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My Experience as a Corset Reviewer

Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 05:21 pm

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Let me start by saying that I never went through a “corset review” course or was bestowed the title of ‘Official Corset Reviewer of Youtube’. It just kinda happened through my obsession. Here are my answers to some of the most common questions I get as a corset reviewer.

Why did you start doing reviews?

I was a little frustrated with the corset reviews given on websites and Youtube. Most of them were “I like it and it’s pretty” or “it’s really painful” and not much detail was given. It was difficult to gauge exactly what I was getting when I saw a full-body shot of a model in a corset on a website, or the equivalent distance in video. I really wished someone would get up-close and personal and show the details of the corset.

Where did you learn what to look for in a corset?

There were two general places that I learned how to critique a corset – the first was on corset making websites and forums like Foundations Revealed and Livejournal. The second was Romantasy’s book ‘Corset Magic‘. Before I had done my first review on a purchased corset, I had already constructed 4 or 5 corsets myself and knew how much time and skill went into each part of a well-made corset.

In the beginning (before doing reviews), for each corset I purchased I told myself “this one will be the end of all other corsets – I’ll use this one for daily training and it will be my favourite” and inevitably after a few months, I’d want to try something else. It later turned into the aspiration to buy one corset from each major OTR company so I can study their construction and do a review. I thought that this would help the companies’ potential customers decide what was the best choice for them, it would help me and other corset enthusiasts fine-tune their conceptions on “what is a good corset” as well as helping me to make better corsets myself.

Do you get free corset samples?

Corsets are not like makeup or cheap accessories, and I’ve never had a corset company introduce itself to me and simply throw free corsets at me. I’ve always been honest about my arrangement with What Katie Did – I asked them for one damaged item I could buy at discount, and ended up receiving 8 new corsets – one each of underbust and overbust corset styles – in exchange for detailed review (even though I purchased another three from them later on). That was an extremely lucky break, but is certainly not typical. It’s important that my viewers know that I have “something to lose” by having these corsets – it gives them comfort in knowing that I’ll be upset if something breaks, and will give honest reviews. (In reality, my reviews are 90% objective and factual, so how much I paid shouldn’t really affect the review.)

I know more than anyone that corsets are expensive, which is why I include tips on searching out boutiques or waiting for sales (some companies aren’t happy that I do this, but I’m more dedicated to getting my viewers a deal). Sometimes I buy the corsets 2nd hand, which is why they may not fit well or be the right size. After I’d been doing reviews for about a year, sometimes when I approached a company they would already know who I am. I have on two occasions received a wholesale price in exchange for giving a review and permission to use the review, but once again, this is far from typical – and I still sacrificed something. I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, and I had spent upwards of $6000 in 2011 alone on corsets/ materials/ camera and gear for my Youtube channel last year, the vast majority of that going toward review corsets.

Have you ever been sponsored/ hired/ paid to show certain corsets?

I have never been paid to do any review, or to feature/wear a corset in any of my videos. I have been approached in the past to do videos/reviews exclusively for certain companies or websites, but have declined because I don’t feel right about it. I like the freedom of trying new corset companies/ makers without being seen as ‘betraying’ any one company. I’ve purchased corsets from several companies who greatly dislike one another. And they may not be happy that I did that, but they understand that I’m on a mission to find well-constructed, well-fitting corsets for my own purposes and I put no weight on the makers’ personalities (only their customer service).

How do you know that the company isn’t giving you special treatment or giving you a better quality corset than they usually make?

A lot of the time, I don’t know. However I have been disappointed in ripped seams or popped grommets just the same as anyone else – if that’s a better quality corset, I cringe to think what their “standard” corsets are like. A lot of the time when this happens, I will contact customer service and they will exchange the corset for me, just like they would with anyone else.

Sometimes when I contact a new company, my reputation will precede me and they will be delighted that I’m paying them attention. Other times they may ignore my inquiries or ask me to not review certain products. Being the stubborn person that I am, I’ve sometimes used an alias or asked a friend to order on my behalf if I really want the corset or want to see what they’re ‘trying to hide’.

Have you had any negative experiences with companies you’ve reviewed?

Fortunately I have never had a company come to me and ask/ demand that I take down a review. Usually if there’s an aspect of their corsets that viewers don’t like, they will change the corset or provide an explanation for why they do things or use certain materials. I encourage viewers and customers of the same company to write comments sharing their experiences with the company, since I know that my experience may not be typical.

I do have to be careful about some of my reviews, though. I had been contacted after purchasing and asked to NOT take apart or open up their corsets on camera, or not go into too much detail about construction, in order to protect their trade secrets. I respect these requests. I understand that there is the danger of other makers and ‘knock-off companies’ alike using my reviews to learn how to recreate the garment, and I don’t want to be known for assisting the copycats.  The typical viewer doesn’t need to know every step in how a corset is stitched together to make a decision on whether it’s good quality or not. I’m quite fine with showing the complete process with my own corsets, but I know that others aren’t.

I heard this rumor about a certain company/ companies, blah blah blah…

I haven’t been on the corset scene for more than a couple of years, so I don’t know the whole story of certain makers’ or companies’ pasts, how they conducted their business or what their corsets were like back then. I do know a lot of things about a lot of companies today, and I know that their work changes over time – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. The vast majority of corset makers get along, since different customers go to different companies that suit their body type, their purpose for corseting, their personal style and their budget. But there are also a few corset makers who are quite snarky or dramatic about others’ work or business ethic. Whatever is said in confidence between a maker and me stays confidential, although it has never prevented me from purchasing from a company that I genuinely want to try, or forced me to pick sides.

How do you see your corset reviews changing in the future?

I think my reviews have a pretty good structure, and make it easy to contrast/ compare between different brands and styles. I still have a long list of corsets to still review (I believe 17 corsets now) but I would like to feature more independent, one-person businesses. My personal corset collection is slowly moving away from factory-made items and being replaced with more pieces by individual corset designers. That’s not to say that I’ll get rid of all of my off-the-rack items. I will still do the occasional review from a larger company, and I will continue to support those companies that I believe still do a good job, but I would like to dedicate a decent chunk of my reviews to the creative work of individual corsetieres.

7 thoughts on “My Experience as a Corset Reviewer

  1. #1 I have found each of your reviews and videos entertaining and educational. Comparing each garment in exactly the same way gives the viewer a structured way to understand the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each.
    #2 There was once an address to donate money to offset some of your expenses. Would you please post that address again? And include it on your official web site?
    #3 A company called “Treadle Treasures” makes period correct corsets and sells them on eBay. I have one which I find very comfortable, and I would be thrilled if you would do a critique of one of their new line, with a busk. The old lines had hooks and eyes in the front.
    #4 I wish you all the best. This is a much-needed service. Thank you!

    1. Dear Katherine, thanks for your comment. :) That’s the exact reason that I try to structure all my reviews in the exact same way – so viewers/ readers can at a glance compare the difference in quality of each aspect. :D I have moved my donation link to the “Help/Donate” page on this website at the bottom of the page. I’d be happy to do a review of Treadle Treasures in the future, however I still have about 10 other corsets I need to review so it might take awhile! Once again, thank you for your kind words and your suggestions. :D

  2. Hi lucy like many of is work,i’m a fan of your videos,could take many doubts despide not speak english ( i am Brazilian) because of that i have a doubt that not quite explain.
    How to put a ribbom belt?
    Sewing the lining or other fabric layer?
    Do you use many layers of fabric?
    Thank you for attention,and congratulations for work.

  3. Dear Lucy,
    I just wanted to tell you how much i like your reviews (in fact, i think you’re doing such a great job!) and all the other stuff you do, like tutorials, infos and advises.
    I’m 44 and lately rediscovering the joy of sewing, learning about corsets recently, and trying to make some for myself ( i just made one so far). When i found your videos on youtube and found your blog, i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it all. In these videos, you look so much like a nice person, at ease and honest, doing the best you can so we can benefit from your own experiences. And it works! There will always be, of course and i know you’re aware of that, some who wont like, but for me and all the others who do, thanks for sharing with us!
    (I am a ‘frenchy’ from Québec, so even if i think my english is not too bad, sorry if there are some grammatical or any other mistakes.)
    Take care and thanks again!

    1. Dear Martine, thank you so much for your kind words and support.It’s my mission to make corsets a more mainstream fashion and have a website/ channel where people aren’t ashamed to admit that they like corsets! I’m very glad to know that my work is doing good for curious customers and corset enthusiasts. :) And don’t worry, your English is very good (better than my French).

  4. Congratulations Lucy, on the practicality of your reviews, your devotion to the welfare of the consumer first, your fairness to corset producers, your support for the small corsetiere devoted to improving her artistry, fit and quality, and your confidentiality to all. Your point is well taken based on my 23-year experience at ROMANTASY as an educator and purveyor of fine custom corsets: there is room for all in this narrow fashion specialty. That is because each corset maker has her/his particular expertise, length of experience, construction techniques, feeling of the corset on the body, figure silhouette created, favored components and fabrics, and more! Thus, there is never a need for negativity among competing businesses, since there is enough continuing prejudice against corsetry out there to dispel — unless there has been unethical copying of designs or techniques in contravention of copyright law, or unbusinesslike dealings with the public or other corsetmakers. Sadly I have encountered that along the way, including direct detail-for-detail replication of a corset fabric and design, plus a rather upfront web presence company and one more non-American ‘wannabe’ corset company. Both purloined a copyright image of a corset style they didn’t even produce! Amazing what some will do — but most corsetmakers are friendly competitors who hone their individual skills, and concentrate on promoting the pure magic of corsetry. All best, Ann

    1. Dear Ann, thank you for your comment and eloquent contribution! It’s comforting to know that more experienced corseters like you approve of the way I conduct my reviews and channel.

      I’ve been speaking with some corsetieres lately on the subject of knock-off companies and copyright. Many of them have said that although the blatant photo theft is disgusting, overall they’ve noticed that the cheaper companies have increased the business of the higher-end corsetieres since disappointed and cheated clientele learn their lesson and eventually find their way to the true designer. While I’m happy about this net result, I’m a little irked by the thought of so many consumers being cheated in the first place. But hopefully, through your work and mine, fewer will be fooled to begin with. Best wishes, Lucy

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