Corset Vlogger Interview at Orchard Corset

Some of you may have already known that back in early June 2013, I and several other corset vloggers (including Phoenix [mmsnafaioopoofeeker], Byrdi [silentsongbyrd], Meghann [LadyTigerLily] and Andrea [RandomCorset]) travelled from across the continent to meet up at Orchard Corset headquarters to have a group interview, participate in a photoshoot, and have the opportunity to form friendships and make history.

Below you’ll find the interview, organized in a playlist of 7 parts for your convenience. If you would like to see the interview in one 40-minute long video, click here to go to Orchard Corset’s upload!

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5 comments on “Corset Vlogger Interview at Orchard Corset

  1. Mysha Goins on said:

    Hi Lucy, I have been watching you on you tube for roughly a month but I decided to order the CS 426 Steel Boned longline Corset from Orchard. I am on Day 3 of breaking in my Corset. I am super excited and so are my children! Orchard has excellent customer service…I could give you the whole testimony but instead I will say thank you, thank you and thank you to Danielle!!! She was so patient with me. Lucy you are truly gifted to do this. I trust what you say versus other you tube footage I viewed. I am a supporter of you for life. Thanks for all the insight and I must say I’m still watching, reading and learning from you. TC.

  2. Hi lucy! Iv ben considering tight lacing for awhile now n i have finally decided to go with the orchard corset cs426 n i was wondering which of the fabrics that they offer it in is the sturdyest? :)

  3. Janina on said:

    It was fun to watch the panel style discussion and be introduced to some other smart, dignified corset bloggers. Thanks for posting.

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