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  1. Hi, ca you recommend a good corset or corset brand for me? I will be using it for waist training only so it doesn’t have to look too pretty. I am very slim already, have a 31″ waist (ish)and small breasts and pretty small hips.

    1. Hi Holly, my consultations are currently closed as the page has mentioned, but I still take measurements for my own shop on this page.

  2. Hi Lucy

    Firstly I’d like to say, you are an inspiration! I’ve spend hours and hours watching your videos and learning about corseting.

    I was wondering when your consultation services will be running again? I’ve bought 3 corsets so far and none are quite right! I’m not sure what to try next and don’t want to waste money on another poorly fitting corset.

    I was also wondering if you had any videos or write ups on who a cupped corset is/isn’t for that I’ve missed? I wonder if a cupped corset might be suitable for me as corsets being too tight on my lower ribs is one of my problems.

    Highest regards


    1. Hi Jessica, I discuss the pros and cons of cupped rib corsets vs conical rib corsets in my review / overview of the Gemini corsets (starts around 2:20) but you’re right, it might be good to have a separate video discussing these features (separate from the review so it’s easier to find). At the moment I’m not ready to bring back consultations but I will certainly make an announcement when I do. :)

  3. I was just wondering if you have any companies you recommend for cupped overbust corsets? I have a longline underbust from Timeless Trends that I absolutely love, but I’m busty enough that regular overbust leave way too little to the imagination!

    1. Hi Brooke, I have a gallery of cupped corsets here; the brands I’ve actually tried include Versatile Mimosa, and Madame Sher. :)

  4. Hello my name is Monsheri and my question is.My bust is 47 my rib cage 38 my waist is 37 and my hips are 47. and i dont know my corset size, would you know
    what size corset i should pick, and is there a corset that helps with sweating some fat off

    1. Hi Monsheri, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately sweating the fat off is not a real thing in science. Sweat is made from water, salt and other electrolytes, while fat is an oil. There have been studies on where the fat goes when you burn it off, and it is turned into energy and the waste is released through your breath, not your sweat. What the “thermal” cinchers do is make you lose water weight and dehydrate your skin, but when you drink a glass of water again you will gain that water weight back. I don’t like the thermal cinchers because they can cause skin irritation and infection from creating a moist dark environment on your body, and the elastic can stretch out over time which means you have to buy another after a short while to get the same cinch. When my consultations open again, I’d be happy to set up an appointment for you.

  5. I just had one question, I have a larger rib cage. It sticks out rather prominently at the top, will weight training help this at all. I am afraid it will become more pronounced with a smaller waist. Also does training make your stomach buldge
    Thank you

    1. Hi Alana, some people are able to successfully bring in their rib cage and make it more tapered – but it doesn’t work the same for everyone. Just as people have different levels of flexibility in their other joints, the costal joints of some people are more rigid than others. My floating ribs are quite flexible and can compress in a corset, while model Victoria Dagger has said that she can’t wear conical rib corsets due to her rigid ribcage; she would experience bruising instead.
      A corset in itself doesn’t necessarily cause a bulge or lower tummy pooch – some women have a lower tummy protrusion from having children. However, the wrong fitting corset can push down on the pooch inappropriately and make it look worse, which is why it’s important to match your body to right kind of corset, and put it on properly. I hope this helps!

  6. Aloha! I can’t wait to start the waist training journey. Just wondering what the purpose/benefits are of the hip laces? Are these for aesthetic reasons only or do they offer added comfort for wide-hips? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kat, I’m sorry I only saw this comment now! Hip ties are functional, they allow the bottom of the panels to expand as you’re lacing down the back of the corset, if you need more space for your hips. It prevents pinching or compression of your hips, so it keeps you more comfortable.

  7. I just recently found your site and I’m so happy to find it packed with good info! I do hope you begin consultations again soon, as I need some more specific direction in my custom corset endeavors :D

    1. Hi Ambrosia, thank you for your comment – consultations are now up again. :)

  8. Before I begin with my questions, I first want to say thank you SO MUCH for your patience and kindness in sharing your knowledge with the world! I stumbled upon your videos on youtube researching information for a costume I’m putting together, and even reading your replies to those who were rude or extremely negative, I’d like to commend you that your fruits of the Spirit are showing very well. ;) I have about 3 or 4 questions that should help me lock in on a decision if I have your expertise. When I was in 8th grade, I got hit by a truck while crossing a street (ouch, but major miracle I’m even alive still), but I think it knocked my hip slightly out of place, thus putting my then potential front and back silhouette out of whack. I’m naturally slim already with some curvage, but because of genetics, I distribute fat more around my midsection after it goes other places if it’s not muscle mass weight. A corset can solve both of these issues! The conflict is, years of athletics and genes again blessed me with a rather high behind I’d like to not be flattened in the process. LoL That muscle curve literally starts right at the crest or maybe slightly above my hips. XD Maybe giving my measurements would help? They are as follows:
    Underbust to iliac crest Consistently 7-7.5″
    Underbust to lap ~8″
    Underbust (exhale) 27″/ (inhale) 30″/ (resting) 28.5″
    Natural waist currently 26.5″/ Normally 24″
    High hip 32.25″
    Fullest hip 36″

    1) Would it be better to begin waist training with a short underbust, rather than a standard length underbust from Timeless Trends? 2) Would a waist cincher be also the best option if I have a short torso? 3) Going by my measurements currently I’d be a size 22, but 10-15lbs less at my average weight I’d be size 20. Factoring in also I’m going to start running again, but want a more noticeable shape sans corset should I order the smaller size? 4) Disregarding the butt point for a moment, I’m caught betwixt choosing this style (*Note: The darkest toned model is very similar to my body type) http://timeless-trends.com/brown-gold-and-cream-tapestry OR the Exclusive olive with gold scroll available through you. There are only 3 left in stock for my size(s) as the link shows and I may get both anyways, BUT need help deciding which to buy initially if it’s in danger of disappearing forever. Does your exclusive TT offer have availability restrictions or is it whenever you request something they make it for you?

    Whew! Lotta words up there. Thank you for your advice whenever you have the time to reply back. This will get me started on my journey until I’m ready to have something made custom. I hope everything goes well with your soon-to-be operating shop and I will be purchasing all of my Timeless Trends items through you! That Short Rust Brown Shimmer underbust is singing to me. ;)Take care and God bless!

    1. Dear Ms Ducati,
      I’m sorry for the delay in answering you! I lost your comment in the ether for awhile, but while I was updating the consultations page I found that this was still unanswered. Are you still interested in a corset? My consultation service is now up and running again.

  9. Hey Lucy!! I’m decided about start doing the waist training and the more I get to learn about it, the more convinced I am than an OTR corset isn’t the best option.
    Checking your site I saw this: Gold Line – Made to Order Corset Packages (https://lucycorsetry.com/for-sale/gold-line-made-to-order-corset-packages/). I’m really interested in it, but there are no links to anywhere :( How can I know more about it? Where should I click?
    And do you have an estimated cost of a corset? A range of prices.
    Would you recommend against it? I’m only getting more interested in a made to measure one cause even if an OTR corset is cheaper, if for waist training it could last 1 or 2 months only, I prefer investing more money in something I can be certain would fit my needs for a longer period of time. Anyway, I’d like to know your opinion about this matter.

    1. Hi there,
      Some of your questions I have answered already in the comments section of the Gold Line page, but more information will be coming shortly. The maker is currently setting up and optimizing her workshop, and we are figuring out fine details as we speak. All should be revealed in September – that page is just a placeholder/ teaser for now!
      The corset package (including the semi-custom fit waist training corset, two liners, and consult from myself) will be an estimated $500, which is about $120 savings. If there is a lot of demand these packages, it will drive the price down over time as well.
      The corset will be designed to suit beginners’ needs and will be strong enough to use on a daily basis – much stronger than any OTR corset I’ve ever tested. It will also give a universally flattering silhouette, will be breathable, and will wipe down easily. This corset kit is designed to replace the 3-4 OTR corsets that many people have in their closets through “trial and error” when they’re first getting into corsetry.
      However if you have a very short torso or an extremely long torso, or if you need an asymmetric corset for due to medical issues, you may find that the one style we’re starting with will not be suitable for you, and you’ll be encouraged to go fully custom.

  10. Hey, I can across corset training/waist training and I am interested and was wondering how to get that started. I am not gonna lie though, I don’t have a lot of money but want to get a corset the right way. Would you be able to help me? I watched quite a few of your videos and love them! Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Tashley, I have a playlist specifically targeted for beginners and should give you all the basics that you need to know to get your first corset and start wearing it. You can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6B380E5D1D41A14
      If you have any health concerns, I also have a playlist called “Physical Effects of Corseting” which goes more in-depth for anyone who’s interested. If you have any questions or need any clarification regarding those videos, just let me know! :)

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