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The Incredible Craftsmanship of Creations L’Escarpolette Corsets

The “Joyce d’Arc” corset (an 18th century and S-bend inspired fusion demibust in oxblood leather, similar in pattern to Egap Tescroc’s black and white corset. Another example of Joyce’s beautiful work – from her Livejournal page.

These corsets were a gift from EgapTesroc for me to study, along with one standard sized JC Creations men’s underbust corset (reviewed later). Creations L’Escarpolette (“Swing Creations”) is a now defunct brand of made-to-measure corsets that was wildly popular in the early 2000s, which specialized in historical reproduction corsets with stunning two-tone and colourful twists.

The original corsetiere has unfortunately not been heard from since 2008, shortly before the time that I began participating as a member of online corsetry groups and communities. As Joyce was said to move between France and Canada, I was disappointed to have missed out at the opportunity to own a piece from a local corsetiere before she left the corset industry. As her corsets were well-made, had a unique aesthetic and are now limited in number, it has been suggested by some in the community that her corsets may appreciate to the point of becoming heirlooms or collector’s pieces.

Thanks to EgapTesroc, I was given an amazing opportunity to study not one, but THREE incredible custom men’s corsets by Creations L’Escarpolette. I’m so excited to show the fine details of these corsets, from the impeccable pattern drafting, to the tiniest (yet incredibly sturdy!) eyelets, to the copious external boning channels, to the surprise of a little pillow! See the video below to see what I mean. ;)

Heartfelt thanks to EgapTesroc for giving myself and all my followers the opportunity to study these incredibly-made corsets! Click HERE to see EgapTesroc lacing the blue-grey underbust, and click HERE to visit the old Creations L’Escarpolette website to see the amazing galleries of corsets.