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Preventing your belly from falling out below your corset

Plenty of people have written me in the past, asking if there’s anything that can be done on getting rid of “muffin top” or otherwise spilling of one’s flesh out of the ends of the corset, especially if they are a little on the fluffier side. I had already addressed muffin top in a previous video where I featured the Genie Bra (note: I now use the Genie bra as a night bra as it lost elasticity after about two months, but using a sports bra or longline bra with the same shape in the back still helps to minimize my own muffin top).

In this particular video I cover the other side: how to prevent the lower belly pooch from “oozing” out the bottom edge of the corset:


One simple tip that my aunt had come up with with to solve the “apron” or “kangaroo pouch” problem:
Before tightening up your corset, pull down on it and make sure that the waist of the corset is sitting at your skeletal waist (the squishy bit under your ribs, and above your iliac crest) instead of your “apparent” waist (which is the smallest part of your waist – this may appear higher up on the ribs especially on people who carry a bit more weight around the middle). Once your corset is positioned correctly, start tightening your corset a little bit. Stop halfway through and put one hand down into your corset (under the front of your corset, so your hand/arm is between the corset and you). With that hand, pull up on the skin of your abdomen while with your other hand pull down on the bottom edge of your corset. Since your corset is half-tightened, then the mild tension of the corset should keep your belly in place while you finish tightening up.

When I explain this tip to others (often grandmothers and also apple-shaped ladies with pendulous abdomens), it solves the problem 8 times out of 10. This works best with longline corsets (especially those with a spoon busk), although not so well with very short cinchers.

Spencer Underbelt, 1947
Roger K, a writer for has kindly provided this link to an article about underbelts, which looks like

a sturdy pad fastened over the pelvis and were specifically designed to prevent that “belly ooze” from coming out the bottom of the corset. These were manufactured by companies such as Spencer and Spirella from the 1920’s until discontinuation around the 1970’s. It’s (sadly?) comforting to know that reverse muffin top is an issue that not only modern corsetees face!

Please let me know if this tip has helped you – or if you have any other tips on preventing muffin top or “belly ooze”, do let me know in the comments either here or on Youtube!

51 thoughts on “Preventing your belly from falling out below your corset

  1. Hello Lucy,
    I just wanted to say I really appreciate how you address these sensitive questions and topics in a way which is both respectful of people’s body concerns, as well as actively helpful. Your whole site is fantastic.

  2. A number of years ago I went to a professional corsetiere for a fitting in a corset and girdle. I have a mild case of scoliosis, plus as I became older I started get a stomach, I had also lower back pains.

    First she told me it is best to wear a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle, as like a corset liner, then wear a corset over the top for additional needed stomach and back control and support.

    My corsetiere put me through some girdle and corset training. I found after daily wearing both a corset and the panty girdle I was totally amazed how much better I felt, my posture was 100% improved, no more lower back pain, it really helped my scoliosis, I also found that keeping stomach muscles well relaxed and just rely totally on my girdle and corset that I had much more energy and I felt great.

  3. Hi my name is Kim, I’m 5’5’ and the short corset is too short and the long corset is too long , but I have bottom belly coming out at the same time , a corset size 28 is too small and the 32 is too big on me , so I got the 30 , under the bust it’s kinda big and at the bottom of the back it makes me look like I have no butt , because it’s too long , I want to waist train , so I want to wear my corset ever day , I also workout every day , I need your help , my waist measurement is a 35 , please email me , also is the front bottom of the corset supposed to stick out ? Or does it get better after I season it ?

    1. Hi Kim, what brand of corset are you wearing, and what’s the style name/ number for it? I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page – if I know what type of corset you’re wearing and what your measurements are, I’ll be able to help you figure out why it’s not fitting as expected.

  4. Hi LUcy,

    after a c-section I never really recovered and one days started using waist training corsets. No matter how hard I tried and tried to pull everything up by sticking hands in and moving around the “material”, I couldn´t prevent the bulging because my belly was simply protruding at an extreme level. I could only get my belly to somewhat “flatten” if I would lay down on my back (either on the floor or on the bed).
    As my desperation grew, I decided to do just that and developed my very own, weird technique of closing the corset and tighten the laces while flat on my back on the floor. That´s how I do it. Once I have tightened the corset to an extent where I feel that my belly is compressed enough, I roll the the side and get on my knees, then get up and finish the rest of the lacing standing upright.

    I know it´s very weird and it might not necessarily be a good or even recommendable technique but it has worked for me and it´s the only way I have the bulging under control. Just wanted to share this with those who might have the same issues :)

    Greetings from Austria,


    1. Hi Anna, thanks for sharing your technique! I’m sure it will be useful for others to read as well. :)

      1. Thank you useful recommendation.

  5. Hi I am looking for one that will help hold up my lower part of my tummy. 18 yrs ago after my 11.2 lb babygirl was born by csection I have had that lower budge I can’t get rid of and I would love to find one that would work and not to expensive I am only 5 4 tall thankyou

    1. Hi Angie, I’d be happy to look at your measurements and tell you what might fit you. You’ll find the video measuring tutorial and contact form here. Talk to you soon!

  6. I am at such a loss. I got a longline from orchard corsets and my baby belly still oozes out the bottom even with this trick. I had two babies (9.8lbs and 8.9 lbs) within 2 years, It literally goes almost past my vagina. Am I just not okay to corset?

    1. Hello! It sounds like you might have an abdominal panniculus. There are definitely still corsets that can help you, but it might require more than an OTR corset. If you’re serious about it, I’d recommend contacting a corset maker near you (check out the Corsetiere map) and see about being personally fitted for a custom corset – one that’s long enough to help lift and cover your tummy, while still allowing you to sit down. Maybe a spoon busk might also help to contain your lower tummy as well. Best of luck!

  7. When I used the cloth/spandex corset, my belly still bulged out, specially the stomach. What kind og corset should i use to prevent it without preventing me to breathe and hurting the side of the waist?

    1. Hi Topu, to better support your lower tummy, I recommend a longline corset like these (if your torso is long enough to accommodate it). You’ll see that the ribcage is rounded which allows you to still take comfortable breaths. The hip ties can be adjusted to comfort, which allows you to pull it tighter for more support around the lower belly, or loosen it if you need more room for your hips.

  8. So if theres back fat hanging over or a little pouch under, will waist training results be negative?

    1. Hi Anon, it’s possible to still waist train even if you have some muffin top or lower tummy hanging out, but some people don’t like the way this looks. It’s fine to continue wearing your corset if it doesn’t bother you, though. Many people wear corsets to try and bring in their lower tummy, so having a corset make it bigger on them defeats the purpose and can seem like one step forward, two steps back.

  9. Using a stretchy stomach smoother (like Spanx) as an additional liner helped hold my pooch up and in place. My slimmer is just from under my breasts to around my hips. While the heavy elastic edge on the top might be uncomfortable under an overbust, my underbust rides just below and and causes no significant irritation. I found it to be more comfortable than just wearing a tank top as a liner and had an even smoother silhouette.

    1. Thanks for sharing your tip, Lauren!

  10. I have done ask mentioned in your video but I have back fat that hangs over the top of my waist trainer and causes the trainer to fold or dig into my ski on my back sometimes it leaves bruises and sore

    1. Hi Meka, it sounds like your corset is too small at the ribcage. It would be more comfortable if you laced it with a “V” shaped lacing gap in the back. It’s not a perfect fit but you will certainly be more comfortable, be able to avoid the soreness of the skin at the top edge, and you will probably be able to take deeper breaths as well.

  11. Hi, this information was very helpful… Thank you very much..I will try this….

  12. I don’t know if you remember me but I reached out a few months ago seeking advise on a corset or buster to help me with my waist after the birth of my son. Well it’s been six months and Doctor is more than okay with it now. Wondering what I should be looking at to get my stomach back in shape (already working out and eating right) my pregnancy was hard on my body. Thank you for your help

  13. What company do you recommend getting a long line corset from? I have the oozing belly and am unsure of what company to buy it from or even what type of corset to get.

    1. Hi Chelsea, here’s a gallery of longline corsets that can help keep your tummy in place. :)

  14. I was referred to you by a friend for this question. I had a baby 5 weeks ago and am desperate to get back into my normal cloths and corsets. So far I’m close but not close enough. I purchased a belly band from belly bandit to start but I’m really thinking I need something more aggressive. Can you or do you have any suggestions that can get me on the right path?

    1. Hi Brandie, has your OBGYN cleared you for wearing compression garments already? Some new mothers prefer to wait a couple of months after having their baby to start waist training because corsets can give quite a strong compression which might be uncomfortable on the pelvic floor if your body hasn’t fully recovered. Once you get clearance, I’m happy to take a look at your measurements and recommend something.

      1. Thank you! I see them at the end of the month and I’ll get clearance at that point at the moment I’m sure you’re correct that jumping into a really good corset or buster might be frowned on.

        Thank you again!

  15. Also, I am a size 34 in. waist in a corset

    1. Is there a version of this for upper muffin top? Like back fat? I realize I got the corset in the wrong size but is there a away I can fix this or make it less noticeable until I can afford another one?

  16. Lucy, where would I find a spoon busk corset?

    1. Hi Marlis, the only place I’ve seen that offers OTR corsets with a spoon busk is What Katie Did. I believe their Laurie Extreme, Mae Extreme and Morticia underbusts have a spoon busk option. With custom corsets, most corsetieres will allow you to request a spoon busk, as long as you pay for the difference in price as spoon busks are more expensive than standard ones.

      1. Thanks for the tip! I should have mentioned that I have a extremely long torso, coming in at 19 inches long, from underbust to where my lap starts. My goal is to try to find a corset that will be long enough to hold in my post babies tummy without it sliding back down below the bottom of the corset. I should also mention that I tried your scoop and lift trick with no success, because my underbust corset (which is supposed to be a longline) is too short. I know that having a corset handmade to my measurements is probably the best thing for my situation, but I’m not ready to spend that amount of money yet, as I am just starting out in corset wearing. Any more tips or suggestions?

        1. Hi Marlis, 19 inches is the longest torso length I’ve ever seen. You could try ordering an overbust corset, but most conventional overbust corsets are about 15-16 inches from the tallest part (peak of the bustline) and may still not give you the length you need. A custom really would be best in your situation.

  17. Hi Lucy! Big fan! Anyway I own the CS-411 from orchard corset and I finally closed it yesterday at 22″ (yay me) anyway, my problem is also reverse muffin top at the top of corset. It’s not necessarily “squish” i just have really elastic skin and it kinda gets pushed up. A sports bra does help a lot but I was wondering if my next corset should be shorter or longer? I have about an inch and a half of space between my corset and under my bust so I think i could wear a long line corset, however I like the idea of a waspie for more mobility, i also feel like the shorter corset wouldn’t cause the over spill since my problem seems to be around my ribs? Am i right in assuming this?
    Also my corset was causing major discomfort in my lower back and hips which i thought was caused bc it was too small at the hips, however I saw your video on bending the bones of your corset if you have lordosis and it completely fixed my problem! So thank you! i literally refer everyone to you when they come to me asking about corsets and waist training!

    1. Hi Sofia, the lower a corset is cut on the ribcage, the more likely you’ll experience a bit of muffin top. But the size of the ribcage is important too; a well-fitting corset should not be tight around the underbust but gently cupping the flesh there. The tighter it is over the ribs, the more spillover will happen too! A longline corset more refers to the length of a corset over the hips, as opposed to over the ribcage. But I’m so glad that curving the back steels helped make your corset more comfortable! :D

  18. Lucy! I just bought an orchard corset and I love it but my back fat makes it look horrendous! From the front I look great but when I turn around I have a huge fat bulge. Am I lacing wrong or should I size up? What should I do? :(

    1. Hi Cynthia, it sounds like the corset might be too small in the ribcage for you (and also too low). Which style and size of corset did you purchase? How does it match up with your natural measurements, if you compare the measurements in the Lace Base? If you want some suggestions for other corsets that don’t give muffin top, check out my measurements page and send me an email. :)

  19. I love you soooooo much! Thank you for this video! Please thank you aunt for being so awesome and cool for letting you post her photo like that!
    I did the scoop trick and it works! I was surprised I guess I was wearing my overbust wrong! Now I have some va boom boobs!
    My pudge shall be no more tomorrow!

    1. I’m so glad it helped, Lilly! Thanks for your feedback! :)

      1. My problem is not the bottom part oozing out it is the top part, like my back and under my arms, how do I prevent that?

        1. Hi Sophia, it’s possible that you may need a corset that is larger around the top edge so it can gently cup and support the flesh around your ribcage as opposed to squeezing it out over the top. A high back is also a popular solution to prevent muffin top. If you can’t purchase a different corset at this time, you may be able to combine longline bras under your corset to help smooth out the bump above the corset. :)

  20. I think this is a good trick if you have any type of “pooch” even if it doesn’t ooze out under the corset. It’s similar to the “swoop and scoop” that make your bras fit better. I have a Timeless Trends longline where my belly does NOT ooze out when I wear it without the trick. However, using the trick in the video, the bottom “v” of the corset lies closer to my body, and the corset feels better at the same amount of cinch.

    1. Oh, that’s another great point – even if you don’t “need” this trick per se, it still helps with comfort and making everything smoother in general. :)

  21. Sorry I just now got to my email and went through. I had 3 links from the 3 comments I left you but I only see this one. But thank you for your response and all of your help! Would you recommend a certain longline Waist & rib training corset for me that will fill in the gap and start my training on those things.

  22. Hi I want to start waist training as well as rib training, i am not well educated on corsets but I am trying lol. My concerns are I have a weird shape body. I have an indention from wearing tight jeans most my life. So it gives the effect of like a permanent muffin top. I can’t wear a tight dress because I don’t have smooth curves and it shows my weird indent. I was wondering would a corset make my muffin top worse or is there a corset that can smooth my muffin top and fill in my jean indent gap. Can you please reply and help a sister out please.

    P.S. is corset-story legit on their stuff? Please do reply to my Q’s!

    1. Hi Christina, sorry for my late response. Truthfully, whether corsets can literally cause migration of subcutaneous fat pockets has been argued and disputed, so there’s no clear cut answer. I know that if corsets were to work this way and get rid of the indentation on your hips permanently, you will not be able to wear those types of low rise, tight jeans again for the risk of the indent coming back. A corset can over time cause an indentation at the waist, which I talk about more in my article “Corsets and Muscles“. But whether a corset is able to permanently smooth over your indent and change your morphology, in the very least a longline will cover the dent and make the transition from waist to hips more smooth.
      I have owned 12 corsets from Corsets-UK, Corset-Story, Corsets-Queen etc (they all have the same corset manufacturer) and reviewed some of them on my website. While they used to be a standard budget brand, their prices have gone up yet I was disappointed in the fit. Some of their corsets gave me bruises. There are other budget brands out there that offer better shape, you can find some of them listed on this page.

  23. I’ve been trawling through you back catalogue, and finding a lot of it useful. But the moment I found this and gave it a go, I fell in love. You seem to have a little something for everyone in this blog. Long may it continue.

    1. Thank you so much, Wombat! :)

  24. I’m curious about buying a corset for everyday wear that would help with waist reduction and give nice abdominal pressure for the benefit of reducing portion sizes- overall I would like to use a corset as a weight-loss tool. I have a couple of specific concerns: I have an abdominal “apron” that I definitely want compressed and not bulging out below the corset, I’m short (about 5’0″), and I have a very active job that requires lots of walking/lifting/long days, I also need a corset that I can get in/out of without assistance.

    What type of corset do you sell that you would recommend with these needs in mind?

    Thanks! I’m loving your site!

    1. Hi Tiffany, there is a Petite Josephine by Isabella Corsetry that is a longline corset (good for keeping in the apron) but also designed to be shorter for women with a shorter torso or who are of shorter stature. However it’s still a good idea to measure yourself and see if the corset is compatible with your measurements. I discuss measuring and how to make the most of sizing charts in this video. :) Let me know if you still have questions; you’re welcome to comment on my Youtube videos as well. :)

  25. I don’t know what year this was written, but FINALLY I don’t look like I’m oozing fat on all sides. You helped me realize I was wearing my historically accurate corset almost 2 inches too high! For the last 3 years! Transforming result. Even when I was 120 lb before my most recent baby, I looked poochy. No more!!

    1. I’m so glad that it helped, Megan! Indeed, some day I’ll have to re-film the measuring tutorial and include a note that the visual smallest waist isn’t necessarily the proper skeletal waist! It makes a world of difference. :) Thanks for your feedback!

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