going to try to put steel boning in them. So i hope it might work…or not.
    Cheers. a HUGE thankyou for pointing me in the right direction.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. I didn’t plan on making any comparison videos this year, but if you’d like to email me which brands you have that I haven’t reviewed before, I may consider it! :)

  36. Lucy,
    I know you have mentioned this in at least one of your videos, but it may be worth mentioning again that the purchaser should take into account any taxes/duties/customs charges when ordering from international vendors.

    I did a lot of research on your site as well as the individual corsetiere sites. I happened to choose a bespoke kit from an international corsetiere. Working with that corsetiere was very pleasant and the items I had customized were just what I dreamed of. The problem was that although the corsetiere mentioned that there would be customs charges, I did not expect for the package deliverer to show up at the door expecting several hundred dollars. I was not made aware of the amount of the final charges in advance. It was quite a “buzz-kill” to the excitement of receiving my highly awaited order.

    So, although I still feel as though I chose the best corsetiere for my needs, the amount of the custom charges was almost what I would have paid for an additional made-to-order corset. So budgeting for this additional cost should be duly noted.

    1. Hi gyrlfryday, yes many corsetieres will warn that the buyer is responsible for all taxes and duty, but one can’t expect them to possibly know how much every country will charge. In Canada, we are taxed between 7-16% (depending on the province) on any import over $50. In Australia, that threshold is more like $1000. Other countries are different, and depending on the country, or even the state/ province within a country, will have a different % that they tax (I believe the UK takes 20% and call it VAX). This is not just for corsets, it’s for all items above a certain amount coming into the country. The corsetiere has no control over this and ultimately, it’s not their responsibility.

      Many corsetieres are asked to declare the value of the parcel as much cheaper than it actually is or to mark it as a gift. This is problematic because if anything happens to the parcel, insurance will not return the true amount that it was worth since it was declared as less. Also, the corsetiere can be heavily penalized for lying about the worth of the contents as this ties in with lying (or helping other people lie) about their taxes.

      I get what you’re saying that it was an unpleasant surprise to have to pay more. But this would have happened with any item of equal value that you imported, not only corsets. The fact that your corsetiere mentioned possible customs charges at all was an act of courtesy.

      1. Thank you Lucy. I didn’t mean to imply that the corsetiere had any control over taxes, duties, customs fees, etc. And I certainly do not want to deter anyone from International shopping as I am an avid International shopper. I simply meant that the buyer should keep these fees in mind and also do research on how much the fees may be so that the amount is budgeted as part of the total cost.

        Thank you for all the hard work, time and money that you invest in your research. It is greatly appreciated.

  37. Lucy:

    Last year I had surgery for breast cancer and had some lymph nodes removed. I now experience swelling (Lymphodema) unless I wear compression sleeves ( and a special belisse compression bra ( .

    The belisse bra works well but is not very stylish. My husband suggested I look into a custom corset. I was hoping I might be able to find an OTR or custom corset that would provide the support/compression I need in a more attractive format. I need to wear the compression bra pretty much during waking hours. Also, some degree of waist reduction would be a plus but not my main requirement.

    Can you recommend any vendors of extended wear over bust corsets that can give me firm support./compression on the sides of the breast particularly up into the underarm area ?

    Alternatively would it make sense to make a duct tape form (from your You tube video) over my belisse bra and mark areas needing extra support ?

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    1. Hello Barbara, I’m not sure where you’re located, but I know that Contour Corsets makes anatomical overbust corsets that can hold you firmly yet support you naturally. Alternatively you can check out the gallery of corset makers that offer corsets with straps – the overbust options wrap around the arm and come up fairly high in the armpit area.

  38. Is there an actual shop where I can go and be fitted for a corsette or a vintage girdle? I am near Phoenix Az.

    1. Hi Tom, the only corsetiere I knew in Arizona was Crumpet Couture and I’m not sure if she’s still active anymore, unfortunately!

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