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Timeless Trends Slim Longline Corset Review

Last updated on August 25th, 2023 at 12:30 pm

This entry is a summary of the review video “Timeless Trends SLIM Longline Underbust Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:

Fit, length Center front is about 13″ long and the shortest part of the corset (close to the side seam, from underbust to lap) is about 11″ – so this corset is more recommended for those with longer torsos, not recommended for short-waisted or those of very short stature. Gives a modern slim silhouette; I’m able to achieve 3-4 inch waist reduction. Comes rather low over the hips, no pinching or discomfort because the adjustable hip ties can allow 6+ more inches of space if needed. The longline corsets seem to have a bit less space in the underbust compared to the regular length corsets, in my experience.
Material Outer brocade with red flowers on black satin which is fused to twill. (This particular style is only available through distributors) The longline cut comes in many different colours and fabrics. Lining also in twill.
Construction Seams appear to have been lock-stitched with seams pressed open; the layers of fabric secured to one another by stitching in the ditch, with the boning sandwiched between the two layers of twill.
Binding Satin bias binding in matching colour; machine stitched on both inside and outside.
Waist tape A 1″ wide invisible waist tape – sandwiched between the two layers of twill.
Modesty panel No back lacing protector, no front placket.
Busk Standard flexible busk with 6 pins (equidistantly set), about 12 inches long. Further reinforced by a flat steel on either side of the busk.
Boning 26 bones (not including busk), 20 are 1/4″ wide spiral steel; 6 flat steels, 3/8″ wide, beside the busk and grommets. The bones on the side seam of the longline corset only extend from the waist to the bottom (to reinforce the hip ties), as opposed to their overbust corsets which has bones running the full length of the side seam.
Grommets 28 grommets total, size #0 two-part grommets with moderate flange; absolutely no wear/fraying/pulling out of grommet.
Laces 1/2″ wide, single-face satin ribbon. Holds fine for my purposes; I have only ever once experienced SF satin ribbon snapping (after 1.5 years of use, after I ironed it). Some clients find that longline corsets have too-short laces; I recommend buying some overbust-length laces along with the longline corsets for ease of lacing.
Price Most underbusts are $119 USD when not on clearance (available on the Timeless Trends website and also through me).
Red floral on black longline
Red Black Floral Slim Longline product photo

Final Thoughts:

This longline underbust was admittedly a surprise when I first tried it on. I was so used to having at least 6″ space in the ribcage and about 8-9″ space in the hips compared to the waist, as had been the case when I owned my two standard-length underbust corsets from Timeless Trends. However, their longline corsets seem to be more narrow through the ribcage, only having about 2-3″ extra space in the ribs compared to the waist. For this reason, I really recommend this corset primarily to those who are truly pear-shaped, who are narrow through the ribcage and wide in the hips. This corset also works pretty well for larger clients, who often seem to have a smaller underbust measurement compared to their waist – this type of corset allows them to cinch in the waist and smooth over the hips, while not having to deal with significant gaping at the ribcage. The extra length also helps prevent any lower pooch from peeking out the bottom edge.

The quality of construction is still the same; in the several years I’ve owned their corsets, I have never once had an issue with a bone poking through, a seam ripping, a grommet coming loose etc. At worst, I had heard of a busk pin popping off (which can happen to even the best busks if not handled properly), and if seams do have a gap, it’s a manufacturing flaw that is easily rectified with their exchange policy. These guys take their guarantee seriously. I do plan to resume selling this brand as I am a distributor, so check out the “Buy a Corset!” page if you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “Timeless Trends Slim Longline Corset Review

  1. I actually own one longline and one regular length underbust corset from TT. I’m very curvy in that I have a naturally hourglass figure without a corset on, and find that I cannot close these or even cinch much at all, without cutting into my underbust and hips. The regular length one I can’t cinch very much at all and wear only as an accessory because of the hips being so small. The longline I can cinch maybe 3 inches, but I end up having to let out the hip laces so much it causes the bottom to flare away from my body in the front, even though I have a flat tummy.

    Regarding length: I have a long torso and find that TT’s overbust does not come far enough down to cover my hips comfortably, nor does it cover my bust on top. Comically so, in fact. The long is the perfect length for me.

    TT’s sizing recommends that if you’re ribs measure 2″ (or less) MORE than your waist that you order a size down from the usual 3-4 inches less than your natural waist. I did not do this, and would not recommend anyone else take that advice either, since the ribs on BOTH UNDERBUST styles (which I ordered at the same time and seasoned at the same rate) measure quite small compared to the waist of the corset.

    For sizing reference:
    42 bust/33 underbust/31 uncorseted waist/35 upper hip/41 full hip – 5’10” with a long torso (I buy 34″ inseam pants and wear a 10 or 12 tall jacket.)
    I ordered a 28 and could close it easily if not for the ribs and hips. I often end up with the / shape in my corset gap in every underbust TT corset.

    The lacing will occasionally close at the top over my ribs if I tighten almost closed, which is very uncomfortable. I COULD close the longline if I really wanted to, but not for very long due to the ribs.

    Hope that helps. ^_^

    1. Sounds like you needed the “Hourglass longline underbust” it might fit your curves better.

    2. I think that this corset shape was designed for pair shaped, plus size women, whose waist is at least 2 inches larger than their underbust. Then they can cinch their waist fat down 4 inches to get the under bust to fit perfectly. The hips ties are designed to accommodate all sizes of hips. Since your figure is naturally hourglass, this will not fit you.
      I’m thinking of getting this corset myself. I have an extreme pear shape. I have a 47 waist and a 40 underbust. If I order a size 38, then I can cinch my waist down up to 9 inches to get my underbust to fit perfectly (at 40 inches underbust). If I can’t cinch 9 inches, the underbust will actually be too large for me, (unlike your experience, where the underbust was too small for an hourglass figure). I have extra large hips (51″ upper, 61″ lower), so I need the hip ties open all the way to accommodate my hips.
      This corset has extra boning in it. Plus size women need the extra boning, because we need bones every 2 inches. Pear shaped, plus size, women everywhere should be happy that this corset choice exists. It’s about time that someone designed a model that suits us. The clothing industry has ignored plus size women far too long. I’m ecstatic that Timeless-Trends has models that not only come in our size, but that also are shaped to suit the figures of women whose fat tends to accumulate below the waist. If any demographic needed corsets, it’s the pear-shaped, plus-size community that needs it the most. It was a wise business decision for Timeless-Trends to design a corset for our plus-sized, pear-shaped community that needs it the most.

  2. I LOVE TT and BI, but sounds to me that I might have to settle for a 24″ to fit it well… Thanks for the review!

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