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Guide for measurements: B = bust, U = underbust, W = waist, H = high hip (iliac), L = low hip (at lap), P = Princess seam
Guide for measurements: B = bust, U = underbust, W = waist, H = high hip (iliac), L = low hip (at lap), P = Princess seam

Many corset websites talk about the curviness of their products, but I’m a bit more analytical than that; I like seeing hard numbers! This page has been created to help you compare the measurements of the standard sized, OTR and RTW corsets with your own body measurements. Ever heard of the Bratabase? Consider this the “Lace-Base”. (Thank you to a special someone for the name inspiration!).

To use these charts: Scroll down the list alphabetically OR use your word search function to find the brand you’re looking for. Ideally the corset’s bust, underbust and hip measurements should be as close as possible to your natural measurements. The waist of the corset should be 2-6 inches less than your natural waist, depending on your preference. If you wear a different corset size, scroll down further to the proportional “spring” chart to calculate if a different size would work for you.
Center front length and princess seam length are also provided for both underbusts and overbusts. For reference, see the diagram to the left. See the footnotes at the bottom of this page for more tips and information.

Why are there no corset pictures? Because it would take a very long time to load every photo of every corset on one page, and those with limited data plans or slow connections prefer a more bare-bones page. Brand names that are hyperlinked in pink will lead you to my corset review where you can get more information. 

If you don’t see the corset listed here: This means that I haven’t tried it/ owned it, AND/OR measurements are not available from another source, AND/OR the corset is not available in a standard size (the measurements of my custom-sized corsets are a bit moot since they will obviously be different for you.

Contribute measurements! If you’re a corset maker who has a standard size chart or an owner of a standard-sized corset, you’re welcome to submit measurements of your corsets if it’s not yet present in the table (or if your corset’s measurements vary wildly from what’s shown in the table). If you don’t know how to measure your corsets precisely, see my video guide hereBrand names in blue are guest submissions or came from sizing charts from the seller’s website.

All measurements are in inches (to convert to cm, multiply by 2.54).






Corset Dimensions Chart - Proportional "Spring" Measurements

This chart shows you the circumferential measurements as compared to the waist, so corset size matters less here as many corsets are scaled up to have the same amount of "spring". An example of "spring" is if a corset has a waist of 30", underbust of 36" and hips of 40". The waist would be set to zero, the underbust would be 6" (since it's 6 inches larger than the waist) and the hips would be 10" (since the hips are 10" larger than the waist).
Corset BrandBust
(OB only)
(UB only)
High hip
Low hip
(longline only)
Center Front
Princess/ Lap
Amazon (Muka overbust) size small7 —61415
Atelier de LaFleur
Longline underbust
Axfords C112 overbust10 —1012.513
Axfords C242 underbust6121111
Azrael's Accomplice Curvy Girl101112.510
Bad Attitude Boutique "Lady Jane"8813.515.5
Boom Boom Baby Boutique
Lace overbust
Boom Boom Baby Boutique
Short underbust
Boom Boom Baby Boutique
Longline underbust
Burleska Athena underbust681214.512
Burleska steel-boned Longline underbust68111310.5
Camellia's Waspie / Short Torso / Cincher2.569.58.5
Corsets Blvd Global overbust11101316.516
Corset Connection Flora underbust —4811.510
Corset Connection Sadie underbust —349.58
Corsets-UK WT overbust8101415
Corsets-UK Candy WT underbust4614.512
Corset-Story MY waspie45116.5 (side seam)
Corset Story "Instant Shape" overbust8281415.5
Corset Story "Instant Shape" underbust38109
Corset Story "Waist Taming" overbust9491416
Dark Garden Cincher610119.5
Dark Garden Corselette4
(low rib)
6115.5 (side seam)
Dark Garden Risqué overbust104121516.5
Dark Garden Valentine overbust104121516.5
Electra Designs
Sweetheart overbust 22T
Electra Designs Longline Underbust
(new pattern) size 22T
Electra Designs Pointed Cincher
(old pattern) Size 20T
(low rib)
12116.5 (side seam)
Eternal Spirits Audrey OB
Size 10
Gallery Serpentine UBVic3.57138.5 (side seam)
Glamorous Corset "Bella" cincher4586.5 (side seam)
Glamorous Corset "Dita" underbust7712.510.5
Glamorous Corset "Emma" underbust6610.510
Glamorous Corset "Jenna" overbust791515.5
Glamorous Corset "Jolie" longline8101213.510
Glamorous Corset "Lara" underbust71012.59.5
Isabella Corsetry
Bat Cincher
Isabella Corsetry
Josephine Underbust *
Isabella Corsetry
Petite Josephine
Isabella Corsetry
Isabella Corsetry
Victorian Underbust
JC Creations Men's corset78119 (side seam)
Love of Corsets
Long Brocade underbust
Love of Corsets
Black Satin Waist Trainer
Meschantes training underbust581110
Morgana Femme Couture longline681213.511.5
Ms. Martha's CorsetVest
Size Medium
Ms. Martha's Geometric Cincher
Size Medium
610128 (side seam)
Mystic City MCC 2081497
Mystic City MCC 35814109.5
Mystic City MCC 3881211.58 (side seam)
Mystic City MCC 3910.518-20 (hip ties)23-25 (hip ties)129
Mystic City MCC 5491315129
Mystic City MCC 5781215139
Mystic City MCC 6081412.58.5 (side seam)
Mystic City MCC 6381214119
Mystic City MCC 64101214-18 (hip ties)12.510
Mystic City MCC 68812-14 (hip ties)14-18 (hip ties)12.510.5
Mystic City MCC 69 Long8101212.510.5
Mystic City MCC 7281010.758.5 (side seam)
Mystic City MCC 90 (masculine)12101214.513
Mystic City MCC 95 (masculine)12121311
Mystic City MCC 104 (anti-muffin)81417139.5
Orchard Corset CS-201
Mesh Waspie
51097.5 (side seam)
Orchard Corset CS-301
Waspie/ mini-corset
4686.5 (side seam)
Orchard Corset CS-34568139
Orchard Corset CS-411
(standard) underbust
48-9108.5 (side seam)
Orchard Corset CS-411 Longline6101211
Orchard Corset CS-426 Longline610131310.5
Orchard Corset CS-426 Longline (with hip ties)610-14 (hip ties)13-20 (hip ties)1310.5
Orchard Corset CS-426 Standard (previously "short") 510108.5
Orchard Corset CS-426 Standard (previously "short") with hip ties612-20 (hip ties)108.5
Orchard Corset CS-511
Orchard Corset CS-530 overbust10681516
Papercats Overbust1010121416.5
Papercats Cherry Underbust —61112.510
Pop Antique14912.514
Puimond Plunge overbust11791214
Puimond Wicked Plunge OB11710121317
Rebel Madness underbust5911
Rebel Madness new Training Underbust
Rebel Madness
Rebel Madness overbust10101718.5
Restyle CU underbust9.51410.5
Restyle Wide Hip (WH) underbust7.51213.5129
RetroFolie Alyssum (shorter) underbust —810119.5
RetroFolie Azalea (longline) underbust —8121310
"Simple Pleasures" cincher
Serindë overbust910121414.5
Serindë longline underbust51113128.5
Serindë short underbust510108.5 (side seam)
Snobz Banquet Overbust10121715
Stormy Leather Lombard
size Small
Sugarkitty Corsets overbust1011
Sweet Carousel overbust811
Timeless Trends GEMINI (Lucia Corsetti)81216119.5
Timeless Trends underbust **47129.5
Timeless Trends HOURGLASS underbust **6.51011.59
Timeless Trends cincher **238.56.5
Timeless Trends HOURGLASS cincher **478.256.5
Timeless Trends longline **2-38-10+10-16+ (hip ties)1311
Timeless Trends HOURGLASS longline **6.57-12+12-20+ (hip ties)1311
Timeless Trends overbust
Size 24L
88-10+10-16+ (hip ties)1415
True Corset Dragon cincher5799
True Corset Long WT cincher66-7138.5
True Corset Mesh cincher589.59
True Corset Overbust828111516
Valkyrie Corsets Bellecurve underbust6131613 (regular)
12 (short)
11 (regular)
10 (short)
Valkyrie Corsets Contoured underbust7111313 (regular)
12 (short)
11 (regular)
10 (short)
Valkyrie Corsets Longline underbust8111413 (regular)
12 (short)
10.5 (regular)
9.5 (short)
Vanyanis Alecto (& Lilian) Underbust612161110
Vanyanis Andrea Cincher6886 (side seam)
Vanyanis Ruby Underbust612128.5
Velda Lauder Bridal overbust6101316
Versatile Dita underbust68129
Versatile Foxglove underbust67-11+12-18+ (hip ties)13.512.5
Versatile Lotus overbust9121618
Versatile Mimosa overbust
Size 22D
Versatile Scarlett overbust6101416
Versatile Snapdragon cincher681010
Versatile Valerian overbust910-16+ (hip ties)1617.5
Vollers Aida underbust (#1916)469.57
Vollers Nicole underbust661012.512.5
Vollers Paradise overbust (#1808)8813.517
WKD Luna Cincher36.586.5
WKD Luna Extreme Cincher58.586.5
WKD Morticia Nouveau underbust610131110
WKD Morticia Nouveau Extreme underbust812151110
WKD Zita underbust48101110
WKD Zita Extreme underbust410121110
WKD Baby underbust
WKD Elsa underbust
WKD Gina underbust
WKD Lily underbust
WKD Mae underbust
WKD Mae Extreme underbust
WKD Morticia underbust
8 (6)1113 (11)1310.5
WKD Riding Corset (waspie)
61010.256.5 (side seam)
WKD Extreme Riding Corset (waspie)
71110.256.5 (side seam)
WKD Vamp underbust
WKD Antoinette overbust
WKD Sophia overbust
WKD Storm overbust
Corset BrandBust
(OB only)
(UB only)
High hip
Low hip
(longline only)
Center Front
Princess/ Lap


Other helpful notes:

  • Measurements with a large range in the hip area (e.g. 32-40″+) mean that the corset has expandable side hip ties, which can be adjusted for comfort.
  • Unless stated, the size of each corset is also the waist measurement (you will see any other size notes in the “Corset Brand” cell). Corsets that have an odd waist size may sometimes mean that I’ve owned them a long time and they’ve likely stretched, OR the corset maker simply offers unconventional standard sizes.
  • All measurements are the CLOSED corset measurements, with no gap in the back. Like I said, I prefer hard numbers. Gaps complicate things.
  • Princess/ lap length pertains to the length along the “princess seam”, which is halfway between the front and the side. If you drew a line starting from your left nipple, straight down your torso to where your left leg meets your torso, this it the line along which the length is measured. Why is this important? In an underbust, it will tell you whether a corset is too tall for you to be able to sit down. The length from under your breast to the top of your lap should be the same number or more than the length of the corset. In an overbust, this number will tell you whether the corset will cover your breasts completely. I still recommend that you watch the reviews for each corset, as measurements sometimes don’t give the whole picture either.


* After speaking with many different owners of the Isabella Josephine underbust corset (as well as Isabella Corsetry), it’s been determined that the proportions of my Josephine are for some reason more curvy than the others. So the measurements of this corset are the average of those I’ve spoken with, not the proportions of my specific corset.

** Timeless Trends corsets have an old stock and their new Hourglass silhouette stock. Please be sure that you’re ordering the correct one for your measurements!




16 thoughts on “Corset Dimensions Directory (Lace-Base)

  1. Looking at getting a Gemini and I have a question. If I put in 24 as the size the hip and rib measurements given are what I am now. The waist is smaller. Im currently a 31. So would this be the correct size for me? Pretty new to this! Thanks!

    1. Hi Erica, yes the waist of the corset is supposed to be smaller than your natural waist – there will be some compression at the waistline. However a size 24″ might be too much of a reduction if this is your first corset, unless you’re very compressible / have had a baby in the past, or you have experience with other compression gear. If you fit the Gemini in size 24″ there’s also a good chance you might fit the hourglass in size 26″.

  2. Frustrated. Just returned a mystic city mcc112 size 32 due to too much gap in the hips. I measure 36.5 underbust, 39 waist, 49 hips. The mcc112 should have fit, according to their chart… Looking for a long line and a long back. Narrowed my search moving forward to mcc57, cs-426, or one of your long line hourglass corsets. These look very similar to me and im having a hard time. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jan, did your old MCC corset create a gap in your ribs too? I have the MCC-112 corset logged as having a rib spring of 10 inches, while the corset you need would be closer to 5 inches.
      Also, is your 49″ hip measurement for your high hips or low hips? (How far down from your waist is that hip measurement on your body?)

  3. I just bought the cs 201 (cotton) from Orcard Corset in size 28, but since I’m kind of new in this i’m not sure about something… my iliac crest is 39″ but here it says that the corset measures 38″ in that area, so will one inch affect alot? The gap on my back is perfectly parallel…

    1. Hi Lynn, it depends on a number of factors.
      1) The CS-201 is quite short. So if the corset’s lower edge is measured 3 inches below the waistline, and your iliac crest naturally sits 4 inches below your waistline, then even though your hip measures bigger, the corset is stopping higher up where your body is smaller.
      2) Different people carry their weight in different places. I have almost no padding over my hip bones so I have to wear corsets that are the same size or bigger than my natural iliac measurement – on the other hand, my ribcage can be compressed up to 3 inches, for short durations. Someone else with more padding around their hips might have wiggle room of an inch or two even if the corset’s hip measurement is not perfect.
      3) The corsets are made by people who still sometimes make small errors in sewing. A 10-panel corset that veers only 2mm on each seam can make the difference of nearly an inch larger or smaller than the original pattern called for. There will be subtle differences in the fit of two corsets of the same style and size, just as there are differences between 2 bras of the same style and size.
      This page is meant to be a guide to help you predict the fit as best as possible, but as there is some subtle variation in the corsets and due to bodies being squishy and not made of stone, it’s never quite a perfect science.

  4. Luckily, I was able to return them. Definitely not worth it. I spent $15 in shipping to get them, and paid $13 to ship them back. Dunt know if they will give me a full refund, as their site says there is a $5 restocking fee per corset if it was on sale. So I might’ve wasted $38 just to try them on. ? The two corsets cost me $66. I guess you get what you pay for!

  5. Hi Lucy,

    I just bought 2 WT underbust Candy double boned corsets from I think you refer to them as Corsets-UK Candy WT underbust. The measurements I got for my 32″ corsets while closed down to 38″ (which was as tight as i could get it without having any overflow or underflow) only had a disappointing underbust spring of 2″, and hip spring of 7″. So either they’ve changed their pattern or they are lying about the “spring.” I also noticed the corsets were very curvy in the pics, and the back view looked like “)(“. What reputable corsetier would lace the corset without the back panels being straight? The only measurements given for these corsets to indicate spring, was useless. They were listing the bust and hip measurements. I don’t see how that would be helpful to determine the “spring” of a shorter underbust corset. When I sent them a message, they wouldn’t answer those questions for me, so I had to find out (the hard way) when they finally arrived. The customer service is awful, so I doubt I could even return them. If I were to try, I’d have to pay return shipping as well as a $5 restocking fee for each corset because the were on sale. What a crock! I made a $66 dollar mistake + $15 for shipping.


    1. Hi Leah, I’m sorry I’m only seeing your comments now! It’s unfortunate to hear that their corsets are even less curvy than they were before. I agree, the bust and low hip spring are not very helpful in determining the fit of their underbust corsets – perhaps if enough people request it, they will start providing the proper, measured springs of the corsets themselves. I’ve been urging OTR companies to do this, even making a video to show them how to measure their corsets, but of course not all of them find it worth the effort. :( If you’re handy with a sewing machine, some hip ties/ hip gores and rib gores can be added to the corset to help make it curvier, but sometimes when it comes to a corset that doesn’t fit, selling it on Ebay is an easier option.

  6. This tool is fantastic, extremely helpful, I’m so glad I found your website, thank you so much!
    Lucy, you’re the best, thank you for everything you are doing!

  7. Lucy, you are truly a genius! Very excited to have found this wonderfully helpful info!!

    1. I’m so glad you like it! :) Thanks Robin!

  8. Lucy, anytime I have size questions about a possible OTR corset to buy, I ALWAYS come here first. This has been probably the single most helpful tool in helping me pick new corsets. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort.

    1. Hi Morrwyn, that is the best compliment, thank you so much. :)

  9. This is so incredibly helpful!!! I play around with this calculator all the time when I’m dreaming of which corset to purchase next :) I can’t being to imagine how much time & effort went into developing all of this… Compiling the information, constricting the charts & developing the calculator. Well done to you and anyone who assisted!!! And a GIANT thank you!!!!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Dale-Ann! I put a huge amount of effort into these, and apart from the occasional corset maker submitting their info to the map, all the work was pretty much done by me. So I *really* appreciate when others come to appreciate it! Thank YOU! :)

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