Curvy cinchers and waspies under $200

Waist cinchers are short corsets, usually cut high over the hip and in some cases stop a couple inches below the underbust line. I usually measure cinchers by the height of the side seam – if it’s 8″ or less on the side, it may fall into the “cincher” range, and most cinchers are 6-7″ high (although I have seen cinchers or ‘waspies’ as short as 4″ on the side!).

Those with shorter waists (or who are short of stature) may wear a cincher and have it fit like a full-length corset, so petite women can save money on waist training by purchasing a made-to-measure cincher so it fits her body perfectly. A cincher can also accentuate outfits as a wide belt on those with longer waists. There is one caveat though; many companies don’t make cinchers in larger sizes as they don’t provide any support for soft and low-hanging tummies. The following corsetieres and businesses deliver curves in a teeny package.


Timeless Trends black cashmere hourglass cincher, $89. Other colors and styles available!

New in 2015 is Timeless Trends’ Hourglass Silhouette corsets, including the curvier waist cincher (8.25″ at the center front, and 6.5 inches at the side seam)! Made with 6 panels, 20 bones, and a lifetime manufacturing guarantee, these corsets are not only almost indestructible but they are now curvier to boot! Priced from $89 (premium fabrics are $99), these corsets are now offered in sizes 18″ – 42″ in certain styles. I’m extremely proud to have personally worked with Timeless Trends on the redesign of these corsets, and you can find them in my corset shop here.

Brittney models the CS-201 mesh waspie. Photo: Orchard Corset.

Orchard Corset has taken the OTR corset industry by storm due to their curviness and affordability. Their CS-201 waspie has a front length of 9.5″ and a size length of 7.25″ and is offered in sizes 18″ up to 40″ in some styles. Be sure to use the code CORSETLUCY to save 10% off any purchase for an even better deal.

Isabella Corsetry Octopus classic cincher, $180

Isabella Corsetry offers incredibly curvy ready-to-wear cinchers made in the USA. She offers novelty prints, like the Octopus Classic Cincher above, or more conventional designs like floral and pinstripe in sizes up to 36″ (for waists up to 41″). Isabella holds constant sales where you can sometimes catch cinchers for as low as $135.

Aranea Black made-to-measure waspie cincher, $200

Aranea Black is a one-woman corset company in Croatia whose creations are underrated. She offers standard sized waspies for only $90, and this curvy made-to-measure waspie/ cincher for only $200 on Etsy, made with closed front and your choice of coutil, spot broche or floral broche.

SnowBlack Corsets made-to-measure raw silk cincher, $170

SnowBlack Corsets is another underrated corsetiere, although Marta’s designs have been featured many times in Polish alt fashion magazines. She offers custom-fit cinchers with a maximum side length of 18cm (7″), finished in raw silk for only $170.

Morgana Femme Couture MF1329 cincher, £130

Morgana Femme Couture makes a beautiful and simple made-to-order silk dupion cincher for £95 (about $185). It’s only 6″ on the side seam and is offered in 19 different colours of silk. The only caveat is that they’re only offered in sizes 18-24 (they recommend up to 28″ waist).

Meschantes Corsetry Mischief waist cincher, $130

Meschantes Corsetry offers two shorter-style corsets, both ready-to-wear: the Mischief corset (shown above) or the Etoile corset which is more pointed. They also have a closed-front brital Etoile cincher for as low as $99.

Madame Sher mesh ribbon-style cincher, $220

Madame Sher mesh ribbon-style cincher, $130

Madame Sher offers this breezy mesh cincher for a cool $130. This custom-fit cincher is perfect for summer days and hot climates, and with a side seam of a bit over 8″, it should fit most body types. As Madame Sher’s corsets are made-to-measure, the range of sizes is unknown.

Heavenly Corsets Bébé cincher, £120

Heavenly Corsets‘ newest addition is the Bébé corset, which is less than 7″ high. For £120 (about $190) it is made-to-measure, and Elle guarantees that it will hold up to even 23/7 tightlacing/ waist training. Elle recommends a maximum natural waist of 32″ for this corset.

If you can stretch your budget a bit more…

What Katie Did Baby corset, £130 / $215.50 USD

Where would we be without WKD? I wouldn’t feel right not mentioning What Katie Did‘s Baby corset, even though it’s a little over the $200 budget. At only 7″ high and boasting at least 10″ hip spring, this is the curviest of OTR cinchers (it’s patterned from their famous Morticia underbust!). It’s made from size 18″ up to size 34″ (may fit natural waists up to ~40″).

*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only; please email any of the above makers to learn more about their cinchers and waspies. Tiddly links are Etsy affiliate links, which help the galleries remain free for everyone.

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