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Submitting your measurements

Please note that this contact form is for inquiries about Lucy’s Corset Shop only. If you are wondering which brand to purchase, please use the CORSET CONSULTATION PAGE.



Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.

Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.

  1. Underbust circumference – (measure horizontally at the line marked A).
    This is around your ribcage, about the same height as your bra band.
  2. Waist circumference – (measure horizontally at B).
    This is your natural waist (not desired one), typically measured 1 inch or so above your belly button.
  3. High hip circumference – (measure horizontally at C)
    This is around the iliac crest (“wings” of your hips) not around your bum! It’s where low-rise jeans sit, or around the height of your Venus dimples, if you have them.

    The high hip is usually about 4-5 inches down from your waistline, whereas your “full hips” would usually be 7-9 inches below the waistline.
  4. Torso length – while sitting down on a hard chair or bench, with a straight back and good posture, measure vertically from under one breast to the crease where your lap starts on the same side (where your leg meets your trunk). In the diagram you can see that it’s not in the center front, but slightly offset under one breast.

If you didn’t receive a response in 24 hours, 95% of the time it’s because the given email address was incorrect. Please check all your answers before sending!

Fill out your measurements below, and receive Lucy’s personal recommendation!




If your torso measures less than 8 inches long,

95% of the time, it was measured wrong!


Please use the following helpful checklist when measuring your vertical torso length:

  • Are you sitting on a hard, flat surface, like a wooden chair or bench, and not on a soft surface like a couch/ bed?
  • Are you sitting with as straight a posture as possible, and not hunching or leaning forward to read the number on the measuring tape?
  • If you wear a bra, are you wearing one that fits well and the underwire is sitting directly underneath the breast? (A sagging underwire can artificially make the breast seem to start lower down and make the torso look shorter).
  • If you measure whilst standing up in front of a mirror (again from under the breast, down to where your lap would start (the crease where your leg meets your torso)), do you still measure the same torso length as when you were sitting down?

And if you still seem to measure anything less than about 8 inches in length:

  • Are you under 5 feet (152 cm) tall in stature?
  • Do you have any history of spinal curvature, like scoliosis or lumbar lordosis?
  • If either of these are true, please be sure to state this in your email (or contact form if ordering from the Silver Line).


If you are ordering/ inquiring about an overbust corset, I will also need:

  1. Bust circumference – This is different to your bra size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust or chest, wearing a supportive but unpadded bra.
  2. Usual bra size – and it also helps to know what country your bras are made in (American and UK sizes are different)








Unfortunately at this time, custom corsets are not available through this website.

If you would like more information or help taking your measurements (and you would also like to understand why these measurements are crucial in determining the fit of ready-to-wear corsets) please refer to my video here:


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  1. Janice

    Thank you so much for the names to refer to. I don’t know the brand. I bought it so long ago and am using it as a last resort because the back brace they gave me doesn’t go low enough. I will contact them. Thanks!

  2. Janice

    Hi Lan. I have trouble with my lower back. My L4 vertebrae is kinked to the side. I have been going to a chiropractor for years, but it still slips out. I occasionally use a corset that was just bought for decorative use. I feel it helps, but cuts into me in certain places. I am considering getting a custom made corset that can support way down low. I would imagine I need a long line corset from what I have read so far, but does it come down low enough to support that L4? Also, I read on your site that you are not doing custom corsets. I don’t live in an area that makes corsets. What would you suggest.

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Hi Janice, thanks for your comment. Do you remember the brand of corset that you currently use? There’s a chance I may be familiar with it.
      There are corsets that can extend down to the sacrum, but because this is along a similar line as the upper hipbone (ilium) which is a bit sensitive to pressure, there’s a chance that a corset tight enough to be able to immobilize the L5 vertebra might be a bit uncomfortable on your hips (depending on how much padding you have over your hips). However, I would recommend speaking to some corset makers that are more experienced with back issues before throwing away the idea! They may have some solutions for you. Lace Embrace (Vancouver), Totally Waisted (Toronto), and Contour Corsets (Philadelphia) have all made corsets for people with back issues in the past, and they are able to work with long distance clients.

  3. Lan

    I’m in the process of losing weight, should I wait until I hit my goal to waist train or can I get a corset closer to my goal size and use extra string? Please let me know. I have look at multiple places for the answer

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Hi Lan, sizing corsets for people who are losing weight is difficult, because not everyone loses weight equally from their body. Week by week, you might notice an inch come off your hips, then the next week your waist, etc. With a garment that fits as closely and precisely like a corset, a difference of 2 inches might drastically affect the fit! If you’re actively losing weight, I typically recommend that you wait till you’re closer to your goal or you’re losing less than 1-2 lbs per week (if it’s faster, you might outshrink your corset in no time).
      But if you plan to use your corset along with your regimen, let me know your measurements via the contact form and I’ll see what size would be most appropriate for you. Longer laces are available. 🙂

  4. Aniush

    I have troubles measuring my torso length sitting down as my belly sticks out when sitting (even standing the bottom part of my belly is a bit saggy due to weight loss), for that reason I believe I need a longline corset as I have already tried my friends normal length corset and my belly was sticking out like 2-3 inches below which looked horrifying.. so how do I correctly measure my torso length while sitting down if i have a belly? Can I do it standing up? I am 5″8 and a half (174cm) tall just to give a visual. Can we also send photo of the torso so you see the shape of the waist? Because with just measurements you cant know if some inches are from the fat in the front or the bones on the hips and ribs..

    1. Boo Bobobob

      Hello Aniush, the front of the corset is going to be rigid and help pull in your tummy. If you have a stiff ruler or yardstick, you may be able to measure your torso length by pressing that against your tummy and getting the closest possible “straight” length. You can measure both sitting down and standing up and note how much of a difference there is. 🙂

  5. A

    I was wondering if you’d be able to make a corset that will give the curvy, voluptuous torso of a woman to a man, or if I’d be better off purchasing the ‘cross dressing’ corset I found at timeless trends. Thanks!

    1. bishonenrancher

      Hi A, there are many places that sell corsets specifically for feminizing a male figure. Some of the best corsetieres include Puimond, Contour Corsets, Romantasy and Bizarre Design and they all have experience making corsets for CDs or transgenders. Cheers!

  6. Cynthia

    I have severe scoliosis at 80 degrees at last xrays, I am so glad to find your corsits (I was told I would not live through surgery). My left rib cage is inside my pelvis. I am virtually waistless. My curve is high on my back on the right side. I can push myself up straight by pushing on kitchen counters and furniture, but of course I melt right back down as soon as I let go. My worry is that the corset wont come up high enough or I wont be able to sit in it because it is so long. I have xrays or can you advise me on how to adjust the measurements.
    Thank you,
    Cynthia in Alaska

  7. Maria Gutierrez

    HI bishonenrancher, I have been wanting a corset for some time now. I have a cone shaped body, large on top and very very narrow hips no butt (the guyish barrel shape you describe in your video) and back bulge. :(. I am also plus size so I thought I would want a longline to hide (tuck in) the bulge but now I am worried that my narrow hips will look narrower. What do you suggest?

    1. bishonenrancher

      Hi Maria, I suggest taking a look at Bluemissytiger’s videos on Youtube, she also has broad shoulders and narrow hips so you’ll be able to see what a corset would look like on you if you were to wear an OTR corset: http://www.youtube.com/user/bluemissytiger/videos?flow=grid&view=0

  8. Denise

    Hi Lucy, and happy new year! I have been clicking through many of your videos in the past several days–they’re like potato chips, once you get started you just can’t stop! I have ALWAYS been intrigued by the beautifully enhanced curves that the female form can acquire–and only realized after many years of watching old musicals with thoughts of “Wow, look at her tiny waist!” that at least a bit of that size (or lack thereof) was accomplished with the use of a corset. Unfortunately I recently placed an order for an underbust model before I saw your service, but I’m thinking that I could probably use a second one so I can switch back and forth and give each corset an opportunity to air out before wearing again; I want to start daily waist training because I’ve got some serious pudge around the middle thanks to two babies and a lot of weight gain and loss over the years. I’m already wearing shapewear underneath every day–why not do it in style with a corset? Your guidance would be invaluable; had I found you first I’m sure I would not have ended up with the leather overbust model that I bought years ago which fits fine in the middle but the cups for the breasts are WAAAAY too small. I am so excited that you offer this service and I’m looking forward to getting your expert opinion about what models and sizes would be best for me. I am also interested in some of the undershirts I’ve seen you wear in some of the videos–in particular a beige one with cutouts at the shoulders, very pretty–do you sell those? Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance for your help!

    1. bishonenrancher

      Hi Denise! Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂 I would love to give you a consultation when you’re ready – but see how you like the underbust corset you’ve already ordered beforehand, so you have the experience of how that particular brand and silhouette fits. Unfortunately at this time I don’t sell any corset liners or undershirts – the beige one you mentioned was purchased about 10 years ago from Winners! I believe the tag says “Lili Rose” but I haven’t been able to find another shirt like it. Best wishes!

      1. Denise

        Lucy, thank you for your fast reply! I appreciate your advice about seeing how the underbust I’ve recently ordered will fit. I hope to receive it in a couple of weeks at the most (ordered from the UK), and can’t wait to see how it looks. I’ll let you know once I get it, and we can proceed from there. Thank you again so much for sharing your expertise…one only has to look at you in the corsets you review to see just how amazing these garments really are!

  9. Melissa Breckenridge

    Just finished watching the video and absolutely love it. I do however have a question about a self lacing video that has the laces in the back rather than the front because i find it extremely difficult to tie the laces in the back once i am done tightening to where i feel most comfortable with it on. please advise considering I don’t want to continually rely on people to tie my corset for me. thank you

    1. bishonenrancher

      Hi Melissa, front-lacing corsets do exist. My very first training corset laced up in the front. However, especially if you are going for a large reduction in the waist I recommend that a corset have laces in both the front and the back. You can then keep the back laces knotted at whatever width you want or need, and adjust the front laces as comfortable. When you’re ready to train down more, then close the laces at the back and knot them once more, and adjust the front laces again as desired. I hope this makes sense!

  10. Jade

    Okay so in this video you “marked” you upper hip by your iliac crest, but what if you are pudgy, and you can’t feel/see this bump?

    1. bishonenrancher

      Just estimate as best you can. If you can’t push in to feel the bump where your hips start, then you can take the waist-to-lap vertical measurement and use that (it will give you a corset that’s shorter on the hips) or measure maybe 1-2 inches below that point if you want a longline corset.

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