Mesh, Net and Sheer (Summer) Corsets

Tulle corset, 1875. From Thierry de Maigret

The first time I saw a mesh corset, it triggered a long-term obsession. What a wonderful idea! Conventional corsets can be hot and sweaty during summertime or in warmer climates. The oldest tulle corset I’ve seen is estimated to be from 1875 (featured left) and throughout the 1890’s it seems that linen mesh became more popular for corsetry, so the idea is not new! Fast forward to today; there has been a huge resurgence of summer corsetry, and they’re as strong as ever with the creation of new fibers and creative engineering. Mesh and net corsets are made with all different types of materials: cross-stitch canvas, linen mesh, Aida cloth, nylon mesh, polyester tulle, horsehair, and lace itself. In this article I’ll highlight some corsetieres and brands that offer modern mesh corsets.

*Please note that MANY corsetieres now create summer mesh corsets, and if I were to add them all, this post would be maddeningly long. Corsetieres, if your mesh corset does not appear in this list and you have one to submit, please send me an email here.

OTR/ RTW Corsets:

Hourglass standard length underbust corset, $99. Pattern by Lucy’s Corsetry, produced by Timeless Trends.

For those who love some whimsy along with staying cool in the summer: Timeless Trends has brought back mesh corsets to their corset line! Made from a fine-weave synthetic corsetry mesh, this corset will lend a curvy silhouette and it’s still covered under the lifetime warranty. Full disclosure, I am a retailer for TT, so you can find this corset in my shop!

True Corset white mesh cincher, $83

True Corset keeps affordable standard-sized mesh cinchers (in white mesh and black mesh) in stock for only £55 (or $83). Due to the nature of the mesh, True Corset recommends that buyers order a size smaller than usual as the corset may stretch over time. See my review of True Corset’s mesh cincher here.

Orchard Corset’s CS-411 mesh in tan ($69) and CS-201 mesh in black ($65)

Orchard Corset offers the least expensive OTR mesh corsets today, and in the widest range of corsets (CS-201 from $69, CS-411 from $70, the CS-426 mesh from $76, and the CS-511 mesh from $79) and most of them available in two different colors (tan and black). Orchard has also responded to the demand for more bones in the larger size corsets, so the number of bones increase with the size of the corset. See my reviews for the 411 mesh, the 201 mesh, the CS-426 longline mesh, and the CS-511 overbust mesh corsets. Use my coupon code CORSETLUCY to save 10%!

Jolie longline corset in black mesh, by Glamorous Corset (from $74).
Jolie longline corset in black mesh, by Glamorous Corset (from $74).

Glamorous Corset also carries several mesh styles, including the Bella cincher, Emma underbust, Lara curvy underbust, and this Jolie longline corset (from $74), in black (shown here) and also white mesh. See my review for the Jolie corset here. Use my coupon code LUCY15 to save 15% off your order!

Fairy GothMother Short Lace Underbust, £215

Fairy GothMother also offers a standard-sized mesh cincher for £215, available in delicate black lace. They recommend this for light wear (2-4 inches reduction). If you prefer a more plain mesh, they have mesh cinchers in black and (relatively rare) all-red cincher for only £165.

Daily-Wear Summer Corsets

Madame Sher nude mesh underbust, $160 USD

Brazil-based Madame Sher has a collection of simple and beautiful mesh corsets in her Tight Comfort section, ranging from $130 – $300 for a custom-fit design. They’re made with cotton mesh and cotton twill in various neutral shades. See my review of the Madame Sher black mesh cincher here.

Ferrer Corsets summer mesh tightlacing underbust, starts at R$790, or $245 USD

Ferrer Corsets is also a Brazilian corset maker – and it seems that tropical Brazil is taking the summer corset industry by storm as they understand the need to feel cool while training in any climate! Ferrer offers a variety of mesh and net corsets, including the corset above which costs only R$790 (converts to $245 USD).

Delicate Facade Corsetry heavy-duty summer mesh corset, starts at $510

Delicate Facade Corsetry has made this summer corset made with “heavy duty, industrial grade, tightlacing quality mesh”, for a special client who requires a surgery support corset 24/7 after a horrendous accident. DF Corsetry has prettied up this breezy piece with highly decorative latticework. You can learn more about Delicate Facade, and read more about Sasha’s story here.

Sophisticated Tulle Corsets:

Contessa Gothique Design Semi-Mesh underbust, starts at $280

Contessa Gothique Design makes semi-mesh corsets with alternating panels of poly netting and cotton coutil – the one shown above is the one I own. The net is soft like tulle, but the double-layer makes for a strong piece. Embellished with lace appliqué and Swarovski crystals, this pretty piece holds up very well to tightlacing and accentuates any summer outfit while still keeping me cool – but if you prefer, the corset can be made more plain as well. See my review of this Contessa Gothique corset here.

V-Couture Nyx tulle and lace overbust, $550

V-couture makes a single-layer tulle overbust called “Nyx”, heavily decorated with beautiful corded lace, beads and sequins. Although it has no waist tape, V-couture ensures that Nyx is capable of giving up to 4 inches reduction.

Entre-Nous embroidered tulle overbust; Textile design by Jakob Schlaepfer

Entre-Nous by Beata Sievi introduced embroidered tulle corsets in early 2014, such as this astonishingly gorgeous white piece with delicate pastel floral embroidery. 

Cotton Bobbinet Corsets:

Cotton Bobbinet overbust by Morua Designs (from $500). Photo: Sparklewren. Model: Victoria Dagger
Cotton Bobbinet overbust by Morua Designs (from $500). Photo: Sparklewren. Model: Victoria Dagger

Morúa Designs of Chicago (and London) was the first known corsetiere to experiment with breathable, lightweight cotton bobbinet for corsetry. It is slightly stretchy which allows it to flow beautifully over curves for a smooth finish under clothing. The waist tape, binding, and other optional structured areas will prevent stretch and add extra support where you desire.

Peach summer bobbinet demibust by La Belle Fairy Corsets in Vancouver, BC Canada

La Belle Fairy from British Columbia, Canada makes beautiful corsetry from vintage patterns, with modern fabrics. This Victorian demibust corset is made with a delicate looking peach bobbinet (and bobbinet covered boning channels) but is strong enough to cinch you in.

“Champagne” bobbinet underbust by Crimson Rose Corsetry (from $360). Photo: WeNeal’s Photography

This corset is bubbly, fun and light, and so is aptly named “champagne” after a custom cosplay created by Crimson Rose Corsetry. It features brocade front and back panels, with breezy bobbinet on the sides. The (sparkly!) waist tape holds firm to give you a dramatic cinch in the waist while keeping your ribs and hips comfortable.

Bobbinet overbust wedding corset with satin cups and gold lace, by Sew Curvy Couture

Julia Bremble of Sew Curvy Couture not only creates corsets from bobbinet (like this wedding corset sample with satin cups and lace embellishment), but also sells bobbinet in her corset supply store, in case you’d like to try making a corset from bobbinet on your own!

Bobbinet bridal corset by Ivory Rose Design - as part of a Foundations Revealed tutorial on how to work with bobbinet
Bobbinet bridal corset by Ivory Rose Designs – as part of a Foundations Revealed tutorial on how to work with bobbinet

Ivy Rose Designs in Alberta, Canada, created this lovely “something blue” sheer bridal corset and covered it in corded lace with pearls for a bridal client. She also documented the process for Foundations Revealed to create a tutorial on exactly how to work with bobbinet for corsets, and what to expect.

Lace Corsets:

Wyte Phantom black lace sheer underbust. Model: October DiVine. Photo: My Boudoir
Wyte Phantom black lace sheer underbust. Model: October DiVine. Photo: My Boudoir

What happens when you forgo the lace appliqué and just use the uncut lace itself as the panels in a corset? You get a breathtaking sheer effect, as seen in the piece above made by Wyte Phantom.

Totally Waisted sheer waist cincher with Chantilly lace overlay, starts at $199
Bone & Busk Couture sheer waist cincher with Chantilly lace overlay, starts at $199

Bone & Busk Couture by Katharina Mior also featured some limited edition sheer cinchers this year, priced to sell. The strong mesh panels with full Chantilly lace overlay combine with super-strong spot broche to make an enchanting statement piece that can be worn over any outfit, or next to the skin.

Coloured Mesh Corsets:

JL Corsets "Kingfisher" mesh corset, using 3 colours of sport mesh
JL Corsets “Kingfisher” mesh corset, using 3 colours of sport mesh

JL Corsets offers some fun-yet-tough sports mesh corset in any combination of colours – you can order a corset in just one shade, but why not have ALL the colours?!

Do Balakobako pink mesh and floral print underbust

Do Balakobako Corsets from Brazil makes some of the most beautiful coloured mesh pieces starting from only R$ 250, and her prolific work is very quickly gaining admirers on Facebook! See her photo album of summer corsets here.

Sheer Corsetry Mesh & Organza Corsetry:

Angela Stringer Corsetry floral sheer overbust. Model: Victoria Dagger

Angela Stringer Corsetry has a continual theme on floral prints. In the above corset, she combines the sophistication of sheer panels with floral femininity to create a unique piece that’s both playful and smoldering. This is available in both overbust and underbust versions.

The “Snowy Owl” corset by The Bad Button. Model: Zsu Zsu Starr. Photo: Aesthetic Aperture

The Bad Button Bespoke Corsets, based out of Kentucky, USA, has been hard at work through early 2014 creating her “Birds of Paradise” couture line. One such piece from her collection is the “Snowy Owl” shown above, made of alternating silk covered coutil and sheer corsetry mesh.

Sheer corset girdle by Snowblack Corsets, approximately $200 USD
Sheer corset girdle by Snowblack Corsets, starts at $200

SnowBlack Corsets offers this lovely corset/girdle, made with a single layer of nylon mesh, and finished in black raw silk shell and coutil lining. While this corset has a waist tape and sturdy two part grommets, SnowBlack says that it is meant to serve as more of a slimming, supportive girdle and doesn’t recommend a reduction of more than 4″ in this. However, it would be the perfect tool to smooth your figure under a retro dress! This corset also features four garter clips, and two additional hidden garter tabs for additional hold of stockings if desired.

Dark Garden Risqué Sweetheart overbust, starts at $895

The Dark Garden Risqué corset is aptly named. Made from nylon mesh and silk, the Risqué is available as both a cincher and as a sweetheart overbust (above). The website provides fantastic ideas for wear, mentioning that sheer corsetry serves as a great foundation under formal gowns, or can be worn to show off tattoos.

Pop Antique Flirt overbust, starts at $399

Marianne is a well-known corsetiere for Dark Garden, but she also owns her own corsetry line and is a respected designer in her own right: Pop Antique‘s corsets are fun and contemporary, and the Flirt overbust is as coquettish as it gets with its peekaboo panels and little panniers (or “hip fins” as I like to call them).

Sparklewren sheer bridal overbust with cups
Sparklewren sheer bridal overbust with cups

Sparklewren also offers some sheer corsetry, from cinchers to full cupped overbust corsets. Natural sheer mesh sees layers upon layers of French lace appliqué in true Sparklewren fashion to create an ethereal one-of-a-kind design.

Horsehair corsets:

Bizarre Design sheer halter overbust and matching skirt

Bizarre Design proves that horsehair can shape the torso with extreme efficacy given the correct engineering. This sheer overbust with halter straps is capable of giving extreme reductions even without a waist tape.

Atelier Sylphe polyester horsehair pointed overbust

Atelier Sylphe has created a beautiful sheer pointed overbust from poly horsehair and twill, also giving an impressive silhouette without a waist tape.

Anachronism In Action sheer lattice pointed overbust
Anachronism In Action sheer lattice pointed overbust

Anachronism in Action‘s sheer overbust features horsehair that had been dyed a diaphanous ice-blue hue. The beautiful lattice corset also features hundreds of Swarovski crystals over the bust.

Powermesh Corsets:

Powermesh and satin corset-girdle by Sian Hoffman
Powermesh and satin corset-girdle by Sian Hoffman (starts from $360)

Sian Hoffman (UK) powermesh corset-girdles are arguably one of the most recognizable designs of its kind, which combine the dramatic hourglass shape of corsets with the sleekness and mobility offered by powermesh shapewear. Her corsets offer a busk in the front or in the back (a back busk will allow the corset to be smooth in the front), with garters to keep the bottom of the girdle smooth and taut.

Morgana Femme Couture cupped overbust corset-girdle with brocade and powermesh (from $510)
Morgana Femme Couture cupped overbust corset-girdle with brocade and powermesh (from $510)

Morgana Femme Couture (UK) makes both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure corsets and corset-girdles. This one is particularly stunning as it’s also a cupped overbust (although it also comes in an underbust version). The rigid brocade fabric ends right below the natural waistline, while smoothing and supporting the hips with black powermesh for the best of both worlds.

Other corsetieres who have made mesh or sheer corsets:

Archived – Corsets no longer available:

Discontinued What Katie Did sheer Cabaret two-tone Laurie overbust, was £209

What Katie Did previously offered a few mesh styles in the Demi-Couture section of their website. The Cabaret Sophia, Cabaret Laurie and Cabaret Morticia corsets featured panels of a double layer of organza in either soft peach or sultry black, and maintain as curvy a silhouette as ever. See my review of the Cabaret two-tone Laurie here.

Contour Corsets blue summer mesh corset, starts at $745

Contour Corsets makes arguably the strongest modern mesh corsets in the world. Fran incorporates space-age materials into her corsets, and the photo above features my personal primary waist training corset, capable of withstanding 23/7 use and cinching my waist over 25%. The synthetic mesh and the construction of the corset are both so strong that the addition of a waist tape would be superfluous. My review of the summer Contour Corset can be found here.

Velda Lauder mesh and satin underbust corset

I wouldn’t feel right without mentioning the late Velda Lauder’s sheer underbust, as she designed this years ago before any of the other corsetieres in this section had discovered corset-suitable sheer fabric. Ms Lauder forged a path all her own, and will be fondly remembered for her beautiful designs.

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only.

17 thoughts on “Mesh, Net and Sheer (Summer) Corsets

  1. I would like a Corset , it must be Feminine,because I love to feel that way.A Corset is after all,a way we can train our bodies and trim are waist , while making sure that the cruves appear to suit ehat we want our bodies too be;But most importantly it must be strong and constructed of Satin and Silk. Tbe Corset has to have at least 26 steel stays, and 4 flat steel stay along the back susporting the laces, with a Modesty panel, it is an Overbust Corset with at least 6 suspender for attaching to my Silk Stockings, and 2 Straps fastened to the Breast of the bodice, they must be adjustable.Do your Corsets have details like this?…Ms. Rita Lynne Lerch

    1. Hello Rita, the type of mesh overbust you’re describing will probably have to be commissioned as a custom piece. I recommend checking out the corsetiere map to find a maker nearby who would be able to give you a personal fitting for best results.

  2. Hi there – Hope you’re well. I am having a wedding gown made and the top of the dress is actually more
    of a sheer/nude corsette. So I am looking for a nude corsette that I can have perfectly fitted to my body. I want something a bit see-through …And then the dressmaker I am using will add flowers and netting – I have photos to show you if I can send those over too. Or you can google the “colette dress by Liz Martinez” for a sneak peek as well. Again, i wont have a top of the dress…the corsette will actually be the top of the dress- and then I have the 3-D flowers which they will sew on accordingly. So the corset should be the color of my skin….

    I have a smaller chest (34 B-ish) so I want something that will be a little more uplifting and flattering without being overdone as far as cleavage. And most importantly, I want it to be comfortable.

    Thanks in advance for the help


    1. Hi Erica, it’s very likely that you’ll need a custom corset, and for best results, one that lives or works close to you that can give you a few in-person fittings. It won’t come cheap, but if you want the best for your wedding gown, it would be worth it. Have you looked at the corsetiere map to see if any makers are within driving distance?

  3. There is also the mesh corset which comes in at $54.18 USD which makes it the actual cheapest mesh OTR corset by $15! Plus it’s far better constructed and far curvier than Orchard Corset.–CU2-Black-Mesh-Underbust-gothic-corset-hourglass-shape-sturdy.html

    I’ve tried it and can vouch for its quality so it’s definitely worth inclusion on this list.

  4. Hi, I hope this message will find you happy and healthy. What would you recommend as overbust mesh corset for someone with a full hourglass figure (18) with a quite large 38 DDD (meaning the breast goes far under my arm) and who just want to smooth the form and mostly have support without bras straps showing under my dresses?

    Thank you and have a nice day,


    1. Hi Ava, the custom corsets on this page would be able to create a corset that fits your body measurements precisely. :) There is only one off-the-rack brand that offers mesh overbust corsets at this time, and that’s Orchard Corset. I’m not sure how street sizes compare to corset sizes, you would have to take your measurements in inches – but they carry the corset up to 40″ closed waist (would probably fit up to 50 inches natural waist).

  5. Where would you suggest for a custom mesh or summer corset?

    I live in Florida and have been saving up but I realized recently contour corsets won’t sell to me because I’m 19.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Renee, I have a custom mesh corset from Madame Sher (Brazil), and a semi-mesh from Contessa Gothique Design (Croatia) and they’re both great. :)

  6. Hi Lucy, how do these hold up to daily wear??? Contour would be great but is there any others that would work for waist training???

    1. Hi Tonia, obviously Contour is the most suited to daily wear. The Contessa Gothique one is holding up quite strong for me still, while the Madame Sher, True Corset and Orchard Corset mesh options are much softer. Others have mentioned that the holes in the mesh can widen or tear if too much stress is put on it. I would reserve those cheaper mesh corsets for daily use only in the hottest months, and move to a cotton trainer as soon as the weather becomes cool again.

  7. Thank you for discovering mesh corsets! They are incredibly comfortable, spectacular, and match colours and textures when worn over clothes in such an interesting way. After browsing your galleries, I got mine – a fantastic, super-curvy 17″ – from Snowblack (not the girdle featured here, but the 2-layer net mid-hip underbust like the one modelled by Rockagirl) and I am happy with it.
    I hope to get the sparkly Contessa Gothique and floral Angela Stringer corsets someday, too!

  8. Dear Lucy, thank you for the great revue of mash corsets. Du you know were to get the mash fabric like in the brazilian corsets (with big net holes) or the sport mash. I didn’ find anything like this by the well known corsett material supply. I have nice picture of a tulle embroidery corset- haw can I send you this picture? Warm greetings Beata.

    1. Hi Beata, I’m glad you liked the gallery! Unfortunately I’m not sure where to source the Brazilian style mesh, but perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to message the makers directly (like Madame Sher or Ferrer Corsets) to see if they are willing to share their suppliers.

  9. Thank you sososososo much for this list! I live in Arizona and I have to go about half the year without a corset because it is so uncomfortable and this list helps so much.

    1. I’m so glad it helped you, Taylor! Hopefully many breezy corseted days are in your future. :)

      1. Hi Lucy, what do you think about the mesh corset from true corset?
        Is it good for tightlacing?

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