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Last updated on March 11th, 2021 at 09:02 pm

Thanks for your interest in purchasing a genuine, steel boned corset! There are currently two different “levels” in which you can buy a corset, but by late 2021 I’m very excited to announce that there will be a third, more couture option coming soon!

All of these corsets are odor-free, stored tenderly and kept in a non-smoking home.

Buy a NEW corset in the Corset Shop here

New (standard sized) corset specifications – there are three different brands I carry (pared down from 7 brands back in 2020), depending on your budget, your measurements and your goals:

  • GC brand corsets average $89 in price, and SHIP IMMEDIATELY (from the warehouse in the US)
  • Artemis corsets are $99 in price, and SHIP IMMEDIATELY (from warehouses in the US or UK)
  • TT brand corsets average $109 for a standard underbust, and ARE MADE TO ORDER (take about 10 days total to sew, ship and be delivered).
  • All are brand new, steel boned, cotton-lined (except for the fine mesh), off-the-rack corsets at competitive prices.
  • All come with a 30-day no-fuss return window, with direct communication with Lucy (me!) for every order.
  • Waist sizes 16 – 44 available, and bust sizes A-K, in 5 different lengths (cincher, standard underbust, mid-hip, longline, and sweetheart overbust), and 4 silhouettes (slim silhouette, hourglass silhouette, Gemini silhouette, and Libra silhouette). Over 120 styles in total!
  • I only carry brands that I have personally tried and tested – no smoke and mirrors, you know exactly what you’re getting.



Buy USED corsets and one-of-a-kind samples here

Used corset specifications:

  • SHIPS IMMEDIATELY (from my office in Canada)
  • The most economic – keep a corset out of the landfill, and pay less than the RRP!
  • The selection is constantly changing – check back regularly.
  • Many corsets are one-of-a-kind, handmade samples and sold at often half their worth!
  • Other corsets are gently used pieces that I have worn usually only a handful of times for the purpose of analysis and review. These items are typically in very good condition, show very little or no wear, or have been repaired by me (I will always note if alterations or repairs have been done).

142 thoughts on “Buy a Corset!

  1. Hi lucy, can you tell me where to buy a custom fit corset for waist training 23 / 7?

    1. Hi Farah, my favourite custom training corset suitable for 23/7 wear is Contour Corsets (Fran Blanche). :)

  2. Hi Lucy in your long line hourglass corsets I didn’t any in all black without the hip ties what to do get it without the hip tied

    1. Hi Sherika, at this time all of the longline corsets have hip ties – we hope to release some more styles next year including a longline without hip ties but the pattern hasn’t been finalized yet.

  3. Hello Lucy, i have a very asymmetrical waist. and i was wondering if you could help me fix one side of my waist. what is the procedure to buying a specially made corset for my case. thank you and i hope you get back to me soon.

    1. Hi Nasreen, if you have an asymmetrical body, I may suggest getting a custom-fit corset in your situation. I have a gallery of corset makers that are able to do this. Asymmetric Corsets.

  4. how long does it take for a corset to reach a client and how do we know our measurement

    1. Hi Marjan, I have a measuring guide and contact form on this page – I can help you choose the most appropriate size and cut for your figure. :) If you are in the continental US, shipping takes 2-3 business days. If you are in another country, let me know where you’re from and I can estimate shipping times for you.

  5. I recently decided to start waist training, but I’m still confuused about somethings. I was thinking about buying from Orchard Corsets but I am unsure if it’ll fit right. I’ve been eyeing their CS426 longline for awhile now but i am about 10-10.5 in natural length. I was wonderin if it wouuld fit properly or should I get the CS426 short, and if so, would I still get the full body coverage as the longline??

    1. Hi Julean, if your torso length is 10.5 inches, you should be able to fit the CS-426 longline corset. But double check with Orchard’s sizing staff because they are responsible for their own products. :)

  6. Hello im interested in training… What would you recommend to start off with? A under bust or clincher?…

    1. Hi Tamika, I have a video on the difference between a corset and cincher here! The height of the corset you need depends on your torso length and whether you feel you need a lot of control of your lower tummy area (since a cincher doesn’t cover this area). If you let me know your measurements on this page, I can help you in more detail.

  7. Hi Lucy, I have two questions: I wanted to purchase an ultra-curvy, dramatic wasp or hourglass underbust corset, similar to the Isabella Josephine or WKD Morticia ones. Do you have one in your new OTR or used collections of these specifications? Also, I was wondering where can I buy these corsets in Canada, preferably in Toronto, but anywhere in Ontario or even Quebec, can do. Which stores in Canada carry the high-end, excellent quality corsets that feature in your photos?

    1. Hello Safaa, unfortunately I don’t have corsets to the exact specifications of the Josephine or Morticia corsets in my shop; they would need to be purchased directly from those respective stores. :) There are not a lot of brick-and-mortar shops that sell genuine corsets in Toronto, but I do know of many custom corsetieres if you’re interested!

  8. Hi, I would like to try a corset for posture and for the “squeeze” calming benefits for anxiety and spectrum issues. I am a very plus size, though, and I was wondering if you have suggestions on where to buy very large ones. To give an example, I wear a size 24/26 (American size) top and 26 bottom.

    1. Hi Darcy, thanks for your comment and sorry for my late response. I have a gallery of corset brands that carry plus size corsets – the OTR corsets can fit people with a natural waist of about 50 inches, and some of the custom makers can work with clients with a waist as large as 60 inches. I hope it helps! Full Figure and Plus Size Corsets

  9. I recently decided to start waist training and since I’m a student, its difficult to find something affordable and in good quality and then I stumbled upon your website and got all excited until I found that you cater for cup D only and I’m a DD plus I am in South Africa so I’m not really sure whether you ship this side or not anyway do you ship to South Africa and which is the best and @ affordable prices…

    1. Hi Kiki, the overbust corsets I carry come in 3 different bust sizes, which range from about a small B cup up to around DD cup depending on your other measurements. Where did you hear that I only cater to D cup sizes? I just checked with my supplier Timeless Trends, and unfortunately we don’t ship to South Africa. But I know that some other companies like Restyle do ship to South Africa, although I’m not sure of the price.

  10. Hi!! Do you have someone speak spanish?? I need a corset but i have cuestions and only understand a light inglish. I’m in tulsa ok

    1. Hello Dulce, sorry I’m not very fluent in Spanish. I’m a one-woman business maintaining this site, I don’t have any other employees. But if you send me a message in Spanish, I can use the Google translator to understand it and hopefully answer your questions.

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