Ribbon Cinchers

While ribbon cinchers are not the best choice for waist training, they are lightweight, fun, and when constructed correctly they can give considerable waist reduction! Some historical sources mention that ribbon cinchers can be used during sleep or while horse riding. Today they can still be used for the same purposes, or worn over clothing as a great statement piece.


Floral ribbon cincher by Jane’s Corsets (USA). Custom starts at $300 USD.
Photo: Paul Allan.

Jane’s Corsets of Massachusetts USA has quickly become one of my favorite designers to watch, because her samples are often a stunning fusion of historically-inspired and wildly innovative contemporary designs. This sweet floral ribbon cincher ($300 USD) is probably one of her tamer and more traditional pieces, inspired by this 1900 ribbon cincher currently displayed in Bath Museum.


Alternating matte and shiny blue ribbon in this cincher from Orchid Corsetry (UK). Starts at £350 GBP.
Model: Miss Miranda.

Orchid Corsetry also makes strong custom-measured ribbon corsets from double-faced satin ribbon, and can be patterned to give gentle curves (above) or to give almost a wasp-waist effect. Bethan can make these cinchers curved (above) or pointed, multi-tone or single-color, simple or embellished with crystals or other details as you see here, and uses strong coutil at the waistline for additional strength.


Sin and Satin standard ribbon cincher, $250

Sin and Satin from NYC makes some of the most unique and gorgeous ribbon cinchers in standard sizes 18″ – 36″. They’re different in that they have no vertical side panel, which means uninterrupted contouring from front to back. They can be styled to your liking using petersham or satin ribbon (or even adding eyelash lace, seen above right) and they’re cut for devastating curves, boasting 11″ hip spring and 8″ room for the ribs.


Ribbon cincher with vintage eyelet lace by Snowblack Corsets (Poland). Price starts at €220 (around $240 USD).

Snowblack Corsets of Poland creates corsets that often have a striking juxtaposition between hard and soft (her jute corsets!), goth and sweet, old and new. In this ribbon cincher she’s used delicate vintage eyelet lace ribbon from her grandmother’s collection backed with strong coutil, to make a one-of-a-kind precious piece.


Red petersham ribbon cincher made by Evgenia Lingerie, USA. Price starts at $188 USD.
Photography: Kelly Puleio Photography | Model: Nicole Whittaker

Evgenia Lingerie from California, USA makes these lovely ribbon cinchers in red, white or pink, with a laced closed front or full busk as seen here. Made from super strong and gorgeous rayon petersham ribbon, this comes in standard sizes from 22″ – 32″.


Rose print ribbon cincher made by Atelier Sylphe (France). Price starts at €79 ($95 USD).

While Atelier Sylphe is better known for their historical corset patterns, they also have an Etsy store where they sell ready-to-wear samples and art pieces, including a collection of ribbon cinchers in various sizes and colors. These are made with interwoven bands of wide elastic, which can give a mild waist reduction on their own, or can be worn as a statement belt over another corset. These are available in solid black, silver, and this rose print.


“Golden Dawn” ribbon cincher, by Emerald Queen Art (Poland).

Emerald Queen Art from Poland makes incredibly curvaceous and gorgeous ribbon cinchers with decorative ribbon instead of plain satin or petersham. This ribbon cincher, titled “Golden Dawn”, is part of her 2017 collection of cinchers for the Emerald Court. One unique feature of her custom cinchers is she can extend the vertical ribbons down to create garters / suspenders to hold up your stockings!


Vixen ribbon cincher by Pop Antique (California, USA), from $525

Pop Antique of San Francisco makes some of the curviest ribbon cinchers I’ve ever seen. The corsetiere, Marianne, includes a waist tape on the underside which is almost never seen in other ribbon cinchers; it helps to strengthen the corset where it takes the most tension – at the waistline. These corsets are made from double-faced satin ribbon, which is strong, non-stretch and come in a bevy of colors.


Axfords C210 ribbon underbust (UK), £95 GBP

Axfords Corsets offers an affordable standard-sized ribbon corset (style C210) in white, black or two-tone (seen here). It’s made from Petersham ribbon (also quite strong) with satin vertical panels, and a flap to hide the busk loops.


Vollers (UK) “Storm” ribbon cincher (shown in leather). Prices start at £150 GBP

Vollers Corsets also has a standard sized ribbon cincher called the “Storm” (style number V50) which is available in various shades of petersham ribbon. They also offer leather ribbon (shown above) which is interesting! This corset can also be upgraded made-to-measure for a fee.


Versatile Corsets Ribbon underbust (shown in purple glitter PVC) $158 USD

Versatile Corsets from Oregon, USA also makes interesting ribbon cinchers in standard sizes or made-to-measure. They specialize in funky PVC ribbon, with almost any satin or brocade you like for the vertical (boned) panels. If you prefer a little less rigidity with the same look, Versatile can also make these cinchers with elastic strapping.


Madame Sher (Brazil) mesh ribbon-style cincher, R$480 BRL (about $150 USD)

Madame Sher has many gorgeous ribbon-style cinchers to choose from. Most of the styles are not genuine ribbon but rather made from horizontal strips of satin, denim, leather or mesh (shown above, on yours truly). Since they can be made from nearly any material, there is incredible room for creativity here. My review of Madame Sher’s mesh cincher can be found here.


Josette Blanchard Ribbon Cincher WC 007, R$530 BRL (about $165 USD)

Josette Blanchard is another corsetiere from Brazil who makes ribbon cinchers from a variety of fabrics – traditional ribbon, mesh, or even quasi-ribbon cinchers using a fabric of your choice (which increases the color options significantly!). Here she’s used a purple satin cut into strips to create her own ribbon, which has been finished on the edges.


Leather Geometric Cincher from Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe ($185 USD)

Ms. Martha’s Corset Shoppe offers this “Geometric” ribbon-style cincher in leather and in silk, with several two-tone selections: black/brown, black/red or black/white. These cinchers are standard sized for natural waists 18″ up to 52″. See my review of the Geometric cincher here.


Silvia Alphard Couture Victorian Steampunk ribbon corset, $305

Silvia Aphard Couture is an Italian corsetiere who primarily sells through Etsy. Her gorgeous ribbon corsets are also made with wide double-faced satin ribbon and coutil. Silvia’s corsets are made-to-measure and available in several colors.


Archived – corsetieres who are no longer active:

Kiran-Lee Swing Hook Rainbow Patchwork Corset, $290

Kiran-Lee is another underestimated corsetiere based in London, England. Her ribbon-style corsets are fun and different, like this patchwork design made from recycled fabrics and old saris. Each of Kiran-Lee’s designs are one-of-a-kind.


I tried my own hand at a few ribbon corsets and found them rather fun to make! Although I don’t take commissions for ribbon corsets, I’ve shared some tips and tricks on how these were created. Click the photos below to see my case studies on how I constructed them.

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please contact the individual corsetieres for more information about their ribbon cinchers. Tiddly links are Etsy affiliate links, which help keep this site online and keep the galleries free for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Ribbon Cinchers

  1. Hello Lucy,

    are there any other problems with ribbon chinchers concering waist training, e.g., do they give to little support or do they distribute the pressure unevenly?
    And what about ribbon chinchers made using petersham ribbon, mesh or leather? Do you think, they have the same problem as satin ones? Or are these types well suited for waist training?

    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Principessa, most ribbon cinchers are not strong enough to waist train in, once a ribbon starts to fray, it starts to break down very quickly. Most ribbon cinchers also have minimal boning, so you may find that the fabric collapses in a way that might not be the most comfortable all day, every day. I think the only “training” ribbon corset I’ve seen was from Orchid Corsetry, specifically to be used as a night time “maintenance” corset but not for rigorous wear in the daytime.
      Mesh is even weaker than satin. Petersham may be stronger, and leather (when treated correctly) can be quite strong however leather stretches over time so it will need a cotton lining – in which case it’s probably just easier to go with a cotton corset anyway, as it’s cooler and breathes better.

  2. Why Ribbon corsets are not good for waist training?

    1. Hi Lalis, ribbon corsets tend to be technically one layer, with no real strength fabric (like twill or coutil) underneath. While wide, double-faced satin ribbon can hold quite a lot of tension and doesn’t stretch, once there’s any flaw in their integrity at all (if it’s nicked or starts to fray), then due to the way it’s woven, it can deteriorate very quickly.

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