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Ah, I like you. You’re interested in corsetry, but not too hung up about the specific categories. If you prefer to meander through the corset fields instead of sticking to a particular beaten path, enjoy the wide assortment of topics below!

Last week, by request I released another "Dressing with your corset" video in which I showed how to hide your
The last two weeks have been full of family, friends, fun, laughter, and a lot of eating/drinking. Christmas, New Years,
This post deals primarily with differentiating a real corset from a cheap bustier - not necessarily all the different levels
2012 has been an exciting year for me (so far!), having accomplished so much toward building my site, my Youtube
As a bit of an addendum to my last post, this article intends to show that not all OTR corsets
I might be playing devil's advocate here. While I will try my best not to say anything inflammatory, this "Kumbaya" article
I received a very refreshing and pleasant message from a subscriber the other day, which included this passage (published with
How old is too old to start corseting? How young is too young to start corseting? This is a tricky
This post is a transcript of my video of the same name. It really is more useful to watch the
Chances are if you don't wear your corset 24/7, or if you have more than one corset, you will need
This entry is a summary of the review video "Shape of your Corset Gap - What does it mean?" which
Depending on the brand, some corsets have trickier busks than others. I have some corsets that clasp up in two