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Orchard Corset Maroon Underbust (CS-426) Review

This entry is a summary of the review video “Orchard Corset Maroon Underbust (CS-426) Review”. If you would like more complete information and side notes about the corset, you can watch the video on YouTube here:

Fit, length Gives a nice hourglass shape – this is a Level 3 silhouette, gives the most extreme curves. Center front is 13″, shortest part is 10.5″. Longline corset that comes over the hips. Quite comfortable.
Material 3 main layers – the outer satin fashion fabric, flatlined to a sturdy cotton interlining, and lined in twill.
Construction 6-panel pattern (12 panels total). The shape of the panels is very, very similar to the Josephine corset by Isabella Corsetry, although the contours are slightly less, the ribcage and hips a little smaller. Constructed with a slightly modified sandwich technique.
Binding Binding at top and bottom are made from matching maroon satin, double-thickness. I like how it’s very narrow. It’s machine stitched on both sides, folded under nicely on the front and then stitched in the ditch between the corset and the binding, to catch the rest of the binding on the underside.
Waist tape One-inch-wide waist tape running through the corset, hidden between the layers and glued to the lining.
Modesty panel There is a modesty panel on the back, made of a layer of satin and a layer of twill. 5” wide and attached to one side with a line of stitching, reinforced with glue.
Busk Standard busk, half an inch wide and 11” long, and 5 pins. However it’s less bendy than other busks of the same width, which is one perk.
Boning 22 bones total in this corset. On each side, 9 of them are spirals about 3/8 inch wide and then there are two flat steel bones, both ¼” wide sandwiching the grommets.
Grommets There are 24 2-part size #00 grommets (12 on each side). They have a medium lip around. They’re spaced equidistantly about 1” apart. I see some fraying and coming away of the fashion fabric around some of the grommets around the waist. On the underside every grommet is split and quite scratchy, they catch on the laces, the modesty panel and my shirt.
Laces The laces are ¼” wide flat nylon shoe-lace style. I find them to be long enough, a little springy but that’s alright because they’re still strong – you just have to tug a little harder to get the corset to stay closed because of the elasticity of the laces, is all – not a big deal.
Price Currently $95 USD, but you can save 10% by using the coupon code CORSETLUCY

Final Thoughts:
I really do like the shape this corset gives; it’s quite curvy (especially for its price). I wish they hadn’t used so much glue in the manufacturing, and that they could spend just a little more on higher quality grommets.

Lastly, one thing that made me PO’d (perhaps not the company’s fault but the shipper’s fault) was that I bought it on sale (around $59) but when it was shipped to me, the value on the package was stated as the original $95 which resulted in my having to pay higher duty/taxes coming into Canada. I ended up paying nearly as much in shipping/duty than I paid for the corset itself! International customers, be aware of this before you buy.

*** EDIT January 2014 – it’s been a couple of years since this review, and a few things have changed. Orchard Corset’s newer stock has higher quality grommets with fewer splits, and they recently introduced all cotton corsets, which are more sturdy than the satin ones and much less prone to coming away at the seams or having the bones pop out. Additionally, the owner of Orchard Corset mentioned that several years ago, they had placed the value of the parcel as product+shipping, which is why the price was so high and I was hit with duty. These days, OC says that they only place the value of the merchandise (the literal price paid for the corset itself) as the value of the parcel, and they don’t include the shipping price, so duty should be much lower for international customers.

27 thoughts on “Orchard Corset Maroon Underbust (CS-426) Review

  1. Orchard Corset just released another style of corset in the maroon satin… do you think the fabric will still have that thin fray factor as this one that you reviewed or do you think it could have been a potential upgrade if there are years between corset style releases?

  2. I also live in Montreal and want to order it! How much time did it take for you to receive your corset? (delivery time)

    1. Hi Viv, I think it took 2 weeks to arrive if you went with the normal USPS service. :) But if you chose the free shipping to Canada, I think it might take closer to a month. I’m not sure though, because that service wasn’t around back when I was living in Montreal.

  3. HI Lucy, i have been looking into buying a corset since the beginning of this year!!
    I am so glad, i stumbled upon your Youtube channel last night, and i binge watched your videos! lol
    I am interested in this corset, in the 22 size. And i also live in Canada.
    I was wondering if you have any idea how much i would have to pay for the duty fees? I don’t to have it shipped and end up paying the same amount for duty.
    I live in Montreal, if that makes a difference.
    Also, can you tell me if this is a good corset for me? How about size 22, would that work well? Is there any other corset you would recommend. I would like something that covers my lower tummy, and i have some love handles that i would like them to also be covered. I don’t know if you have been asked this question before, but can actually corsets help with love handles as well? the same way they help with the waist?
    Height: 5’10”
    Under Bust: 30″
    Waist: 27″
    High hip: 34″
    Lower hip: 39″
    P: 15.5 ”

    Thank you for this website and your youtube videos

    1. Hi Lucy it is me again,
      Or should i get it in short? Will it be able to hide my lower tummy and love handles? ( I don’t really have that much, but i would like them to look smooth)

      Thank you again

      1. Hi Spencer, if your torso length is 15 inches long, I would definitely get the longer version!

    2. Hi Spencer, sorry about my late response! I was charged duty on two different events when ordering from Orchard Corset. The first time I think it was along the lines of $50, and the second time $100 but both times I think I had ordered more than 1 item at a time. When I ordered only 1 corset at a time, I don’t think I was charged duty to my knowledge.
      This calculator will help you determine how much you may be charged depending on where you live in Canada:
      I think the size 24″ for this style corset would work better for you than a size 22″, but I am able to wear the size 22″ with a gap in the back to accommodate my ribs and hips. :)

  4. Hey Lucy, I have the CS-426 Short and I love it. It’s almost perfect. My only issue is that the top is a little too big for my. I can tighten it all the way. I have to be careful that it doesn’t overlap. However, there’s still space up top after tightening. The bottom hip spring fits perfectly. Are there any OTR or MTO corsets you can recommend that are similar to this that can accommodate my body? Should I just be sizing down in the 426? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Emme, if your CS-426-Short corset closes all the way from top to bottom, but the top part is too big, you might want to try it in a smaller size, and the version with hip ties. When you size down in the same style corset, the ribcage, waist and hips are all proportionally 2 inches smaller – so the ribcage should fit better, the waist will be more snug – but if the hips fit perfectly now, then they may feel too tight or pinchy in the smaller size. The version with hip ties prevents this because the sides can be expanded to comfort. :)

    2. Hi Emme, I have the same body type and the same problem with my CS-426, it was actually even bigger in the top than advertised. Eventually I took it to a seamstress with directions to take in 10 panels from the waist tape up. I figured out how much I needed for an even gap, chose the panels that deviated the most from my body shape and had 1cm taken out of each. The only problem is that the old seam lines are visible, but it doesn’t bother me.

  5. I just ordered a size 26 Orchard Corset CS-426 Short…Yes it comes in short now. They were out of cotton, so I got the Satin one, I just started waist training and I have a cheaper one off amazon…that I need to replace.

    1. Hi Lenora, I plan to review the 426 short soon. I saw when they released the product, but I’ve been behind on my reviews due to a car accident last year that left me unable to wear corsets for two months.

      1. Sorry to hear about the car accident, I hope your recovery is going well. Please take good care of yourself.

        So, I have been training for about 12 hours a day, between the 426 short and the 201 (which is in cotton)for less than a month. You are right the cotton material is stronger…the satin one had a bone pop out; lucky for me I am pretty good with a needle and thread. I ordered the cotton 426 short in a size 24, since I am almost able to close the size 26 already. I figured, I can slowly season the new one, until I am ready to use it full time.

  6. I was considering buying the 426, but I’m wary since the I purchased the 345 and the busk sticks out away from my body, so it gives me a bit of a belly that I don’t actually have. Do you know if the 426 sits the same way? I seem to recall from another of your videos that you had the same issue with it poking out.

    1. HI Tammy, the CS-345 corset did flare out at the bottom for me, but I have personally noticed that the CS-426 sits much flatter in the front compared to the CS-345. The pattern is completely different.

  7. Hi Lucy! I’m concerned about buying this corset (or any others except really short underbusts) from OC because my underbust and waist measurements are nearly identical – my UB is 28″, while my waist is 27″. I had planned on purchasing a size 22 in either the CS-426 or CS-411, but after looking at your corset dimensions directory, I’m not too sure!

    My hips are around 36″, and my main concern is that I do not what them to be compressed at all, therefore maintaining a more dramatic curve from waist to hips. I have worn a size 20 Timeless Trends underbust, which was extremely comfortable for me, but it did not provide a silhouette that I was happy with – it barely looked like my figure had changed at all!

    That being said, which corset would you recommend for me? I’d love to get OC’s CS-425 or 411, but I’m really worried that the top would gape on anything I purchased from them.

    1. Hi Lauren! If you have the torso length for the CS-426, I would probably recommend that in size 22 or size 20, since you say you already own a corset in that size. A size 22″ shouldn’t give you a huge amount of gaping at the ribs when you close the corset in the back, but I tend to prefer a little extra space in my ribs as opposed to getting muffin top/ flesh spillover.
      Neither of those styles will accommodate your high hip, but if you are able to wait a few months, rumor has it that OC might release a version of the 426 with expandable hip ties, which would give you the hip room you need. :)

      1. I should specify that the 36″ measurement is my full hip! My high hip is closer to 32″. I find their newer 345 style to be very appealing because of my measurements, but due to your review and particularly the part on how the front doesn’t sit flush to the body, I am less likely to order it..

        1. Ah, okay. :) In that case, if you’re worried about the ribcage being too big for you, or the 426 being too long for you, then I’d go for the CS-411 corset (expect it to be slightly tight around the ribs, actually)(. However if you are okay with the length of the CS-426, then it will give you slightly more room in the hips.
          My calculator here will show you the approximate dimensions.

          1. Ahh okay! You’ve helped my choice considerably, and I’m gonna go with the 411 for my first from OC. The CS-426 will be second on my list :) Thank you so much!

  8. So I’m on my 2nd day of seasoning the 411 size 24 from Orchard, and I am so glad that I didn’t go for the 426 because the 411 hits my short torso the way the long line is supposed to on someone who has the torso length for it (no digging into my thigh when I sit, but not cut too high on the tummy so that things squish out the bottom) although the bottom isn’t cinched as much as the middle and top – close but not quite – I figure that for an OTR corset, this is probably the best I’m going to get with my natural symmetric measurements. I’ve got a 301 on the way for wearing with pants and whatnot, since it’s more for the short-waisted even if I don’t lace it as tight. The cotton corsets feel a little stiff based on my new 411, but I think that with seasoning and time, the slight flare at the top and hip will disappear as the corset molds to my body.

  9. I bought the overbust longline corset and unless I’m standing up, it’s too long (the issue about when I’m standing is the fact that there’s roughly an inch of room on either side that my hips don’t fill :(…it may be due to the length IDK) but I was wondering if the longline underbust would have the same issues since based on the information in your review, the length and other measurements are smaller than that of the overbust. I want to wear the corset for waist training and also to events, so ideally when it’s on and cinched I’d like to avoid as much tummy pooch as possible. Also, the full bust and full hip measurements on me are identical and my waist is 10″+ smaller – just wanted a little feedback from someone who has tried it on and can tell me info beyond plugging in my numbers to the size equation.

    1. Hello! If your natural bust and hips are the same measurement, then I’m not surprised that you’re getting a bit of gaping in your hip area. The Orchard overbust CS-511 I think is supposed to have about 8-10″ extra room in the bust and 10-12″ room in the hips, so the hips of the corset accommodate someone with hips larger than their bust. You can see these measurements in the dimensions directory. I do think that the underbust version (CS-426) will also be long on you when you try to sit down; have you considered their shorter corset (CS-411)? I have reviews on that style as well.

      1. I decided to go with the 411, after a bit of communication over the orchard corset blog in which I learned that the overbust 511 and the underbust long-line 426 are essentially the same as far as length goes. I wish that I could find a corset retailer whose OTR sizing didn’t add a couple of inches to the hip measurement i.e. 34B-28W-36H as is common in standard dress/clothing sizes. The one custom corset I have took me a while to save up for, and my budget is definitely more suited to buying OTR, especially if I am going to be buying more; first I have to see how well the 411 fits when I put it on though. Thank you for the reply and assistance!

  10. Would you happen to know how big the underbust circumference was before you put it on? I ordered this style from them and it’s huge! Definitely not what they wrote in the description.

  11. I just checked out the site, it looks like they labeled it a “Lucy Underbust Style” and there are also several other corsets that fall under that category.

    1. Sorry for not getting back sooner, for some reason WordPress marked this as spam. (Maybe it was the link.) I find it so funny that the style is called “Lucy,” if only because it’s the only underbust style I own from them. :D

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