Introducing the new Gemini corsets!

GEMINI BECAUSE THEY’RE TWINS: The Gemini is offered in two silhouettes: Conical rib and Round rib!

CURVE: The Gemini corset is one step curvier than the hourglass corset: it boasts an 8″ rib spring,  12″ high hip spring and 16″ low hip spring.

NO LUMPS: The Gemini has no flappy ‘points’ in the front, and has sandwiched bones to be as smooth as possible under clothing.

GRADUATE FROM THE HOURGLASS TO THE GEMINI: A customer who can fit the hourglass corset in size 26″ should be able to comfortably fit the Gemini in size 24″.

A LONGLINE LOOK – WITHOUT THE LENGTH: The Gemini has the look of a longline corset. However, you don’t have to be long-waisted to wear the Gemini, because it’s same length as the regular hourglass in the front and along the princess seam! It will fit anyone with a waist length of 9 inches or more.

EXTRA BONES FOR SUPPORT: The Gemini (in sizes 22 and larger) has 32 steel bones as opposed to the usual 26 bones. Extra spirals in the center of some panels provide extra vertical tension to the corset, preventing wrinkling or buckling of the fabric and ensuring it stays smooth on the body.

HIGHER BACK: You spoke and we listened! The Gemini corset has a slightly higher back compared to the hourglass corsets, to help hold in the “muffin top” or skin roll-over.

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Showing all 9 results