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There is Still Time to Contribute to the Book!

Kitty Lace Embrace Corset
Remember Kitty? She has scoliosis as well as a ligament disorder that caused her liver to drop. She wears a custom Lace Embrace corset to support her spine and lift her liver up into its correct position, and it accommodates her iliostomy bag. Click photo to read my past interview with her.

In case you missed the announcement on my Youtube channel last year:

I’m writing a book! 

Many of you know that I’ve received hundreds of emails over the past 5 years from corset wearers relaying their personal experiences regarding how corsets have been beneficial to them physically, mentally or emotionally. This was the original inspiration for my Corset Benefits permanent page. While this serves as a decent summary, I know that this can be taken a step further.

This book will be a compilation of first-person true narratives by the people who have been directly affected by corset wear – a collection of uplifting short stories that inspires readers and sometimes softens the heart, similar in sentiment to Chicken Soup for the Soul but only regarding corsets and corset wear. It will include experiences of people who waist train, tight lace, use corsets for medical/ therapeutic use or simply for fashion – it is for all people who enjoy corsets, no matter their context. My dream is that this book will be something that corset enthusiasts will be able to read and relate to, and perhaps be able to give to their loved ones to demystify corsets and remove the stigma.

Our industry has been so harshly attacked by bloggers and national news stations alike. Not least I have been personally attacked, had my content and research stolen without credit, had my photos and videos used on national television without my knowledge or consent and subjected to libel, with stories fabricated around my image. Instead of naming and shaming these naive individuals and corporations, I’m responding with love and compiling the amazing stories of how corsets have contributed to people’s quality of life.

Unfortunately, after not winning the draw for the free custom corsets last week, a couple of previous contributors decided that it was not worth it to them to participate in this project anymore – so I am looking for more contributors to take their place.

If you have an amazing corset-related experience and you’d like to be part of this project, please contact me via email and briefly let me know what you would like to write about. You’re absolutely welcome to talk about corsetry in whatever context fits your life.

What kinds of true stories are accepted for the book?

Here are some examples of true stories that may become part of the book:

  • Corsets as a driving force in finding one’s joie de vivre after menopause
  • The corset as a symbol of a woman’s independence and self-reliance after escaping an abusive relationship where her partner wouldn’t grant her essentials like clothing or food.
  • A corsetiere’s perspective about how unique the corset community is in their mutual support, compared to more cut-throat niches in the fashion industry.
  • Corsets used to correct PoTS and help stabilize low blood pressure
  • Corsets being used to correct pelvic tilt, which in turn corrected the writer’s knee and ankle alignment, allowing them to stand and walk again without pain
  • Several stories about how corsets have saved their wearers from injury in car accidents and against violent aggressors
  • Many stories about scoliosis correction, and soothing depression and anxiety related to grief, PTSD or autism/ Asperger’s.

More unique experiences (e.g. “my corset did more for me than my previous lap-band surgery ever did” or “a stranger punched me and broke his hand on my corset”) will have a higher chance of being accepted for the book – I have been deluged with stories of back pain relief already, although if you have more rare causes of back pain and curvature like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Polio, etc. these unique stories are welcome.

(For those on the front page of my website, click the “Read More” button below to get more detailed info about the book!)

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Corset Giveaway Shortlist (and Winners!)

After nearly a week of spending every waking (and non-school) hour reading over 1000 entries for the giveaway, here is the shortlist (top 50) from which the winners for the Retrofolie corsets will be chosen (after the photo). The winners will be randomly chosen from this group of 50 tomorrow (Sunday) and announced on Youtube!

There were many tears in the process of choosing this shortlist, because there were hundreds that truly need and deserve to win. While there was no particular science to who got chosen, here are a few points:

  • both people who have previously owned corsets and who haven’t owned a real corset were chosen
  • if the contestant did own a corset previously, the people who wore their corset often were chosen over those who said that they owned 10 corsets but rarely wore any of them
  • on average, those that were chosen had a tendency to write a little more (at least a few sentences) than those who wrote very brief, 1-sentence entries or sentence fragments. It allowed me to “get to know” the person better and more fully understand their circumstances. Their first language didn’t play a factor; there are many on this list whose first language isn’t English
  • race, gender, and country of residence were irrelevant (this contest was open worldwide)
  • those who have been subscribed to my channel longer had a better chance of being chosen compared to those who only subscribed for the contest
  • those who struggled financially were more likely to be chosen over those who mentioned that they were more affluent
RetroGalaxy corset by RetroFolie

The Top 50 Entrants:

Abby F
Alicia McD
Amanda Hv
Andrea M.
Angela O.
Annie S
Ash N
Cassie D
Catalina S
Deathless Cat
Devon M
Dorothy G
Elissa H
Gabii W
Gabrielle M.
Imogen M
James M
Jesse S
Juno L
Kari S
Kat McC
Krista B
Kuroe J
Lorraine B
Marha C
Marisa S
Marjo K
Melisa R
Natacha L
Pixie Hunt
Renee P
Stephanie E
Suny P
Tara C
Thao P
these trails
Vega C.
Vern H
Verum Terror
Wendy M.
Zak K
Zarian V


Update: the winners have been chosen! Congratulations to those who won – the draw can be viewed in the video below: