Corset Belts and Swiss Waists

Corset belts, finishing belts, and Swiss waists (at least in their modern definition, not their original forms) are quasi-corsets or corset-like garments that may or may not lace up, may or may not contain a front busk, and may or may not contain elastic – but they all have one thing in common, and they tend to be extremely short on the side seam (4 inches / 10cm or shorter) and they can be used as a decorative belt on the outside of your clothing.

In this gallery, we’ll explore some of these options! I have set some ground rules, though. The belts found here fall under one or more of the following:

  • contains at least one corsetty piece of hardware (busk and/or functional grommet system).
  • finishing belt made by a corsetiere or brand, specifically for coordinating with corsets.
  • can be ordered in custom sizes, and further adjusted in circumference through a lacing system or elastic, not by buckles alone.
  • ~4 inches or shorter on the side seam, usually with a slightly higher / possibly pointed center front for improved support (or at least aesthetically leaning towards a corset)
  • functional enough to reduce the waist slightly on its own (i.e. not flimsy or made from foam)
  • not just a regular belt / obi.

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Corset belts with adjustable lacing
Elastic finishing belts with busks
Bespoke belts by Leatherworkers
Sewing Patterns & Tutorials for Corset Belts & Swiss Waists

~Corset Belts with adjustable lacing system~

Rainbow Curve Corsetry (Netherlands) Art Nouveau “Worbla” Corset Belt with Hip-Ties
Moriel Corsetry Dupioni Silk Gothic Corset Belt (front busk and lace-up back, steel boned), $145
Hail Satin Corsetry Custom Corset Belt, Starting at $39+ (Available in satin, velvet, or brocade). This style is front-lacing and has a closed back (no busk).
Wild Rose Corsetry (Canada) Swiss Waist Corset Belt (Can be made Custom)
Orchid Corsetry (UK) “Idelle” Corset Belt with Removable Harness, £180
Twilight Siren Bespoke Rosebud Coutil Corset Belt (bust front and lace-up back, steel boned), $287 USD
Gia Corset Belt from Glamorous Corset (busk front and lace-up back, steel boned), $79 USD
Galeria Label Renaissance Painting Corset Belts – different styles available (closed front and lace-up back, plastic boned). $75 USD
Steam Raven Designs Black Skull Corset Belt with cute skull cherries (closed front and lace-up back, steel boned), $72 USD
Haizea Couture Buskless Corset Belt – several styles to choose from (closed front and lace-up back) , $118 USD
Beautiful Ladies World Denim Corset Belt (closed front and lace-up back; plastic boned), $50 USD

~Elastic Finishing Belts~

These belts are offered by corset brands and designed to be worn to accentuate a corseted waistline. They contain a front busk (an aesthetic nod to corsetry) but they are made with elastic and have no back lacing system.

Dark Garden finishing belt in leather and elastic, with front busk closure, $195 USD. They also have a waspie belt with thicker elastic straps for $225.
Videnoir (Italy) Corset Belt (Available in different styles and colors)
Atelier Sylphe Corset Belt, $119. This contains a front busk and back lacing system (covered in coutil) but the sides are made from elastic and contains no bones.
Madame Sher (Brazil) Elastic Ribbon Corset Belt with Square Front Busk Loops
Orchard Corset mesh corset belt with busk front closure and elastic back, $35 USD

~Bespoke belts by leatherworkers~

These belts contain grommets / a lacing system, can be ordered to match your exact external corseted waistline, and several of them also are available in different widths depending on how dramatic your hip spring is and how you’d like it to fit over your corseted waistline. These belts may give a light cinch on their own, and being hard leather, they resist stretching – but they don’t contain bones and should not be used as training corsets per se.

Dark Age Leathers Corset Belt (customizable, made to measure, lace-up back), $189 USD
The Church of Lilith Leather Corset Belt (made to measure, closed back, grommeted front can be modified into lacing system), $179 USD
Wyrd Armouries Octopus Leather Corset Belt (made to measure, customizable, multiple lacing systems), $185

~Corset Belt and Swiss Waist Patterns~

Corsets by Caroline pointed Swiss Waist / Riding Corset pattern with very short sides; lace-up back and closed front. Digital download $11.48 USD
Corsets by Caroline Corset Belt Pattern, Digital download $5.74 USD
Kiana Bonollo Designs, Digital Download Corset Belt Pattern, Digital download $9 USD


*Please note that I have not personally tried every corset brand in this list, nor do I necessarily endorse every company in these guided galleries. This is for informational purposes only. Please contact the individual corsetieres for more information about their corset belts. Etsy affiliate links help keep this site online and keep the galleries free for everyone.