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Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.

Diagram for taking simple measurements for an OTR corset.

  1. Underbust circumference – (measure horizontally at the line marked A).
    This is around your ribcage, about the same height as your bra band.
  2. Waist circumference – (measure horizontally at B).
    This is your natural waist (not desired one), typically measured 1 inch or so above your belly button.
  3. High hip circumference – (measure horizontally at C)
    This is around the iliac crest (“wings” of your hips) not around your bum! It’s where low-rise jeans sit, or around the height of your Venus dimples, if you have them.

    The high hip is usually about 4-5 inches down from your waistline, whereas your “full hips” would usually be 7-9 inches below the waistline.
  4. Torso length – while sitting down on a hard chair or bench, with a straight back and good posture, measure vertically from under one breast to the crease where your lap starts on the same side (where your leg meets your trunk). In the diagram you can see that it’s not in the center front, but slightly offset under one breast.

If you didn’t receive a response in 24 hours, 95% of the time it’s because the given email address was incorrect. Please check all your answers before sending!

Fill out your measurements below, and receive Lucy’s personal recommendation!




If your torso measures less than 8 inches long,

95% of the time, it was measured wrong!


Please use the following helpful checklist when measuring your vertical torso length:

  • Are you sitting on a hard, flat surface, like a wooden chair or bench, and not on a soft surface like a couch/ bed?
  • Are you sitting with as straight a posture as possible, and not hunching or leaning forward to read the number on the measuring tape?
  • If you wear a bra, are you wearing one that fits well and the underwire is sitting directly underneath the breast? (A sagging underwire can artificially make the breast seem to start lower down and make the torso look shorter).
  • If you measure whilst standing up in front of a mirror (again from under the breast, down to where your lap would start (the crease where your leg meets your torso)), do you still measure the same torso length as when you were sitting down?

And if you still seem to measure anything less than about 8 inches in length:

  • Are you under 5 feet (152 cm) tall in stature?
  • Do you have any history of spinal curvature, like scoliosis or lumbar lordosis?
  • If either of these are true, please be sure to state this in your email (or contact form if ordering from the Silver Line).


If you are ordering/ inquiring about an overbust corset, I will also need:

  1. Bust circumference – This is different to your bra size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust or chest, wearing a supportive but unpadded bra.
  2. Usual bra size – and it also helps to know what country your bras are made in (American and UK sizes are different)








Unfortunately at this time, custom corsets are not available through this website.

If you would like more information or help taking your measurements (and you would also like to understand why these measurements are crucial in determining the fit of ready-to-wear corsets) please refer to my video here:

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