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What Katie Did Floral “Antoinette” Corset Review

Last updated on April 4th, 2021 at 03:53 pm

This entry is a summary of the review video “WKD Antoinette Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:

Fit, length Front is about 14″ inches high; the highest part (from the apex of the bust) is 15.5 inches high. Gentle hourglass/ modern slim silhouette. Good for average torso length. Not longline. Includes hip gores. Bust is rather roomy, I’d recommend this corset for bust sizes between B cup and E cup.
Material 3 layers; fashion layer is 100% flocked cotton, and the lining and interlining are both 100% cotton twill.
Construction 5 panel pattern, no hip gores. External boning channels made of black heavyweight brushed cotton. The liner is floating except for around the hip gores. Also has 6 garter tabs.
Binding Black cotton bias binding neatly machine stitched on both inside and outside.
Waist tape 1″ wide invisible waist tape between the interlining and lining.
Modesty panel Attached 8″ wide fabric lacing protector on the back made of white brushed cotton (no flocking) and twill; stiffened placket under busk.
Busk Standard flexible busk (1/2″ wide on each side) about 13″ long (7 pins), backed with a 1″ wide stiffener on each side.
Boning 12 steel bones not including busk. 8 spirals (1/4″ wide) in external channels (all single boning), 4 flats (1/4″ wide) sandwiching the grommets.
Grommets 24 grommets total, size #0 two-part grommets with moderate flange; set equidistantly, no splits, no wear/fraying/pulling out of grommets
Laces Strong nylon braided shoe-lace style laces; they’re thick, they grip well and they are long enough. Has some spring to the lace but very difficult to break.
Price The floral Antoinette (this style) is currently $250 USD. The plain black satin Antoinette is $280.50 on the website for What Katie Did.
(Now discontinued) Floral Antoinette overbust corset by WKD, product listing photo

Final Thoughts:

After the Storm overbust that I more recently reviewed, this Floral Antoinette corset is my 2nd favorite of all the WKD overbusts. The silhouette, the texture of the flocked fabrics, the cut of the bust etc. all comes together so nicely.

I am a huge fan of how the sweeping neckline prevents “side-b00b”, and how the hip gores prevent any uncomfortable pinching. This corset makes me feel like a star.  While this corset is not designed to be worn every day, I wore this to a wedding last month and it was modest enough during the ceremony while eye-popping enough to receive many compliments at the reception!

You can see the Antoinette overbust corset and other styles on the What Katie Did website.

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    1. Hi Sabine, thank you very much for your interest, I’m quite flattered at the prospect of being on a show, but I live in Canada.

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