With and Without: How Wearing a Corset Affects You and Your Clothes

A lovely, balanced and logical corset-neutral article that shows that the average waist reduction among 52 women was only about 2.5 inches, that corsets were necessary foundations to support the breasts and the heavy garments of the time, and that even a corset at zero reduction has remarkable effect on silhouette/frame. Also featured is an interestesting study performed in the late 19th century which is worth a read in itself. Do turn a blind eye to the words “today’s fetish corsets” as it’s not supposed to be taken as derogatory to tightlacers. As Liz sums up nicely elsewhere in her blog, “Whether you are a lady or a gent, costumer or casual, tight-lacer or comfort-seeker, there is a corset for you!”
Go through this article slowly; it’s well worth it. ~ Lucy


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2 comments on “With and Without: How Wearing a Corset Affects You and Your Clothes

  1. Thanks Lucy… perfect for tonight’s reading.

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