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Timeless Trends Short Underbust Corset Review

This entry is a summary of the review video “Timeless Trends Short Underbust Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:

Fit, length Center front is about 8″ long and the shortest part of the corset (close to the side seam, from underbust to lap) is about 6.5″ – so this corset would be able to fit short waisted wearers. Gives an extremely slim silhouette; the ribcage is about 2″ larger than the waist, and the hips are about 3-4″ larger than the waist.
Material 3 layers; the outer nude/sand poly fabric is fused to twill interlining. Lining also in twill.
Construction Seams appear to have been lock-stitched with seams pressed open; the layers of fabric secured to one another by stitching in the ditch, with the boning sandwiched between the two layers of twill.
Binding Bias binding in matching colour and fabric; machine stitched on both inside and outside.
Waist tape A 1″ wide invisible waist tape – sandwiched between the two layers of twill.
Modesty panel No back lacing protector, no front placket.
Busk Standard flexible busk with 4 pins (equidistantly set), about 7 inches long. Further reinforced by a flat steel on either side of the busk.
Boning 26 bones (not including busk), 20 are 1/4″ wide spiral steel; 6 flat steels, 3/8″ wide, beside the busk and grommets.
Grommets 20 grommets total, size #0 two-part grommets with small/moderate flange; absolutely no wear/fraying/pulling out of grommet.
Laces 1/2″ wide, single-face satin ribbon. Holds fine for my purposes; I have only ever once experienced SF satin ribbon snapping (after 1.5 years of use, after I ironed it). The laces you get depend on the style of the corset, so be sure to look at the back of the corset to know whether you’ll be receiving ribbon or shoelace.
Price Most are $89 USD or £65 in the UK when not on clearance.
Timeless Trends slim silhouette cincher (black cashmere version)

Final Thoughts:

This short underbust was a surprise when I first tried it on. I was so used to having at least 6″ space in the ribcage and about 8″ space in the hips compared to the waist, like my standard-length underbust corset from Timeless Trends. However, their short corsets are much slimmer than this, having only a couple of inches flare at the top and bottom. For this reason, I really recommend this corset primarily for those who have quite slim hips to begin with, and/or only carry a lot of their weight around their abdomen. This corset would mostly be marketed to those who would like a corset-belt fashion to accentuate their outfits without having too much waist reduction. It would likely fit best if you ordered a size up from what you usually buy (i.e. about 2-3 inches smaller than your natural waist).

The quality of construction is still the same; in the several years I’ve owned their corsets, I have never once had an issue with a bone poking through, a seam ripping, a grommet coming loose etc. At worst, I had heard of the busk being bent and a pin popping off (which can happen to even the best busks if not handled properly) from one person who achieved nearly 10 inches reduction in the waist in one of their longline corsets. If seams do have a gap, it’s considered a manufacturing flaw that is easily rectified with their exchange policy. I think Timeless Trends’ presence in the corset industry would be much stronger if only their corsets would accommodate more of a curve.

5 thoughts on “Timeless Trends Short Underbust Corset Review

  1. Can you believe one of the grommets broke the second day after I left this comment the grommet the one above from the last one on the Bottom the most important one do you think they will exchange it for thehourglass figure in a 18 I’m so sad it cruelly broke off when I took it off and all of a sudden I hear a sing sound so I look on the floor since I have hard wood and it’s right there I look down at my corset and I was so heart broken now I been contacting them all day Sunday today and no response even by email I need a response as soon asap because I don’t want to miss anyways considering I’m a little intensive with my training8 hours a day everyday! Also which one is the one you recommend the short hourglass waist chincher where it’s wider at the hips or the regular under busk nude hourglass also I have to check do they have the short hourglass chincher in the nude ? Is it possible can you please contact someone on my behalf since I tried already I’m so heartbroken here I’m referencing :YCOZUKDEP order number
    My names Aixa Troche all I want to do is get my waist down and I know by now my waist is returning to its normal size I don’t even wanna measure cause I’m going to be disappointed lol I would appreciate it if you can if you cannot it’s ok I will continue to contact til I get another sent out also do you think the grommet is covered in lifetime warranty and I hope they have my size in stock because I noticed the 18s and 20s are very low in stock lol thanks so much Lucy you were very helpful also i have to get back to trying a replacement asap I will try tomorrow since it’s going to be Monday soon . i live in Nyc it’s 11:15pm as I write this now and I know they are central standard time 3 hours behind so I have to contact them by 1pm here in est and it sucks because I wish I can contact earlier lol but thanks again love I appreciate it with your help

    1. Hi Aixa,
      I’m only a distributor for Timeless Trends, I don’t have access to all of their customer records. Their customers and my own customers are kept separate. Unfortunately I’m not able to get in touch with them on the weekend, no one works at the warehouse on Saturday or Sunday. I think their customer hours are around 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday. If you call them tomorrow before noon they will probably be able to call you back, but if you sent them several emails then they will probably email you back that way as well.
      They should be able to exchange your corset since it’s been less than 45 days since you purchased it, and anyway it’s under lifetime warranty. I recommend the “Nude Waist Cincher Hourglass” TUW-210 since you have a short torso, it’s exactly the same fabric as the one you have except it’s curvier to allow for more cinch in the waist and accommodate wider hips. But their stock is low after their Holiday sale, and I don’t see any size 18″ in stock for the hourglass corsets yet. I know they will stock it eventually but don’t know when.

  2. Hi love I ordered this corset for waist training and so far it’s ok I’m a 23 but with 1 weeks wear 8 hours a day I got down to a 22. I have a short torso I’m 5,3 and weigh 132 I just gained 32 llbs in 2 months so I needed something for waist reduction and tummy flattening because I was getting a small pouch nothing major but I didn’t see this review til after receiving it mind you I got a size 18 because j cannot afford to buy a size down but I broke it in but my hips are wider at the bottom but it fits me like a regular underbust corset would fit you for the exeception my hips are wider but i got it for the purpose for Tummy flattening and waist reduction which is was successful for now in the future if I come into extra cash do you recommend same waist chincher but the new style with wider hips I think it’s the hourglass if it’s not the same one do you recommend the nude hourglass one or the same style I have but it’s at the wider hips in style ? I love your reviews btw and I purchased 2 double satin laces from orchard one in black and one in lilac I got the Lilac so if I decide to wear for fashion one day but what would you recommend In the future and do you think the size 18 is ok for me to wear for waist training since like I mentioned it fits me like a regular under busk corset would fit you since I’m 5,3 with short torso

    1. Hi Aixa, thanks for your comment. I personally think the hourglass versions do a much better job at cinching and training the waist compared to the slim silhouette version (the one I reviewed in this article). You say that your hips are already wider than the corset even with a 1 inch waist reduction, so that tells me that your ribs and pelvis are probably not going to let your corset close all the way to 18 inches. If you really want to keep the one you have that’s fine, but I would personally exchange your TT cincher for one of their new hourglass ones (the ones with the wider hips and ribs) to allow you to train more comfortably. As long as you haven’t purchased it 45 days ago and it’s still in good condition it should be eligible for exchange.

  3. “I think Timeless Trends’ presence in the corset industry would be much stronger if only their corsets would accommodate more of a curve.”

    I totally agree with you on this particular point. With upcoming off-the-rack brands with affordable prices coming up (most notably MystiC City Corsets) and not-so-new brands renewing and updating their stock (Orchard Corset) both producing corsets with a decent amount of curve to them, Timeless Trends should really work on making their patterns less tubular!

    I mean, a soft silhouette like the Orchard Corset Level 2 is fine enough, we’re not asking for Cathie Jung waist-hip ratios!

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