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How to Store your Corsets

Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 03:54 pm

Chances are if you don’t wear your corset 24/7, or if you have more than one corset, you will need to find a place for your corset during the times you’re not wearing it. In this article I explain some different ways to store your corset away safely protected from dust and light.

Do note that after you take off your corset and before storing it away, it’s a good idea to leave it laid flat or draped over a chair with the lining side up for a few hours (or overnight) to air out, so moisture and odor can escape and so the fibers in the fabric can settle after the strain of tightlacing.

What not to do: DON’T just roll, crumple or stuff your corset into a random small space, or simply throw it on the floor. While your corset is probably not “fragile”, it is still a special and expensive garment. If you wouldn’t carelessly stuff your good suit or your prom dress into a drawer, then why would you treat your corset that way?

Hang it

I used to hang my corsets on these super strong hangers from Ikea, but when the hangers swung, the corsets would slide off – the hangers with clips keep my corsets securely on.

I have about 40 corsets, and the easiest way to store the the majority of them is just to hang them up in a designated spot in my closet. I use skirt or trouser hangers (the one with little hinged clips) and I hang the corset upside-down and inside-out. If the corset has specific hanging loops , you can hang it from those as well. If you don’t have skirt hangers, then simply hang the corset by the laces over the bar of the hanger, so that each half is balanced on each side. After hanging them up, you may cover them with a bag if you wish to prevent dust. To see a demonstration of this, click on the video below.

Bag it

Corset bags are great because they can keep the corset nicely folded and untangled from the laces, they can protect the corset from light (which can fade some fabrics over time) and dirt, and they can be either stacked in a drawer or can be hung in a closet. Some places that sell corset bags are What Katie Did (drawstring bag; £5-£7), Axfords corsets (bag with an overhanging lip, free with every purchased corset), Corset Heaven (drawstring bag, £17.50) and Timeless Trends (zippered bag; $19-$21 USD). To see each of these bags, click on the video below.

Display it

Although not the most space-saving option (or the best option for protecting it against light and dust), many people like to keep their corsets on display when they’re not wearing them by lacing the corsets around a pillow, a mannequin, or a chicken-wire form. The wire form is particularly interesting because it still allows exposure of the lining.

Please see the corresponding video to see examples of using hangers and bags to store your corsets: