Buy a Corset!

There are currently two different “levels” in which you can buy a corset.

All of these corsets are odor-free, kept in a non-smoking home and although I do own a (hypoallergenic) dog, I do keep her away from the corsets. 🙂

Buy a NEW corset here

New (standard sized) corset specifications:

  • SHIPS IMMEDIATELY (from the warehouse in the US)
  • Brand new, off-the-rack corsets at competitive prices
  • Waist sizes 18 – 42 available, and bust sizes A-D, in 4 different cuts (cincher, standard underbust, longline, and sweetheart overbust), and 3 silhouettes (2011 stock, slim silhouette, and hourglass silhouette). Over 100 styles in total!
  • I only carry brands that I have personally tried and tested – no smoke and mirrors, you know exactly what you’re getting.



Buy USED corsets and one-of-a-kind samples here

Used corset specifications:

  • SHIPS IMMEDIATELY (from my office in Canada)
  • The most economic – keep a corset out of the landfill, and pay less than the RRP!
  • The selection is constantly changing – check back regularly.
  • Many corsets are one-of-a-kind, handmade samples (made by myself) and sold at often half their worth!
  • Others are gently used corsets that I have worn usually only a handful of times for the purpose of review. These items are typically in very good condition, show very little or no wear, or have been repaired by me (I will always note if alterations or repairs have been done).
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