Physical Effects of Corseting

What really happens to the body when you wear a corset? In this section, we get into the good and the bad, and how to maximize your results while minimizing the risks.

One of my friends linked me to Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home yesterday evening, in which one reporter uncovers the
This article covers another area in how corsets can affect us positively in a physical, mental and emotional manner, except
The last two weeks have been full of family, friends, fun, laughter, and a lot of eating/drinking. Christmas, New Years,
In the past, I've discussed at length the effects that the corset can have physically on the body, but up
Just a few hours ago, the late-night TV show ABC-20/20 had aired an episode on "Going to Extremes", in which
How old is too old to start corseting? How young is too young to start corseting? This is a tricky
A lovely, balanced and logical corset-neutral article that shows that the average waist reduction among 52 women was only about
I happily stumbled across this fantastic publication today. Published quite recently (early 2012), it is a study on the use
Thank you for your interest in learning about the benefits a corset can bring to your life. My previous article,
This entry is a summary of the video "Corsets and Sleep". If you would like more information and demonstrations of
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This entry is a summary of the video "Corsets and Blood Pressure" which you can watch on YouTube here: As