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These days, it seems that most people who seek out corsets are looking for anything but the modern slim shape – many are specifically looking for an hourglass or dramatic wasp-waist silhouette – but the beauty of personal taste is that inevitably some people do seek out a corset with a ‘softer’ silhouette, whether because it fits their body type more comfortably or because they’re using their corset as posture support without wanting too much waist reduction.

These corsets would fit ‘ruler’ or ‘apple’ shaped bodies (those with more narrow hips and a natural waist that is nearly the same size, or possibly even larger than their iliac crest measurement). If one has a protruding, convex tummy that is larger than their hip measurement, it’s even theoretically possible to “tightlace” in one of these corsets, and would be a more appropriate entry-level corset compared to a concave / more hourglass corset (which may result in too much flaring at the top and bottom edges).

Below you will find some of the more popular corsets with a modern slim silhouette. Those who are naturally more of an hourglass may be interested in starting with a different silhouette, however.

Glamorous Dita midlength corset for sale at Lucy's Corsetry $84 USD
Glamorous Corset “Dita” Underbust, Price starts at $89 USD

Glamorous Corset offers a wide selection of slim silhouette corsets, but the Dita underbust is a unique contender – it has nearly identical rib and hip springs, so for those who love the look of the Libra corset but might not be curvy enough to fit it comfortably, the Dita is a fantastic stepping stone on your waist training journey, or all on its own. Carried in sizes 18-40″, it’s a piece that looks unassuming at first, and only comes alive when you put it on, which is the main reason why I started carrying it last year.


Black Floral Brocade underbust, $109.
Slim Silhouette Black Floral Brocade underbust by Timeless Trends, $114.

Timeless Trends was the first OTR brand I started with, and I personally found that their corsets offered a gentle curve, sturdy back support, and nearly indestructible construction (they back their corsets with a lifetime guarantee) for a relatively affordable price. After several years of praising their products, I started distributing these corsets in my own shop – and it’s my policy to ensure that the measurements and needs of each customer will be properly met before they purchase a corset. Carried in sizes 18-42″, with over 100 different styles and colors possible through special order. See my comparison of the different silhouettes here.

Orchard Corset CS-305 “Modern Curve” Underbust Corset, available in different lengths and fabrics.

Orchard Corset has recently organized their corsets into four different silhouette styles: “Modern” (previously level 1, least curvy), “Romantic” (previously level 2), “Hourglass” (previously level 3) and “Extreme” (previously level 4, the most curve).  Here the CS-305 is a moderate length and gentle silhouette underbust that is designed to support and hold, while stealthing well under clothing.

Scarlett overbust by Versatile Corsets, $408

The Scarlett overbust is the best-selling style by Versatile Corsets. While this one does give a little more of an hourglass shape, I personally found this corset to be comfortable for beginners who are not accustomed to large waist reductions, and provide bust support with little gaping at the top edge from the start. The standard-sized version offers approximately 6 inches of room for the bust, and up to 10 inches of room in the hips (coming down a little below the iliac crest) which can be filled out with a fluffy skirt if your hips are more on the slim side. See my review.

Black mesh cincher by True Corset, $85

True Corset offers a selection of cinchers with a softer silhouette, gentle back support and affordable price. Their fabric selections include satin and taffeta, beautiful brocade, and even some cool and breezy mesh versions,  The company has two warehouses locations, one in the US to serve those in North and South America, and one in the UK that ships to the rest of the world. They also have a wide reach on AmazonSee my review.

Lace Embrace Atelier Edwardian Underbust, Price starts at $355 USD

It’s not only OTR corsets that provide a relatively gentle silhouette! Lace Embrace Atelier is one of the most well-known corsetieres in the world, having designed countless corsets for TV, movie and theatre productions, as well as celebrities on the red carpet. Their Edwardian underbust in their classic corset collection is a longline piece that has been designed in cooperation with local physicians to help support the back, hips, and tummy, and these corsets are even prescribed by cosmetic surgeons for their patients to wear after lipo surgery.

Passion cincher by Vollers, $179 USD via Etsy (aff link)

Vollers Corset Company from the UK is one of the oldest purveyors of corsets in the world. Many of the styles on their site are slimmed-down, modernized versions of their original 19th-century patterns, so you get the nod towards the traditional with the flair of cheery fabric options, and an un-intimidating fit for those not interested in necessarily shocking silhouettes. See my review of the similar Aida underbust.


~Honorable Mentions~

Victorian Riding Corset by Corset Connection

The Victorian Riding Underbust had met such fame, it even had its very own fan page on Facebook! Part of the Affordable Excellence line on Corset Connection, this corset was cut high on the hip to offer higher mobility, and just a gentle nip in the waist. Was available in 7 different fabrics and ranges from size 18 to 38.

“Sophia” Satin Overbust by What Katie Did (now discontinued)

What Katie Did is a retro brand focusing on mid-century pin-up and burlesque fashion, with boutiques in both the UK and the US. While they’re probably most well-known for their super curvy corsets like their Morticia and Vamp, they have a few options for those a bit less curvy as well! Featured above is the small-bust version of the Sophia corset, which was their only overbust which did not have the hip gores so it gave a smooth, swooping silhouette without dramatic angles from the waist over the hips.

Audrey overbust by Eternal Spirits, £210

Eternal Spirits is the original designer of the Agnes corset, which you might recognize because its picture has been stolen and used on countless Ebay and wholesale site listings, by irresponsible companies selling cheap knockoffs of the general design. I was just one of hundreds of customers scammed into believing that I was receiving a high quality item when instead I received this. So when I finally learned that Eternal Spirits was the genuine creator, I wanted to review their products to see what the real quality was like. I didn’t end up getting the Agnes corset though, I instead stumbled across this beautiful Audrey corset. The silhouette is gentle yet pleasing, and the construction is quite unique as far as corsets go. See my review.

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please contact the individual corset makers and sellers for more information about their gentle silhouette corsets. Affiliate links help keep this site online and keep the use of these galleries free for both corsetieres and shoppers.

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