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Preventing your belly from falling out below your corset

Last updated on March 26th, 2022 at 04:33 pm

Plenty of people have written me in the past, asking if there’s anything that can be done on getting rid of “muffin top” or otherwise spilling of one’s flesh out of the ends of the corset, especially if they are a little on the fluffier side. I had already addressed muffin top in a previous video where I featured the Genie Bra (note: I now use the Genie bra as a night bra as it lost elasticity after about two months, but using a sports bra or longline bra with the same shape in the back still helps to minimize my own muffin top).

In this particular video I cover the other side: how to prevent the lower belly pooch from “oozing” out the bottom edge of the corset:


One simple tip that my aunt had come up with with to solve the “apron” or “kangaroo pouch” problem:
Before tightening up your corset, pull down on it and make sure that the waist of the corset is sitting at your skeletal waist (the squishy bit under your ribs, and above your iliac crest) instead of your “apparent” waist (which is the smallest part of your waist – this may appear higher up on the ribs especially on people who carry a bit more weight around the middle). Once your corset is positioned correctly, start tightening your corset a little bit. Stop halfway through and put one hand down into your corset (under the front of your corset, so your hand/arm is between the corset and you). With that hand, pull up on the skin of your abdomen while with your other hand pull down on the bottom edge of your corset. Since your corset is half-tightened, then the mild tension of the corset should keep your belly in place while you finish tightening up.

When I explain this tip to others (often grandmothers and also apple-shaped ladies with pendulous abdomens), it solves the problem 8 times out of 10. This works best with longline corsets (especially those with a spoon busk), although not so well with very short cinchers.

Spencer Underbelt, 1947
Roger K, a writer for has kindly provided this link to an article about underbelts, which looks like

a sturdy pad fastened over the pelvis and were specifically designed to prevent that “belly ooze” from coming out the bottom of the corset. These were manufactured by companies such as Spencer and Spirella from the 1920’s until discontinuation around the 1970’s. It’s (sadly?) comforting to know that reverse muffin top is an issue that not only modern corsetees face!

Please let me know if this tip has helped you – or if you have any other tips on preventing muffin top or “belly ooze”, do let me know in the comments either here or on Youtube!

51 thoughts on “Preventing your belly from falling out below your corset

  1. Hello Lucy,
    I just wanted to say I really appreciate how you address these sensitive questions and topics in a way which is both respectful of people’s body concerns, as well as actively helpful. Your whole site is fantastic.

  2. A number of years ago I went to a professional corsetiere for a fitting in a corset and girdle. I have a mild case of scoliosis, plus as I became older I started get a stomach, I had also lower back pains.

    First she told me it is best to wear a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle, as like a corset liner, then wear a corset over the top for additional needed stomach and back control and support.

    My corsetiere put me through some girdle and corset training. I found after daily wearing both a corset and the panty girdle I was totally amazed how much better I felt, my posture was 100% improved, no more lower back pain, it really helped my scoliosis, I also found that keeping stomach muscles well relaxed and just rely totally on my girdle and corset that I had much more energy and I felt great.

  3. Hi my name is Kim, I’m 5’5’ and the short corset is too short and the long corset is too long , but I have bottom belly coming out at the same time , a corset size 28 is too small and the 32 is too big on me , so I got the 30 , under the bust it’s kinda big and at the bottom of the back it makes me look like I have no butt , because it’s too long , I want to waist train , so I want to wear my corset ever day , I also workout every day , I need your help , my waist measurement is a 35 , please email me , also is the front bottom of the corset supposed to stick out ? Or does it get better after I season it ?

    1. Hi Kim, what brand of corset are you wearing, and what’s the style name/ number for it? I have a measuring tutorial and contact form on this page – if I know what type of corset you’re wearing and what your measurements are, I’ll be able to help you figure out why it’s not fitting as expected.

  4. Hi LUcy,

    after a c-section I never really recovered and one days started using waist training corsets. No matter how hard I tried and tried to pull everything up by sticking hands in and moving around the “material”, I couldn´t prevent the bulging because my belly was simply protruding at an extreme level. I could only get my belly to somewhat “flatten” if I would lay down on my back (either on the floor or on the bed).
    As my desperation grew, I decided to do just that and developed my very own, weird technique of closing the corset and tighten the laces while flat on my back on the floor. That´s how I do it. Once I have tightened the corset to an extent where I feel that my belly is compressed enough, I roll the the side and get on my knees, then get up and finish the rest of the lacing standing upright.

    I know it´s very weird and it might not necessarily be a good or even recommendable technique but it has worked for me and it´s the only way I have the bulging under control. Just wanted to share this with those who might have the same issues :)

    Greetings from Austria,


    1. Hi Anna, thanks for sharing your technique! I’m sure it will be useful for others to read as well. :)

      1. Thank you useful recommendation.

  5. Hi I am looking for one that will help hold up my lower part of my tummy. 18 yrs ago after my 11.2 lb babygirl was born by csection I have had that lower budge I can’t get rid of and I would love to find one that would work and not to expensive I am only 5 4 tall thankyou

    1. Hi Angie, I’d be happy to look at your measurements and tell you what might fit you. You’ll find the video measuring tutorial and contact form here. Talk to you soon!

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