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On Youtube, I have several corset review playlists which are organized in chronological order because that seems to make the most sense – my reviews aren’t all equal; they’ve evolved over time and they’re easier to understand if you watch the oldest ones first.

But when people are looking for a corset within their budget, I understand that my reviews can be difficult to sift through. So I’m saving you time by organizing all the corset brands I’ve tried in order of the average price range of their underbust corsets, and then alphabetical order within that range. (You should expect overbust corsets to cost more than underbusts.)

Where it’s written (standard underbusts) – this implies that custom measured, special fabrics, and other options may require price markups that put the corset over and above that price range. When looking at corsets by budget only, it’s important to realize that by and large, you get what you pay for. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? It means I have not tried or reviewed the corset yet.

Please note that the order of these do not represent my preferences in any way – if you need help deciding, check out the other resources in my Corset Shopping Guide, or try my corset consultation service.

All prices have been converted to USD.

Under $100

$100 – $200

$200 – $300

$300 – $400

$400 and up / budget should not be a factor:

I may add to this list as time goes on. :)

52 thoughts on “Corset Brands by Price Range

  1. Hey there, I notice Contour Corsets (Fran Blanche) is on this list, but she hasn’t made corsets in some years now.

  2. I’m just curious if you have ever reviewed a shop called Dracula corsets out of the UK. I’ve seen them pop up several times and the prices seem reasonable, but being curvier I would love to hear/see you do a review of them.

    1. Hi Sarah, I’ve done a couple of reviews of their corsets on Youtube! I just haven’t updated my site with those yet. You can see the Dracula corsets at position #1 and #3 in this playlist (their positions might change once I upload more reviews in the future).

  3. You seem to be missing Barbara’s beautiful work… Royal Black in Austria. I am lucky to have a handful of her non-couture corsets and one of her costumes. Her work is exquisite.

    1. Hi Vanessa, the brands shown here are the corsets I have personally tried and tested (hence the links to all the reviews). It is not meant to be an exhaustive list. If I get the opportunity to try one of Barbara’s exquisite corsets, of course I will include it here! For now, Royal Black is listed in the Corsetiere Map with every other (known) custom corset maker in the world. :)

  4. Hi Justine, unfortunately I’ve never tried their corsets before! I only list corsets I’ve personally tried and tested for quality construction, materials and strength. If I ever end up trying one of their corsets I’ll certainly update the “Can I waist Train in this Corset?” page.

  5. Hi there Lucy,
    First I’d like to say thanks so much for your site and your video reviews it really helps newbies’ like me out. Haha. Secondly I’d like to ask which corsets and corset brands do you recommend for waist training? I want to start but my pocket book is tight and I don’t want to waste money on something that isn’t going to work for me. Any advice you could give would be amazing. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mariah, have you seen this page called Can I Waist Train in That Corset? It might be just what you’re looking for!

  6. Hi lucy, i’ve seen many of ur videos and orchard corsetry website and user review videos. By doing my little research i figured that cs411 should be good for me as a starter ad than later i think i’ll buy another cs-426 short as i really want a curvy figure. I’ve used latex waist belts before but as u know they work less and temporary.
    my torso is almost 12 and waist 29.6, hip 37.3 and underbust 28.5, and i’m also very squishy in the middle. Do u think i made the right decision to go fr cs411 nw and 426 short later.

    1. Hi Rokeya, you have a large natural hip spring so you may find that you need the version with hip ties in order to cinch your waist without compressing or pinching your hips. Because you have a longer torso length, you may also find that the longline corsets cover your tummy appropriately and prevent the flesh from spilling out from the top or bottom edges of the corset.

  7. Hi there! What a lovely website!!! I was wondering your opinion of Heavy Red corsets? I find them beautiful and many say “suitable for waist training”. But, I would very much like your take! Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Kaleigh, I haven’t personally tried any corsets from Heavy Red, but I hope to review them in the future. :)

  8. Hi lucy i was wondering if you have ever tried corsets from CORSETS STORY? i was recently looking on their website and they have really nice one ,but i want to get a personal opinion on them before i buy one…thanks id really appreciate it

    1. Hi Sofia, yes I have tried their corsets, but there are several stores or brands who stock the same corsets from the same manufacturer or designer, including Corset Wholesale, CorsetDeal, Corsets-UK etc. So when searching through my reviews on Youtube, not all of them will say Corset Story.

      1. Okay thank you for replying…I also have another question iam just starting out with corsets and waist training..if there a specific type or brand or corset that would be good to begin with?? Iam curvier and have a tummy from having a baby also…my torso is about 12 inches long could u help me :-)

  9. Ahh I see! Good. I’m curious to see what you have to say.

  10. But you’ve never tried one of her ready made off the rack ones? You’re having a custom/to your measurements one made?

    1. It is going to be one of her standard-sized pieces, but she’s making it to my fabric specifications.

  11. I’m just curious if you’ve ever done a review of a Ties That Bynde corset? I would love to see one of one of their premade off the rack corsets if you haven’t already done one.
    Thank you!

    1. I’m commissioning a corset from her right now, actually! It should be done in a month or so. :)

  12. Hi if I send you my measurements can you reccomend corsets?

    1. Hi Nina, certainly I can help you find a suitable corset! My consultation page is up, have a read through and see if it’s suitable for you.

  13. I gained weight as well as lost my figure during my pregnancy and so I don’t know if i can go for the measurements i remember being taken 3 years ago. Is that okay? do i need to take more and then subract what i can squeeze into now?
    Also i don’t know if the underbust or overbust is better for a beginner, because i like the smooth look of the overbust far more. Is it bad for breast tissue at all?

    1. Hi Brocha, it’s better to take your current measurements, especially concerning your hips because pregnancy can cause your pelvic bones to widen and this is pretty much irreversible. If you end up getting a corset that’s too small in the hips, it could cause hip pain or numbness which isn’t good.
      I have a video on overbust corset pros and cons here. If the corset is well fitted, it’s as safe for your breasts as a regular bra because it won’t be crushing the tissue at all. Your bust should just be supported and only your waist should be compressed in a corset.

  14. Thank you Lucy. I do like the softer curves like with Honey Rose, [she is a Nut, so adorable!] and I am still a size 14, so I need more time before getting too serious about tight lacing and wearing all day~ everyday.

    I checked out Fran’s site and videos, I was shocked to see her starting price for a corset is $500 and most are more expense, like $675. That is insane to me, at my beginner level, and with my body continually changing as I lose weight. I could see $250, but $500, geesh, makes me want to learn to do it myself. ;o)

    I did order from Orchard Corset yesterday and am awaiting my order. I did mention that I learned of them through your videos. Do you know of anyone, anywhere else, besides Fran who makes this type of mesh, steel boned, zippered corset? Or something close to it?

    Thanks again of the replies, I know you are busy. You have been a great asset in my search for a great corset.

    1. Hi Veronica,
      Contour is the only brand I know of that creates anything close to these heavy-duty mesh corsets with zippers. There are other corsetieres that make mesh corsets, but not suitable for daily waist training like the Contour ones are because the mesh is a different material entirely. Fran and I are collaborating on the new Gold Line of corsets coming soon to my website, which will be slightly more affordable than her typical fully-custom line. More information about that will be revealed in September. If you have further questions, could you please direct them to my email (bishonenrancher(at) gmail [dot] com)? I try as best as possible to keep the comments section of my webpage applicable to the page content.

  15. Hey there, Lucy!

    I actually want a specific corset I saw in another video. Honey, who is doing the video,, had hers custom done at Contour Corsets, so I will be checking them out.I am curious to know your thoughts, if you have already done a video review for them. I just really love your videos and have begun to embrace my inner cortisanne. Please have a fantastic evening!

    Warmest wishes,


    1. Hi Veronica,
      Yes, I have reviewed a Contour Corset before. Here’s the link to my review – bear in mind that many people don’t like the silhouette or reduction that I chose, but I chose this to prove how impressive this corsetiere’s skills are. Fran is capable of making many different types of corsets, including one with gentler curves like you see in Honey Rose’s video:

  16. Greetings Lucy!

    May I just say you are very well spoken and warm on the videos. You are easy to watch and very good at getting straight to the point of the purpose of the video while being playful and friendly. You seem like a very approachable person with a vast wealth of knowledge. I am in the medical field and you were right on target with explaining some of the medical issues with wearing a corset. I especially appreciate the disclaimer, everyone is different and should seek medical advise before trying anything extreme, like waist training.

    With that said, I am very interested in waist training and being able to wear a corset daily; a custom corset. I am not a seamstress and cannot easily make one myself. I do have discretionary income, although I tend to be a bargain hunter.

    Would you please contact me and let me know how to begin this process with you as the corset maker. I saw the “paper doll” design function and need to measure myself. I am open to color, but like you mentioned the training corset comes in black or beige, so I am wondering if that is still the best starting point.

    Thank you very much! ;o) Please enjoy an Outstanding day!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Veronica! I’m glad that you’ve found my site and videos informative. :) Unfortunately at this time, my schedule does not allow me to take new commissions, but if you email me (bishonenrancher (at) gmail(dot)com, let me know your budget and I would be happy to recommend you to other very talented and capable corset makers who are open for new work and would be able to take care of you. Best wishes!

  17. ‘Ello Miss Lucy!
    I was looking for some fan (Camp) laced corsets and someone pointed me in the direction of jillscorsets on etsy.

    I wasn’t sure if you were familiar with her work, but it looks lovely and worth checking into.

    The corsets I’ve seen up for sale were under $300 and completely custom.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment – I haven’t tried Jill Hoverman’s corsets but know of a couple people who have, with happy results. Unfortunately I won’t have the resources to invest in one of her pieces for the next little while – otherwise she would be on this list. This particular list is comprised of the corsetieres that I’ve worked with. However, Jill is already on the Corsetiere Map as that directory has all the bespoke corsetieres I know of, whether I’ve worked with them or not. :)

  18. Have you tried Butterfly Frillies corsets yet? Yuly Springer specializes in Steampunk corsets. She makes the popular “Tab” corset and men’s corsets. Her corsets start around $250.

    1. Hi Ida, no I haven’t tried Butterfly Frillies yet. She and I have already been in touch and she is already on the Corsetiere Map, but this particular list is dedicated to the corsetieres that I have personally worked with. I would theoretically love to be able to try every corsetiere out there, but I have recently invested in a different maker (local to me) and I don’t have the financial means to try Butterfly Frillies for the time being. Thanks for your comment though

  19. There is also a small company called “Scoundrelle’s Keep” you could add to your list.

    1. Hi Shandra, this particular list is a collection of corset brands that I’ve personally tried – Scoundrelle’s Keep isn’t on this list because I haven’t personally tried or reviewed their corsets. However, Scoundrelle’s Keep is already on the Corsetiere Map / directory, so hasn’t been completely ignored. :) Cheers!

  20. I’m so excited that you are doing reviews for true corset! I’ve bought both of my corsets from them and they’re simply beautiful for such an unbelievable price.

    1. Yes, I will be uploading the reviews hopefully before the end of the summer! :) Thanks Meris!

  21. Hi, I’m a plus size woman with a 42-38-45 measurement and I want to start wearing corsets, however I’m looking for a starter one thats inexpensive. Which of the “under $100” would you suggest?

    1. Hi Lenora, both Orchard Corset and Timeless Trends have limited refund/return policies so you can try it and if you don’t like how it looks or feels, send it back. Both of them have corsets in your size as well. I might also suggest Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe which is one price category up, but she has close-out/ sale corsets for as low as $50 sometimes.

  22. Hi Lucy! First off, excellent work! I was so ecstatic to find your site about a month ago! I’ve been going through a number of your videos to get a sense of how you are ranking corset brands and I have the general idea that most companies you have explored are fairly decent with a few exceptions. I am wondering if you would elaborate on which OTR brands you find particularly well crafted (fit is so subjective which is why I wanted to stay away from fit alone) for the price. You have done such an excellent job with categorizing corsets/brands according to price however I’m wondering if you would be able to suggest “best quality/craftsmanship” per price category.

    1. Hi Sandra, the quality can be viewed as somewhat subjective as well, as I prefer my corsets to be made from coutil but some other corsetieres will exclusively use canvas or twill in their corsets. In my videos, I take care to mention important points like what’s used as the strength layer, how large the flange of the grommets are, whether the busk is 1/2″ or 1″, how many bones there are, whether a waist tape is used etc. so each viewer will be able to make their own conclusions based on their individual wants or needs.

  23. I know your so so so very busy and please take your time to answer im not in a rush. Are you still selling timeless trends/black iris. If your not directly selling them anymore do you still have a list of your selections posted any place? Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Katherine, I am still a distributor but my shop is down for the moment. Unfortunately I don’t sell any other place on the internet. But if you are interested in a certain design you are free to email me because I can still put in orders manually.

  24. Hi there love your youtube videos you are the best in the field and so knowledgeable. I was wondering if you you might be able to guide me to a corset website that also handles short waisted people in the under bust style? I have a very short waist and want to begin corset training. Please let me know if you will be back doing corsets as well I was really sad to see that, that was not available for now. Thank you so much I wish you much success you deserve it! :)

    1. Hi there, there are many places that sell cinchers but not necessarily strong enough for training. What Katie Did has the baby cincher which is very short (7 inches) but not designed for waist training necessarily. If you’re on the small side, Morgana Femme Couture has cinchers up to a corseted waist of 24″. SugarKitty has short cinchers as well. Both Leatherotics and Axfords I believe have belt-like corsets which don’t have much curve but are short nonetheless. :)

      1. Thank you for the response :D

        I have a large waist which is a 29-30 which is large for me as I have always been a 24 inch waist. However I am very short waisted I will look into Morgana Femme Couture..

        The website I was looking at said they are designed for waist training/tight lacing what should I be on the look out for? Most of the corsets are for under 100.00 and come in many fabrics. I was tempted but I just don’t know if they will do the job here is the description:

        Busk Opening Front 100 % SS Spring Steel. If you twist them at 180 Degree they snap back. Invisible waist tape. Busk option, Metal Busk. Waist training corsets has 20 spiral steel bonning and 4 Flat steel bones at the back to keep your back straight. Lining 100% cotton Twill. All corsets have 4 layers of fabric Laces. 6 suspender loops Grommets.

        What do you think is this a good purchase? thank you!

        1. Some corsets with a core of twill can do the job, but might not last as long as corsets with a strength layer of coutil. I would probably have to see the corset because the shape very much matters, and also certain brands are notorious for having grommets pull out. If you’d like more help can you send me an email? I like to keep the permanent pages as clutter-free as possible for ease of reading for future visitors. :)

  25. I just had to pop in and say I am still watching and reading your bloggs. I love how you have made it so easy for us to get a review in the price range that suits our pockets.
    You have really made this you tube channel a must stop for anyone who wants to buy a corsette (from first time buyer to a steady buyer).
    Congrats to an awesome channel and Thank you for all the dedication and hours ect you have put in to this.
    Still love my corsette you made

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! And I’m super glad that you still enjoy the corset I made for you. :D I hope you’re doing well! When the weather gets nice maybe we can get together again and catch up; I’m sure a lot has happened!

    2. Hello Lucy,
      I hadn’t seen your corsets in the list before, does this mean that the golden line is going to be between 300-400 dlls?

      1. Hi May, no my own corsets on this list are when I’m offering my own bespoke service, which is still on hiatus. The Golden Line is a partnership between Fran Blanche and myself, and will be priced around $500 for the entire kit (corset, liners and consultation).

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