Physical Effects of Corseting

What really happens to the body when you wear a corset? In this section, we get into the good and the bad, and how to maximize your results while minimizing the risks.

Gemini longline corset, round rib and conical rib silhouette modeled and designed by Lucy Corsetry
WHAT?! You just got finished reading through a dozen blog posts / watching an hour of corset videos on Youtube
Summary (TL;DR) Gibson states that the Le Corset (1908) does not stand the test of time. Not only because medical
I compare my 15+ years of corset training experience with my one pregnancy experience, in 5 categories: organs, skeletal frame,
I'm thrilled to announce that, 5.5 years after the release of my ebook, Solaced: 101 True Stories About Corsets, Well-Being,
This week is part "story time", part "Physical Effects of Corseting", and hopefully an opportunity for others to learn from
This week is an update on corsets and rib removal (rib resection being the proper term for it), because this surgical
The history of the “medical condition” of hysteria is a long, winding, somewhat convoluted one. In its earliest definitions, hysteria
This Fast Foundation Friday topic is thanks to a fan request - thanks to "KT" for suggesting a video on
Lucy, I have discovered that corsets help greatly with my medical condition - but I'm hesitant to tell my doctor. How should
In case you missed the announcement on my Youtube channel last year: I'm writing a book!  Many of you know
In September 2015, The Canadian Student Journal of Anthropology (Nexus) included an anthropological study of women's skeletons from England and
Trapped gas in the body can be an uncomfortable or even painful experience (my cousin was once hospitalized for what everyone thought