Fast Foundations

What started as an attempt to make brief videos answering one (1) viewer question per episode with a time limit of under 3 minutes…. turned into the monster you see here. Don’t get me wrong – the questions are great, and so are the answers (if I say so myself). But by and large, they’re not three minutes long. Enjoy!

In the past, I’ve discussed various reasons why your corset may be bowing (giving the "()" shape) in the back, including
Trapped gas in the body can be an uncomfortable or even painful experience (my cousin was once hospitalized for what everyone thought
  "I've been wearing a corset for a few months, and I like the way my waist looks small but
It's well-known that I sell off my gently-used corsets once I've finished reviewing them. I've received a few requests to
Struggling with your modesty panel every time you lace up? Worry not, there's a solution! Read ahead to learn about
Not long ago I received some questions regarding whether you can wear one corset on top of another, for greater
Back in May 2104, I wrote about compatibility between corsets and conventional bras, and how to avoid possible issues like
I often receive inquiries from people wanting to specifically buy a "work out" or "exercise" corset. I'm not entirely sure
Orchard Corset CS-426 red cotton
There are quite a few people out there who, if they decided to corset, would not be able to reach
One question I get semi-frequently is whether you have to wear a bra with your underbust corset. With an overbust