Physical Effects of Corseting

What really happens to the body when you wear a corset? In this section, we get into the good and the bad, and how to maximize your results while minimizing the risks.

In a previous article, we discussed how feeling faint or light headed is caused by the brain not being properly
I can and have talked for hours on this subject, but writing a dedicated article on corset health risks is undoubtedly
The first time I heard about the “Corset Diet” was late last year (2013), and at first I didn't quite
I often receive inquiries from people wanting to specifically buy a "work out" or "exercise" corset. I'm not entirely sure
In the past, I have quickly outlined why, if you would like to wear corset on a daily basis, you
A few days ago, HuffPost released this article on how stretch shapewear and compression wear are associated with various health risks,
Corseting obviously affects many parts of the body, some systems more obviously than others. One of the more obvious parts
Several articles around the internet have picked up on the old Wikipedia publication "Le Corset" written in 1908 by a
One of my friends linked me to Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home yesterday evening, in which one reporter uncovers the
This article covers another area in how corsets can affect us positively in a physical, mental and emotional manner, except
The last two weeks have been full of family, friends, fun, laughter, and a lot of eating/drinking. Christmas, New Years,
In the past, I've discussed at length the effects that the corset can have physically on the body, but up