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Storing your contemporary hoopskirts

Youtube subscribers following me since 2011 will be familiar with my hoopskirt jellyfish persona. (Click through for context)

Not directly corset-related (and don’t worry – I will resume the season-with-me posts soon!) but here is a cool video demonstration (not done by me) on how to fold your crinoline/ hoopskirts for travel or storage. I tried following along with the video and managed to achieve the fold once or twice – if I learn how to do it consistently and can figure out a way to explain it effectively, then I might post a tutorial for it.

Once folded, it needs to be held in place so it doesn’t pop open again. You can use the drawstring to tie it in place, or store it in an appropriately-sized drum bag or a hat-box with a latch. Here’s a budget cymbal bag that might just work.

Please note that this folding trick will likely only work on contemporary skirts that are stiffened with spring steel, and I wouldn’t attempt this with any hoopskirts stiffened with reed, bamboo, wood, etc.

What do you think? Can you fold your crinolines this way? Let me know!



By the way, did I ever post about my crinoline video on this blog yet? If not, here you go:



7 thoughts on “Storing your contemporary hoopskirts

  1. I TRY to fold it like that every time I take it to Wave Gotik Treffen for the victorian picnic (the only time I wear it) – but I’m not very succesful, and just pile boots on top of it in my suitcase xD
    My crinoline is also from ebay too! I need to get a proper bustle – the tulle one I have is not satisfying!

  2. I am about to bash my head in trying to fold this petticoat. I have the same exact one as you from the same eBay dealer, and it’s just NOT cooperating. :-(

    1. Hi Lady Zombie! Sometimes I can get the technique down while other times I just can’t – so I typically just store it behind my bookshelf against the wall, to be honest!

      1. It is officially a “curtain” in my closet now.

  3. now days crinolines are pretty much the same pattern but I liked those old patents where all kinds of sitting holes and reinforcements at the back :). fun to make those also ^^

  4. Very interesting! I want to get a hoop skirt and I haven’t really thought about such stuff as how you sit in it, now I’ll know :)

    1. Hoopskirts are so fun (and relatively affordable too) – it’s a shame that people don’t get the opportunity to play with them more often!

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