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  1. Hi. I was wondering if you’re ever going to get back in stock the pink and red rose corset with the white base? I was going to buy it last year, but ended up buying something else. I kind of regret not buying it and can’t find it anywhere. :(

    1. Hi Katrina, unfortunately the new owners of TT have decided to discontinue that line. It was a good seller and absolutely beautiful so I’m not entirely sure why they felt they had to discontinue it, but it’s out of my control. I’m so sorry.

  2. Hi there,
    I came upon your website while I was looking up some of my corset makers. I was surprised to learn that a corset that I had custom ordered came from a maker who is no longer in the corsetry business. My corset if from Creations L’Escarpolette. I’m feeling quite honored as I had this corset made many, many years ago. It has never been worn and it is nice to learn about the craftsmanship that went into it. Thank you so much for making the video on this designer. I appreciated all of the information.

  3. Hi, how are you??
    Im interested in to buy 2 interior corsets with bra exactly the same with measurements specifics . I´m a litte bit a hurry, so I would like to know how many time do you need for that special request if you´re so kind and if you are available to do it.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Silvia, are you looking for a custom overbust corset? If so, please check the corsetiere map to work with someone near you! Please be aware that rush fees are usually charged for people who want their corsets in a hurry.
      If you’re looking for a standard sized, in-stock corset in your size, this can be ordered through my shop and we ship within 24 hours. If you need a size recommendation, here’s my measuring tutorial and contact form. Do let me know what kind of timeline you’re working with, so I can let you know whether you need express shipping. Talk to you soon!

  4. Hi Lucy I love corsets I have few I would love you to be my designer.Do you ship in SOUTH AFRICA most of my corsets I would love to costomize them eg send pic and change here and there

    1. Hi Lindiwe, thanks for your comment – yes I do ship to South Africa! You can see the available corsets in the shop. I have flat-rate shipping so the price remains the same no matter how heavy the parcel is.

  5. Hi! After years of wanting a corset but never biting the bullet and just getting one, I’ve finally decided that there’s nothing holding me back to just going ahead and just doing it. I’ve fallen in love with the look of the Emerald Green Brocade Corset in the Hourglass Underbust but both 22″ and 24″ are seemingly out of stock. I was just wondering if you knew when you would be getting some in either of those sizes?

    1. Hi Shayley, yes I’m sorry it’s been taking a long time to restock many of the corsets! We hope to restock the emerald hourglass by the end of summer.

  6. Hi Ive been searching for a corset to start Waist training and I’ve found a site called corset deals and I would like to know what your opinion is on there corsets thank you

    1. Hi Ashley, I’ve done many different reviews on various Corsetdeal corsets. Here is the search results for Corsetdeal on my blog.

  7. Is there anyone near Frederick, MD you can recommend?

    1. Hi Michelle, I don’t know any custom makers in Maryland. If you are willing to travel, you can check out the Corsetiere Map to see who is available in one of the neighboring states!

  8. Hi, Lucy. It appears as though you may have the Timeless Trends Hourglass Creme Cotton Underbust Corset size 24 in stock. I have a new corset to return to TT due to the TT size tool recommended size having been too small. I’m also A possible issue is that I might only be to exchange it due to having purchased it on sale. The main one I want is the Hourglass Creme Cotton Underbust Corset, which they’re out of in 24”. I live in Central West Coast Florida, so a cotton corset is probably the best for me waist training during our long, hot summer, and I stealth train only. Any advice?

    Best regards,
    Melissa Palmer

    1. Hello Melissa, even though TT and I sell the same products and collaborate on designs, we are different businesses on the front end – so if you purchased from their shop, you will need to contact them directly about your exchange / return. I don’t have access to their sales information and vice versa.

      1. I will. Thank you for everything you do!

  9. Hi Lucy. Love your videos on youtube. Im a guy in the uk and im considering starting wearing corsets full time. Mainly because i love the way it helps your posture and the way it looks and feels when wearing corsets. Can you recomend anyone in the uk who can provide help and support for a me? as i dont know if anyone in my social group that would be of any help… Thanks. Lee.

    1. Hi Lee, I have a page dedicated specifically to men’s corsets here! Clicking through any of those photos, it will redirect you to each maker’s website where you can learn more and contact them about a commission. If you’re looking for someone specifically in the UK, there is Axford’s corsets, Orchid Corsetry, Heavenly Corsets, C&S Constructions, Jem Corsets, and Sew Curvy Corsetry among others.
      If you’d like to find a corset maker within travelling distance of you, there is also the corsetiere map here (although the map doesn’t specify whether they specialize in men’s corsets).

  10. Hi Lucy- I’m brand new to corsetry, as in never worn one. Looking for a stealthy longline one. Also I have a bit of a low back issue so my hope is that the improved posture will be a side benefit. Any help or suggestions would be helpful

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks so much for your comment! In order for me to recommend a corset that fits you, I need to understand your body type – I have a measuring tutorial and contact form here, and I can recommend a size and style for you.

  11. Are you located in Sacramento area?

    1. Hi Tracey, I’m in Canada. But if you’re looking for a local corset maker, you’re welcome to check out my free corsetiere map. :)

  12. Lucy,
    I make Civil War era ball gowns along with the required undergarments. I would really like to take a class on corsets. Do you teach such a thing? I am more of a hands on learner as opposed to a read and do type. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and found you through Google.


    1. Hi Janet, unfortunately I don’t do classes, but there are a few corsetieres in Colorado that you might be interested in contacting – including Strait Laced Dame, Crimson Rose Corsetry, and RedThreaded. RedThreaded has a focus on historical corsetry so she might be the closest to your interests! You can find links and see the others in my Corsetiere Map. :)

      1. Thanks so much Lucy! I’ll check out your map and contact them. Love your site. There is so much good info on it

  13. Hi Lucy,

    I’m getting married and looking for a corset that I can wear under my dress. My dress is fitted around the body and stomach area and I’d like to try to hide some problem areas, but don’t want to be able to see bumps from the corset.

    Do you have anything that could help?


    1. Hi Lauren, feel free to send me your body measurements using the contact form on this page, and I’d be happy to tell you which corset would fit best. :)

  14. Hi Lucy
    I am plus sized and starting to wear corset, I have been able to wear it for about 10 hours a day from the get go, not super tight, but enough to help me with back problems too. Long story short my job is active and I wear my corset under a TShirt, problem is the busk will rub against my tee and that will make holes on my TShirt! I work as a bartender at a brewery hence I say my job is active, how can I stop this from happening? Any sort of “covers” for a corset busk?

    1. Hi Odette, I made a tutorial a few years back on how to make a flap in the front panel of a corset to cover the busk, maybe it will help – but it’s mostly for corsets you’re making yourself. Would you ever consider making your own corset? (Or commissioning a custom corset from someone and showing them this video, so they can cover the busk for you?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_DeO-HMq8E

  15. Hey Lucy I’m interested in a corset for rib flare that I have. Do you still make conical corsets for rib flare so I can slowly train my ribs inward? Thanks!

    1. HI Diana, I do have a conical rib silhouette in my shop! Check out the Gemini corsets here.

  16. Hi my name is Madison , I am M2fF in transition I am not fat but want to shape my belly for that hourglass shape a woman should have , can you help me pick out the one that would be best for me ? Thank you 💋

    1. Hi Madison, thanks for your comment. I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page if you’d like some recommendations.

  17. Heya Lucy, I’m having real trouble finding a corset that will fit me properly. I have an underbust of 33″ an over bust of 37″ a natural waist of 25″ and hips that are 34″, due too this finding any corset that hasn’t been too loose round the waist has been a night mare.
    Have you got any suggestions??

    1. Hi Ivy, are you looking for an overbust corset or underbust? If you are in the market for a corset that fits you better, you can check out the Corset Database for many different brands, or submit your measurements for a personal recommendation from me. :)

  18. Hi Lucy,
    I’m a 15 year old Austrian girl and not unlike you I am fascinated of corsets. I sew a bit myself and thanks to you I finally managed it to sew my own corset. I am still a beginner and I didn’t succeed in finishing up my corset properly. It fits perfectly but just looks awful at the end, it fringes terribly! I don’t know what to do!
    can you help me?

    1. Hello Jana, which part of the corset is fraying? Did you apply binding to the top and bottom edges of the corset? Here is a Youtube search on corset binding to get you started.

  19. Hi Lucy, I find you and your sites fascinating and have read most of them. However, I am a 95 year old retired nurse and educator who has had successful back surgery (1955). I am now experiencing lower back pain, got a sort of camp corset that proved to be helpful in the past. I am having a problem finding a liner and that’s when I stumbled across your site. I ordered and received your special liner, bit it is too big and long . Should it cover the whole butt area? It just slides right on and I can insert two fingers on either side of the top edge without touching the liner itself. I obviously need help. I have been searching for about 6 months trying to find the right thing so I have read much and have accumulated so much information and forgotten at least half. I’d like to start fresh. What measurements should I send you to get a near perfect.t liner. If you do not accept returns or exchanges, I will keep this one and start over. I am anxious to start walking in improved comfort. Your help will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mary, I’ve sent you an email regarding your purchase of the corset liner, I hope to hear from you soon. :)

  20. I have a few corsets that I need to sell. How do I go by this process?

    1. Hi Carly, I’m no longer selling corsets by consignment, but there are a few corset selling groups on Facebook like “Corsets For Sale”, “Corsets On Sale”, and the ‘wish to sell’ thread in The Tightlacing Society. And they don’t take any commission on your sales. :)

  21. Hi Lucy,
    I have waist trained in the past. I just had a tummy tuck and wanted to see what your option was about when I can wear my corset again. Unfortunately all the binders the doctors want me to wear are too big on me. The reason they suggest to wear one during the healing process is to reduce swelling and to support the lower back. I would apricate any suggestions. Thankyou

    1. Hi Cole, it can take a long time to heal from such an operation and I’m not familiar with your medical history – I know that some people have successfully used corsets as compression wear following their procedures, but it would be best to ask your doctor if switching to a corset would be okay. Corsets can potentially give much stronger compression compared to the post surgical binders (of course, you’re always in control of exactly how tight the corset is).

      1. I got back from my doctor today and yes, he agreed that corsets do help with tummy tuck swelling and gives good back support. I’m wearing mine now, and I feel so much better. Thankyou for getting back to me. :)

  22. Hi Lucy. Have you tried the Audrey underbust corset from Isabella corsetry? I want to know if you have a review about it before I actually order one just in case its not the proper fit for me. My underbust to waist measurement is 4 inches ; from the underbust to my lap is 8-9 inches. Thanks for your time. ?

    1. Hello Jaena, I’m sorry I haven’t tried the Audrey underbust! It would be best to contact Isabella Corsetry directly with your question. :)

  23. Hello! I’ve been interested in corsets for a while now and I’d love to see how it will work for me, especially since I have scoliosis. I don’t have a big enough curve for it to be deemed serious but you can tell that my spine isn’t straight by my physical appearance. My shoulders are slightly uneven (you can tell if you look closely), my hips/waist is uneven so it’s like I have two different hips/waists. Though I never really have been bothered by that, I would like to ‘straighten things out’ and have a more even waist. Another benefit this would be for me is better posture as it is a little difficult for me to sit upright for long periods of time. It can cause my back to ache a little. I’ve also read the benefits section of this site and was surprised at what I read because I never knew that corsets could benefit you in that way! The next time I go to the doctors (or whatever you call it) to get my spine checked or maybe on my first physical exam, I’ll ask if it’s ok for me to start using a corset. I do have a question though as to what corset would be right for me? Because the last thing I’d want to do is get the wrong one and suffer the physical consequences!

    1. Hi Kennedy, there are a few different corsets you could try depending on what your goals are and what your doctor is comfortable with. The amount of correction you may/ may not experience also depends somewhat on your age and the severity of your curve. I have an article about scoliosis correction (only partial correction, mind you) with a corset.
      Some corsetieres do make asymmetric corsets to accommodate your curves, but if you cannot afford a custom corset and you are focused more on waist reduction while keeping uneven hips comfortable, you might be able to use a corset with adjustable hip ties.
      I hope these links help!

  24. I’m trying to sell my red and lace corset I bought it for 300 bucks do you know where I could possibly sell to the side of course I don’t want $300 for it

    1. Hi Heather, there is a group on Facebook called “Corsets On Sale”, you can access it through the larger group “The Tightlacing Society” and that sale group has thousands of people buying and selling gently used and sample corsets at discount.

  25. Hi lucy,am new at waist training and as such would need you to help with the corset to begin with.am a plus size with a waist 38″ hip is 53″ will have to check my under bust and get back to you.but the challenge here is am in Nigeria,do you ship to nigeria and how much will both d corset and shipping cost me.

    1. Hi Lola, different corsets cost different amounts, but generally speaking one of the standard length corsets is $109 and shipping to Nigeria is $47, so the price would be around $156 (although it may cost more than that if you need a longer corset or want your corset to arrive faster). Thanks for your comment!

  26. hi. Am 18years old and dealing with scoliosis, I was wounding If you speacliese on corset or any body shaper to help with my scoliosis , last thing I want to get is the surgery I believe I have a 10 degrees curve almost to the top of my back. I would really appreciate if you can email me back and give me feedback on ur corset, If they are safe for me or not
    Thank u so much hope to hear from u soon

    1. Hi Sabrina, I don’t personally make corrective corsets for scoliosis, but I know that Fran of Contour Corsets does. You’re welcome to look through my gallery of other makers who work with scoliosis patients, some of the corsets are really beautiful although not all corsetieres work to correct the curvature, only stabilize it.

  27. Lucy
    How can I determine my size of my waist under the corset? My corseted waist size is 25′ , but I am not sure of my actual waist size while corseted.

    1. Hi Pam, I have a tutorial on Youtube on how to determine your corseted waist size. I hope this helps!

  28. I would like to buy a Corset for a short mid section. I will send my measurements shortly.

    1. Hi Kelli, I have a gallery on cinchers for a short torso here. If you prefer the look of a longline corset, I also have a gallery for longlines made for shorter waists too. Thanks!

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